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How to Plant Dragon Fruit Pitaya

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How to plant the Dragon Fruit Pitaya is no wonder today. To make planting simple, dragon fruit pitaya is planted by cuttings. Some forums and concern farmers call these dragon fruit cuttings as seedlings. These dragon fruit cuttings are easy to grow and plant as from cuttings, you plant them and care for them making sure that you do not over water the  nursery to avoid decomposing as fungi grows when dragon fruit plant is over watered. You have to care for the dragon fruit cutting that you just planted for over a month and they can be good to plant in your farm or even in a big pot after that.

Dragon fruit planting or farming will yield crops according to some farmers in a matter of  6 months to 9 months only which is a very short time span for farming which will surely give you high return on your investment. The only enemy of dragon fruit planting and farming is when you get hit by typhoon as we all know can really leave a devastating effect to the crops. Belonging to the cacti family of plants, the dragon fruit does not like so much water so it must be avoided at all costs and a typhoon might cause a serious problem if it happens.

This will also be a good clue for those looking for planting dragon fruit information that if the harvest time will take you about 6 months to 9, then it would be nice to plant the crop right after the typhoon months like in the Philippines which is July or upwards which means that you can make a harvest somewhere in the middle of summer months. Watch the video of how to plant red dragon fruit pitaya in the tropics. This video is from Vietnam.

Dragon fruit is a very promising fruit crop for Philippine market as the per kilo sale of the said fruit is higher than other compared exotic fruits being sold here in the Philippines. Dragon fruit is not as sensitive compared to other exotic fruits making ti survive even in poor soil condition. But of course, there is always a need to do more with organic fertilizer which will help you harvest more fruits in the long run. Dragon fruit can also be planted with little or the least supervision and care as an ornamental plant in a big pot as I’ve mentioned above.

To support the growth of vine-like attitude of the dragon fruit, you must put a support beside it so that when it starts to grow, it can have something to cling to. This situation is most ideal for dragon fruit planting. This is called as the epiphytic natural characteristic of the dragon fruit plant and is a good point to start considering when you are in the process of planting dragon fruitor start a dragon fruit farming. The dragon fruit planting when you follow putting up a tendril with which it can cling on when full grown will offer space upwards to allow it to spring some more young stems which is where the dragon fruit will be found. Don’t fortget to add up some fertilizer to the soil in a regular basis if you want to increase your harvest and make more fruits pop up the stems. If you like this post, you might want to take time to see our other posts about farming and agriculture.

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32 Responses to “How to Plant Dragon Fruit Pitaya”

  • jerson j. muñasque says:

    i have a question;
    how can i germinate the seeds of dragon fruit?
    its so very important for me because it is my study. so i hope you can help me i need help..
    and what is possible treatment to be use in the dragon fruit germination?


    • Philippines Review says:

      Sir Jerson,

      It is not the seeds that were being planted for culture of the dragon fruit, It’s the stem itself that are being used to propagate and nurse them on to grow. There are literally no seeds on the fruit itself which you can find inside the very fruit.

  • alpay says:

    hello from turkey-i am interesting about pitaya-please help me- i have some quetions-my pitayas about 2 years old and some one is 1,20 cm.-can i have get fruit from my branch ??-because my pitayas grow up from seed-it is not from seedling- thanks for help..

  • usf says:

    hi rottens i love draGon FrUit wAt Up

  • Epimaco garcia says:

    did you know what are the inorganic fertilizations?
    please if you know about that can tell us about that?.
    thank you very much….

  • zakiyuanzion says:

    hi sir,

    Thanks for posting this information, we just finished planting some dragon fruit cutting in our bakyard. we will give you updates and share our experience with this plant…….cheers

    • Dragon Fruit Planting says:

      You’re welcome, we will be looking forward to your updates. Hope you get good harvest on your crops soon.


    good day, where can i buy a seedling or cutting of dragon fruit plant, and how will it cost per plant.

    thank you very much.

    Fernando Borjal

  • jam says:

    i dont like your article about the fruit. you may have lots of ideas about the plant but your grammar is wrong. :)

  • dennis says:

    I planted my dragon fruit cuttings direct, and it’s been 6 months now but still no steam coming up. They”re still green and fresh, meaning they have not dried up. What must be wrong?

  • Boni Manuel says:

    What kind of fertilizer do you use for dragon fruit.

  • jones says:

    i have potted over 300 cut seedlings of dragon fruit ready to plant. i got some of it from thailand and i planted it in front of our house.we already harvested some and i want to plant more. 300 seedlings is only trial what i want to know is what kind of fertilizer do i have to use and how often do i have to apply it?

  • Henry says:

    Can you please help me I’m from South Africa and want to know how many fruits one (1) dragon fruit plant yields. I have already plant 550 plants. Some websites say 220 lbs or 100kg that is more than 100 fruits and some say about 10 fruits.

  • mylene grace says:

    hi……i’m bothered about my thesis title…when my adviser told me about pitaya,i get interested…may i know the proper nursery management of it? a need ur help co i feel that this plant is sensitive….

    Your response count a lot!…

    • Philippines Review says:

      you can try to search in youtube videos how nurseries of dragon fruit pitaya looks like. In the Philippines, they have some nurseries in Nueva Ecija and some in Laguna, Cavite and Cebu. Just type your search in YouTube and it won’t be hard for you to find a video to watch.

  • mylene garace says:

    thanks for the reply…….. i will try…may i know if what are the possible data to be gathered in nursery performance of pitaya using cuttings?

  • Beau Brummell Mata says:

    Re: Philippines Review says:
    January 10th, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Sir Jerson,

    It is not the seeds that were being planted for culture of the dragon fruit, It’s the stem itself that are being used to propagate and nurse them on to grow. There are literally no seeds on the fruit itself which you can find inside the very fruit.


    you can grow dragon fruits from the seeds, I have done it. The only reason that cuttings are used for propagation is that it is faster to grow and produce fruits compared to growing it from seeds.

  • Lyvia says:

    I’m very interested in this wonderful plant. How and where can I buy cuttings for this plant. I am from Dumaguete City.

  • Cresencio Yagin says:

    para kadagiti Ilucanos. mabalin nga ibunobon dagiti bukel ti Dragon fruit,isuna laeng nga mabayag nga urayen sa agbunga.

  • Cresencio Yagin says:

    The point,or reasons of growing pitaya seeds:.

    You are able to see how it look like when they are still small plant. When they are just sprouting and grown about five inches long.They look like a kitten tail. And also, you don’t know if you are lucky that you’re able to produce better fruits than what you had tasted.or where you got the seeds from.

    If you have hard luck. You maybe able to produce a plant that are not more desirable than what you had or tasted.

  • milk says:

    just got my first seedling today..very excited to propagate and produce more seedlings from it for future my future dragon fruit farm…hope so..:) in God’s time

  • Brenda says:

    We have enough experience with dragon fruits. My dragon fruits are already 15 years old. We lived in Thailand early 1990s so we brought our seedlings late 1990’s here in the Philippines. But i did not venture in the farm. I just planted them in our garden at BF Paranaque. If you have some questions and problems, feel free to ask.

    Also, I have enough mature cuttings for sale. Just come and get the cuttings here in our house at BF Homes, Paranaque City. You can contact me with these numbers:
    Landline : (02) – 825-1454
    Celfon # : 0919-431-1012

    I believe we pioneered growing dragon fruits. While most of the farms started planting way back 2005, we have been harvesting a lot of fruits during that time.

  • Joel Valdez says:

    Im from Quezon Nueva Ecija just asking were in nueva is the dragon fruit nursery? want to try it here in our place please help me!
    thank’s god bless!

  • Antonio A. Rivas says:

    I have three hills of dragon fruits. It already bears flowers in 2011 and now but it did not fertilized so…. the flowers jsut wethered and did not produce the fruit I wanted. May someone tell me how to pollenate it.

    I’d be glad if you can share ur experience/s. Thank you

  • Crisdee says:

    I want to know where you can buy some grown pitaya here in the Philippines. Someone asked you that question but your didn’t give an answer. I hope you’ll see this post and give a comment to this. Pitaya is sweet a little bit grainy when eaten but very delicious reason why I want to have a plant on my own. I heard that this fruit also has an anti-cancer properties. So that means if you’ll response to this question you’re helping me as well as other people to prevent from having cancer. I’m from Cebu. Thank you so much. more power to you and May God Bless you if you believe HIM.

  • love says:

    hi! i already planted dragon fruit way back 4 years ago…it will only generate flowers but it never turned into fruit…why is that? And could you please help me how to generate fruit…i would highly appreciate your reply…tnx..

  • tessie Yap says:


    interested in planting dragon fruit even in the back yard, need help dont know anything about planting
    but we have an open area where we can try planting.

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