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Where and how to find Manila Seedling Bank to buy seeds and cuttings

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Manila Seedling Bank Medicinal Plant Nursery

Manila Seedling Bank Medicinal Plant Nursery

Whether you are a common farmer or a backyard grower or a plant nursery grower or simply just a plant lover and enthusiast, you must’ve stumbled upon Manila Seedling Bank. The fact that brings us to post a lead or guide on where and how to find Manila Seedling Bank in the Philippines is because although we have previously posted details on Manila Seedling Bank address and services offered, some of our blog visitors failed to find what exactly it is they are looking for.

In this case, a map or guide on exactly how to get to the said institution for buying seeds, cuttings, plants as well as those who are, as I’ve said looking for service that the people behind this government agency provides.

Manila Seedling Bank Office Quezon City

Manila Seedling Bank Office Quezon City

Well, here is finally the answer to your call. We will be providing here a quick short guide in finding the Manila Seedling Bank office location address using Google Map. If you are looking for their complete contact details, we also have it. We will also be providing in this post the email address so that if you come from a faraway place, you could still get in touch with the people who handles all communication for different purposes.

Manila Seedling Bank Map

Manila Seedling Bank Map

A screenshot of the Manila Seedling map may also be found below. We also made an effort to feature Manila Seedling Bank bonsai trees nursery shop video. You can buy them there.

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12 Responses to “Where and how to find Manila Seedling Bank to buy seeds and cuttings”

  • arnoldhermano says:

    i want to know if you have variety of herbs plants or seeds which i can buy,,, and also planting materials to use. how much it costs.?

  • Rica says:

    Do you have the variegated picara and/or the variegated schefflera? How much are they?

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