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Amusements in the Philippines – An Overview of Exploitation

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Do you want to have fun and enjoy the amusement park? Then it’s time for you to go visit your local amusement center. For one, you can come to Tom’s World Amusement Center that has branches all over Metro Manila. This amusement has been able to grow business here in the Philippines being able to hold up against other competing local amusement parks knowing that they are managed by foreign investors.

While amusements like Quantum, Worlds of Fun, G-box and more, are said to be all locally funded, Tom’s World on the other hand was seen to be visited by different Chinese nationals presumed to be Taiwanese, according to a source. Anyway, there really is not difference in this except for the fact that instead of giving priority to our locally invested business, the government seem more eager to help investors which are not from the Philippines.

The growth in the amusement industry here in the Philippines is not just because of the investments coming from foreign countries but more on the cheap labor that these investors are enjoying. While in their home grown amusements in China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Middle East and other countries, the labor cost is almost double, here in the Philippines, they enjoy the low overhead expenses when we talk of labor. Imagine having a thousand or so employee and you save 2 times your expected consumption in paying labor? That could literally mean millions in a month.

Aside from this, amusements that are handled, managed or funded by and from other countries were said to be having a good time taking advantage of the corrupt system of some government agencies from taxes evaded to the importation of amusement machines. Investors can easily smuggle or bring in any merchandise inside the Philippines without having a hard time with papers. Plus the tax is not anywhere near what the county should be earning from these amusement cneters knowing that they earn by the millions each month in revenue.

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