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Looking for Latexless Jackfruit Seedlings or Scion?

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Latexless jackfruit is a genus of jackfruit that is abundant in Thailand and is locally grown in the same country which is part of the exotic fruits that can also be bought in prices a little higher than the usual price in your local fruit stand. The reason for this cost is because the latexless jackfruit is a special variety that does not cause your knife to get stanined and makes it hard to cut off the deliciously sweet strands and capsules of the jackfruit which is its most delicious part.

The usual color of a latexless jackfruit is a little bit more of an orange color than the usual and ordinary jackfruit. It usually wighs a lot more than your ordinary fruit and also tastes a lot sweeter and delicious than the later. The tree that bears fruit of the latexless jackfruit is also of a special genus because it bears more fruit than your ordinary jackfruit tree. The reason behind this is because it is not a sensitive to climate than other types and can really be grown anywhere in a tropical country like the Philippines.

With a little bit of a mixture of the newest planting and agriculture technology, you can grow an orchard of latexless jackfruit and earn more than just growing the locally produced and propagated jackfruit because it is worth to sell more than the ordinary variety giving it a slight edge over the others in terms of selling price. If you are looking for seeds or scion for your latexless jackfruit, then you can contact me for that.

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