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Where to Buy Dragon Fruit Cuttings or Seedlings Variety

In the Philippines, there are many exotic fruit variety farmers looking where to buy dragon fruit cuttings or seedlings (pitaya). I have read in some Philippine agriculture section forum that these fruit variety farmers are looking to buy dragon fruit cuttings or seedlings to plant beside their existing farms of different exotic fruits. The reason they are rushing to find a resource or place on where to buy dragon fruit cuttings is because they learned that it can be literally planted on any soil as stated in some how to plant dragon fruit pitaya guides in the internet and videos today. They also learned that the dragon fruit is not as sensitive as other exotic fruits they are growing in their respective farms and does not require so much care and attention compared to other types and varieties of exotic fruits.

With this specific information on hand for these exotic farmers who are interested to buy dragon fruit cuttings or seedlings, soon, the dragon fruit farming industry will grow in the Philippines and in many other parts of the world. It will also contribute to the additional interest for farmers to plant more of these dragon fruits. This effort hopes to add up to the increasing demand for dragon fruit supplies in the local markets as well s international because people who know about it learned that the dragon fruit has a high health value with respect to the vitamins that the said fruit contains in its pulp.

Anyway, for those who are looking on where to buy dragon fruit cuttings or seedlings, you can come directly to any of these places I will put here below but I am not sure of the exact location as of the writing of this post today. Please refer below for some guides on where you can find the place in the Philippines on where to buy dragon fruit cuttings/seedlings.

  • – email: davidparong @ (remove the spaces before and after @) (this is to avoid e-mail scprapers) , his nursery and plantation is in Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan
  • Santo Tomas Batangas is also a place where you can find dragon fruit cuttings
  • another place to go looking for is the Indang Cavite farm (not sure about the exact address)
  • there is also a farm in Cebu City and Davao for those who live near the province

Although I cannot exactly give their specific location on where you can buy the cuttings for your dragon fruit, there is also a place in the internet where you can buy it – e-Bay but the price is a lot higher compared to if you buy in these places when you are from the Philippines. I hope this resource can be a good help to those looking for the information. If you find this helpful in any means, you might want to consider visiting our other posts about Philippine agriculture and fruit farming.

25 Responses to “Where to Buy Dragon Fruit Cuttings or Seedlings Variety”

  • Cecil Longford says:

    Hellow how are you?
    Do you have any yellow variegated dragon fruit cuttings for sale?
    Thank you.

  • Raffy Selga says:

    Greetings! I wish to add a word of caution. Pls include guidelines in selecting df stem cuttings. I had been a victim of a farm in Laguna where i bought dragon fruit stem cuttings. Examples are- 1. DF cuttings should be free of any fungus infection or any sign of plant diseases 2. Must atleast be 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 wide. 3. Lenght is 18 to 24 inches. Refuse cuttings with any sign (even small) of disease.
    Also, i would like to be included in the list of suppliers. How can i register?
    Thank you!

    Raffy Selga
    Cel no. 0917 8210234
    Barangay Cahigam Rosario Batangas

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