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Season Fruits and Organic Gardening time in our Manila house

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Bokashi Compost

Bokashi Compost Container

Season fruits are abundant in the Philippines. One of my most favorite of all will go down and become unavailable in markets and streets of Manila – the mango. It is a summer fruit and since rain is slowly inching in with the fiesta and flower month already here – May, it’s time to think of other great experiences in eating new season fruits. Avocado this time is the table favorite. I have to think of recipes from incorporating this wonderful and healthy season fruit in the family’s vegetable salad menu.

duhat fruit tree

Duhat Fruit

Another favorite which we have abundant in our compound backyard is the duhat. Rich in iron, this literally very small fruit comparable to the taste of black grapes is really a must taste after summer has gone. Fruits start to grow even before rain comes in the month of May. Swimming pools will soon be out of the picture as well as beaches in the Philippines with resorts no longer becoming an option. It is now time to think tank and save money for the enrollment period and school supplies buy for our daughter, TJ.

She is now on her 3rd year in UST and we want her to have the best of all and stress-free life in college so we are making sure that come enrollment period, we already have the half amount of tuition fee we are going to pay at the cashier’s office. That is, because TJ is a UST scholar.

Anyway, since summer is almost gone, I have to think of nice and better things to write about on this blog about the Philippines and I wanted to offer more juicy useful content and start revealing some of the most interesting facts about our country, making it more fun in the Philippines. Apart from getting so much excited about the opening of school, I though why not brag about season fruits and the exciting recipes that we could make out of these beautiful delicious delicacies that you can only find in the Philippines.

Taytay Falls Majayjay Tour

Taytay Falls Majayjay Tour

The family’s call is to be healthier each year and each eating day and probably as a last destination, we will be coming over to Majayjay waterfalls (Imelda Falls) in Laguna. One the best resorts I have always dreamed of visiting during summer so for one last cry, the family will go up South to find refuge in rejuvinating our body and getting rid of stress by sniffing some bountiful fresh air in Laguna and bathing in cool clear fresh and chlorine-free waters of Taytay Falls.

Again, will be thinking once more about exciting recipes to add up to my list using season fruits and vegetables. It’s always good to know what to put in the dining table. Something that you won’t have to spend so much money to buy because they are abundant in the local market.


EM-1 Microbial Inoculant

Wow! excited too to plant anew in our small backyard farm in Caloocan. We will soon be using EM-1 microbial inoculant that I am still on the process of culture with in our house garden. Will be doing some bokashi composting too and hopefully add up some spice to our call for self-sustainability and organic farming in Manila. Our family is perhaps the only people to have this kind of set-up here in the metro and I’m glad that me and my hubby love doing it. Looking forward to sell excess EM-1 soon and bokashi bran that we are excited to make for our vegetable garden. For now, we can’t grow so much big fruit trees yet in the compound because of lack of space so we are planning on planting some salad greens vegetable but we have quite a few trees in there like guava, guyabano, pomelo and papaya.

So very excited to do organic gardening some more during the rainy season but we have to make sure that we will do it with care because floods are very common in the compound where we have the set-up of our organic garden. Will be using a lot of makeshift improvised tables to place our salad green veggies.

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