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E-Games Philippines Downloads Updates and New Games

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Has e-games in the Philippines really improved that much and do our players have what it takes to battle out with some of the best in the world when they get to meet in the arena? I’m not sure about that today but I do know a few people locally who has what it takes to get the games rolling for a win. First, since this is a review of the current e-games in the Philippines, I would like to take advantage of all the stuff players jingle along in the arena. I also want to take a jump on the different sets of gigs these local e-games players in the Philippines look up to when the dark starts to set in the sky.

Looking and searching in the internet today led me to a lot of interesting e-games and stuff that I should be discussing here but what I am interested at is to know who the local players among the night watchers and play fixers are. As in the real names of those who are behind the scenes of the development of e-games here in the Philippines since the early 90’s. I’m notr so sure I can get those names yet but as this post gets promoted, I want you guys out there to put your names here using my comments section and make this page your grafitti jungle and put all those names from different e-game arenas that you have been in to and probably met those guys you can call as “astig” (hard as a rock). So c’mon this is your informal invitation to the Internet Philippines Review. I dare you guys who will find this post to put your names here.

So what are some of the most common stints that you guys are up to with e-games? Some of you are after the multi million downloads and even get to sell characters in your field of arena sometimes even worth up to thousands of pesos. Some would even join e-games communities and see what’s up and coming in advance and discuss anything that can be eaten alive to use in battling our the others out of the arena. Weapons are one of the common stocks of e-games players and I hope that you don’t buy what you don’t need these days.

I’m not sure if this one is true but there seems to be some sort of auditions to some e-games stints and tournaments. Some would battle entring one internet cafe and then battling it out while shouting loud inside. I remember I had once experienced this and I cannot concentrate on what I am doing because the guys in the play out for e-games seem to have taken over the whole internet cafe. The owners can’t push them off because they are regular customers who pay for the whole afternoon spending money playing e-games out coz parents won’t allow it at home.

My, there are really a lot of things going for these players out there and I’m sure that right this very moment, e-games players have their eyes stuck in the monitor. I also read somewhere in an article that e-games in the Philippines are now using Invasion Power Board (don’t know what that is anyway). There are also a lot of business ventures and offers for those who are interested to get in the limelight of e-games business as there are already IPVG e-Games Philippines business plans for those interested. MMOs MMORPGs and so one fill the arena of discussions in internet cafes as well as at school in the morning right after a long weekend from school classes.

There is even a news where a boy collapsed after playing online games or e-games for 24 hours. Who wouldn’t anyway? These kids might really want to take it big in the arena that they think it was so real, they never want to leave the internet cafe at all. Here are some samples you might be interested to know about if you are also one of those up to learn stuff about online games and e-games… activision blizzard, aurora blade, gravity, igg, miuworld, mmorpg, online games, ragnarok, warcraft, arthas, death knight, dragonlance, lich king, lord soth and more. E-games in the Philippines indeed have come a long way and kids continue to patronize these kinds of plays all the time and most of the time. Who wouln’t want to play these e-games anyway? Maybe just those kids who are in the realm of the stage each year. I’m glad my daughter is one those kids who finish school days gettin to hike up in the stage for some honorable recognition. She is and I’m proud.

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