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Enchanted Kingdom Entrance Fee Tickets and Shuttle Service

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How much is the Enchanted Kingdom entrance fee in Philippines? This is usually the entrance and the most common Enchanted Kingdom question I receive today from friends and children in the amusement industry and also by neighbors. Maybe because of the holiday season peak in amusement parks like Enchanted Kingdom and Star City.

There are also some who would ask me about Star City Entrance fee which I also happen to know. First let us know where to find this children amusement park in Philippines or how to reach Enchanted Kingdom. To find Enchanted Kingdom, you have to know where it is located while on the other hand, to know how much the entrance fee in Enchanted Kingdom, you have to ask people who have been there this year.

Here’s what I found out today, a trip to Enchanted Kingdom will involve you to go to Ayala Center for the best option to come without worries because they have a shuttle service there. for the exact location, you can try to ask Ayala Center security guards which most likely were familiar with the Enchanted Kingdom terminal area.

Shuttle service from there will be worth Php 200.00 bucks per head while children who are only 35″ inches or below in height will not be required to pay anything but without seat allocation. There is however a promo where you can avail a BUY 4 GET 1 FREE for the tour package of 5 people.

On the other hand, for those who would like to reach Enchanted Kingdom from other waypoints, it is advised that you go for buses intended for Laguna either from Cubao or Buendia in Pasay City. You can ask the respective dispatchers there where to go down from the bus if you would like to come to Enchanted Kingdom.

With regards to the ENTRANCE FEE in Enchanted Kingdom, the price is set at:

  • Regular Day – Weekday – Php 400.00
  • Regular Day – Weekend – Php 500.00
  • Junior Day (for children 36” to 47” inches tall) – Weekday – Php 250.00
  • Junior Day (for children 36” to 47” inches tall) – Weekend – Php 320.00
  • Children 35″ inches or less in height are FREE

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103 Responses to “Enchanted Kingdom Entrance Fee Tickets and Shuttle Service”

  • abc.123 says:

    i want to go to enchanted kingdom….

  • pahboochak says:

    can i just go to ayala and ride the shuttle or do need to make a reservation? need help..

  • Philippines Review says:

    hello kei,

    You can go straight to Ayala for the bus. it is not peak holidays so I guess it would be easy for you to get seats there for an enchanted Kingdom experience.

    Sam Casuncad

  • pahboochak says:

    thank you so much! God bless!

  • tin says:

    hi! im planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom next month, what time are their operating hours? are they open until midnight?

  • miyaj says:

    . .i want to ask what if ur a student how do you pay/.

  • june says:

    this is really helpful :) by the way, if i pay 200 for the shuttle service will it be a roundtrip?

  • Nikki says:

    I would like to ask if when and how much do I pay to watch Simon and Silver Magic Show?

  • JACKIE says:


  • lorna rosales says:

    my ate ana are planning to celebrate thier wed aniv.(dec 19.09)at star city but she dont have any idea how much she can prepare para maisama nya lhat ng family and wer we can get the ticket or we just nid a reservation..please respose…thank you very much

  • andrea says:

    bukas po b ang enchanted ngayong xmas?anung oras ang bukas at ang sarado

  • yncha says:

    how much is the entrance fee this xmas? is is same as regular day – weekdays which is Php 400.00 or not?

  • franczeska says:

    hi were goin’to ek this dec… how’s the newly improved space shuttle?? btw, im goin to ride that! see yah!

  • renzo reyes says:

    ano pong oras ba nagbubukas ang enchanted kingdom

  • agnes says:

    my dicount po ba paglimang tao ??

  • Anna Liza Espiritu says:

    were planning to go to enchanted kingdom tom.Dec 31 2009 the 4 of us.Me my husband and two kids which are all teenagers. do we get a discount. And how much will it cost us per head.need reply asap thanx

  • demy valdez says:

    just wanna ask if how much the entrance fee. we intend to visit on jan 4, 2010.
    please reply asap thanks much

  • CAL says:

    I would like to ask what time is your operating hours for your shuttle bus in Ayala and enchanted kingdom? Is the 200 fee will be a round trip or one way only? Me and my sister were planning to go there this month of January.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you

  • Michael says:

    Hey guys check on this url below, i hope it can help everyone…

    From now until January 3, 2010 we are open from 10AM to 12MN with Fireworks Display at 10PM. From January 4 to 8, 2010, we are open from 12NN to 7PM. Starting January 9, 2010 the Park is operational Thursdays to Fridays from 12NN to 7PM and Saturdays to Sundays from 11AM to 9PM with Fireworks Display at 8PM.

    ( Copy and paste it to your address bar )

  • cez collantes says:

    my niece planning to celebrate her birthday there and do you have party package ? pls reply

  • harr009 says:

    if we will go there, we are 10 heads, so the total is 5000? is the promo working… so in eight head,,, ill get two free for two heads…. so it will cost 4000 only…. Am I right…. ? Im planning to celbrate my birthday there

  • MANNY PAKYAW says:

    yoh! wazzup, guys.. i wanna go to enchanted w/ my family nd friends.. so my question is what is love?

  • MANNY PAKYAW says:

    can i go to enchanted w/ my dog and my cat and my humpster and my bunny?

  • cres escanilla says:

    Good day!
    I would like to know what is the schedule of your shuttle bus from ayala terminal to EK and vise versa. How many trips do you have? Also, where can we buy the ticket? Are we allowed to the ride the shuttle bus without the ticket yet?

  • John Mark Ong says:

    Is the 200 Php for shuttle service already round trip?

  • gracie says:

    hi, i just want to inquire, if we will just bring our child to enchanted kingdom then we parents and elders wont ant to take the rides? is there a special price for it? just like an entrance fee only? only the kids will take the rides and will pay the 400.00. thanks hope u can send to my email

  • rio says:

    my son wants to go to E.K.this coming february to celebrate his birthday,is there any promo waiting for us?what day we should go to avail your promo.?pls do reply to my question..thank you..

  • klein mendez says:

    hi, is ek open on feb.1, 2010? tnx so much. need ur response..

  • Estong says:

    ppunta kmi dyan

  • joyce says: enchanted kingdom open tomorrow, Feb.1..? wat tym does it open…nid ur response plz…

  • glenda says:

    do you have a contact number if i would like to avail the buy 4 get 1 free?
    how much it cost in all?pls. advise asap

  • joy says:

    mahaba po ba pila sa enchanted kingdom pag weekends kasi dun na rin sana balak namin bumili ng entrance ticket.. thanks

  • Terese says:

    i’m from cebu, saan pwede bumili ng ticket sa enchanted to do away with the pila, we are 5 adults and a 9-months old baby..we are gonna be there sa saturday, Feb. 27, 2010..please reply..

    • Philippines Review says:

      I’m afraid po na the only authorized ticketing office for Enchanted Kingdom theme park is their booths at the park right before you get in.

  • princess says:


    Just need immediate response from you. Will dogs be allowed to enter the EK? Im planning to go their with my family and my dog (shitzhu).


    • Philippines Review says:

      Dogs are not allowed in all (i mean all) public places po. Enchanted Kingdom is not an exception.

  • Nem says:


    do you have any information on avilon zoo regarding fees? Are they open everyday? how do i get there if i have to commute? How far is it from quezon city?


  • jasmin says:

    open ba ang enchanted kingdom this week

  • Jayr Castro says:

    sir ask ko lng magkanu na ba ngaun entrance? 350 n ba or 400 p rin?

    tsaka sa march 30 open ba kau, i mean ang enchanted kingdom?

  • aeiou' says:

    ask ko lang po sana saan pwedi mag-avail ng cheaper tickets 4 enchanted kingdom? promos? and when to possibly avail?

  • nzang says:


    Magkano po ang entrance fee sa enchanted ngayon my promo p po ba?

  • Doug says:

    dogs are not allowed in all public places? i beg to differ. not in ALL. dogs are allowed in MOA, tiendesitas, etc. so don’t say that dogs are not allowed in ALL places. just say that dogs are not allowed in EK.

  • Philippines Review says:

    Opo. My bad. It should be that dogs are not allowed in Enchanted Kingdom… My apologies for being so naive on this part, Doug.

  • GIGI says:

    Hi po,

    Pwede po malaman ang contact number/s ng Enchanted Kingdom. I am calling thru my cellphone from cebu. Hindi nag-wowork ito na numbers (632) 830 2111 to 17.
    Mag-iinquire sana ako ano ang shuttle service and theme park schedule (opening and closing time) this coming June 11, 2010. Hinidi kasi complete ung nasa site nila :( Kaya tatawagan na lng namin. Pupunta kami dun ng friends ko on the said date eh.. Sana may makatulong samin. Thank you…

  • liza briones says:


    mag iinquire po sana ako sa shuttle service and thene park schedule (opening and closing time) this coming may 8 2010 hindi, complete ung nasa site nila ppunta kami dun ng asawa ko….. tnx

  • amara says:


    Open b ang EK tom? Any promos?

  • dongcas says:

    kung may ka sama kayo nang goverment imployee may discounth daw kayo….sana totoo ang sabi nila 20% malaking bagay ito…na kausap ko ang taga inchanted kingdom imployee makati.

  • joy says:

    What time will the shuttle bus leave ayala center? Is the Php200 good for roundtrip or one way only?

  • joriz says:

    how much is the parking fee if you will bring your own service vehicle?

  • smile says:

    mayron pa ba sakayan sa ayala pa puntang enchanted kingdom? please reply..

  • ana says:

    gud eve po! ask ko lang po kung magkano ang entrance fee,adults and kids. wat tym po kau open at wat tym din ang close….wala po b kayo promo???? tanks

  • angel says:

    plan q po sana mg e.k ds coming dec 25, 2010..wat tym po kya open ska hw much po kya ang entrance fee pg 2 adults and 1 2 yr ol boy??wla po b dscount db po peak season nmn dhil xmas?i nid for ur response po asap!tnx!

  • angel says:

    ska pno po b kc mnggling p po km from bulacan,,pwede nyo po b sketch skin now kung pno mgpnta ng e.k. ng wlang hastle..kc hrap po my ksma kming 2 yr old n bata…tnx!ska ano po b ung pnkmlapit n hotel s enchanted kingdom n pwede kmi mgstay 1 hul day?tnx godbless!

  • desiree says:

    Hi, I’m from General Santos City and my family would like to visit Enchanted Kingdom. My 2 sons are studying at the UP Los Baños and we are scheduled to visit them this last week of August ( a surprise visit actually :-)).. My question would be-how can we reach Enchanted Kigdom from Los Baños, please?

  • ann says:

    hi! we are from bacolod city, my family is planning to visit enchanted kingdom on august 22, 2010. we will be staying in one of the hoted in edsa. how can we get enchanted kingdom? Do you have promo tickets? What is the best hours to visit? Need your reply please. thanks

  • kathlyn says:

    i want to go to enchanted kingdom on october 3 that is sunday,i wanna know if that entrance fee 500 are already ride all you can?i what is the best time to go?do you have a promo?

  • sar says:

    juz want to know if it’s okay to bring food inside the EK. And how much does it cost per ride or there is a package available, say ride all you can. thnx.

  • chelo valencia says:


    we are planning to go to your place on September 30,2010 and we are 2 adults,2 children. I just want to ask questions like if P200 is a roundtrip fare, if we are allowed to bring foods(drinks and sandwiches), if d P400 entrance fee is already a ride all u can package? pls reply..

  • angeline cuabo says:

    hello. i would like to ask what time is the trip going to enchanted kingdom if u take the shuttle. is shuttle for free

  • bev'z says:

    hi, i just wnt to ask mgknu b ung entrance f pu2nta kme s EK ng sat o sun? foods are not allowed inside the EK b o pd nman mgdala kht drinks or wat? f punta kme jan this month of october or nov. mgkanung entrance? pnu kpg wlng ksmang govt employee? wat f ID ng father ko pwede b kht nd ko xa ksama?

  • andro says:

    same old question

    How to get there from Makati

    Frequency of shuttle inclding first and the last
    Cost of shuttle

  • eka bheb says:

    im just confused. me and my friends planning to go enchanted kingdom this day. but how much the real entrance fee for this month oct. 9, 2010?
    please reply. thank you so much, Godbless .

  • Lanie says:

    hi, ask ko lang po kung naga-accept po kayo ng credit card payment sa enchanted kingdom. tnx and god bless

  • danes says:

    hi.tanung ko lng po kng panu ma avail ang tiket?at san sa makati ang shuttle bus ng papuntang EK balak sna nmin ng pamily ko magpunta sa thursday anu oras open and close may discount ba kapg marami magkanu tiket?thank you need ko po asap ang reply nyu .God bless

  • eric cristobal says:

    hello staff & friends,

    Me & my whole family plans to go to enchanted this 27 or 28 of October 2010. Problem is i can’t access

    we are 21 heads, we have 10 of them is children… is there any height requirements for kids 7 childrens?? we need to know the exact rates & if there is any promo.

  • eric cristobal says:

    may contact number poh ba kayu? para mas mabils sana…

  • sean benedicto says:

    hi, is the ayala shuttle to EK still available?
    the one that costs php700?

    hope u cud email me.

  • To all our valued guests:

    if u would like to visit EK our operating days until December 17, 2010 (mon-wed closed) (thurs & friday 12nn-7pm ticket price: regular day pass P400 junior P 250 carousel special P150), (sat & sun and holidays 11am-9pm ticket price: regular P 500 junior P 320) December 18, 2010-January 2, 2010 everyday open (Monday-Sunday 10am-12mn) or visit for more info contact # (02) 584-3535 / 09175313776 / 09217497697
    i hope it helps in all ur queries. Tnx.

  • To our valued guests;

    K3R is the official Shuttle Service Provider of Enchanted Kingdom.

    -A shuttle service to Enchanted Kingdom is available at the Intercontinental Hotel, open parking, Ayala Center (beside SM Makati, across Ayala MRT Station and Edsa Car Park).

    Thu – Fri : 11:30 PM (Makati to Enchanted Kingdom)
    7:00 PM (Enchanted Kingdom to Makati)

    Sat – Sun : 10:30 AM & 12:30 PM (Makati to Enchanted Kingdom)
    6:00 PM & 9:00 PM (Enchanted Kingdom to Makati)

    You may call (02) 830-3535 for assistance!

    Starting August 30, 2010 to December 17, 2010, EK is open from Thursday to Sunday.

    Weekday: Thursday & Friday
    Time: 12:00 NN. to 7:00 PM

    Weekend: Saturday & Sunday
    Time: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    (Fireworks at 8:30 PM)

    Special Holiday Schedules:

    August 30, 2010 (Nat’l Heroes Day)
    Monday : 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

    September 10, 2010
    Friday : 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

    November 01, 2010 (All Saints Day)
    Monday : 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM

    November 29, 2010 ( Bonifacio Day)
    Monday : 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

    December 18, 2010 to January 02, 2011
    Daily Operations : 10:00 AM to 12:00 MN

    Carousel Ticket:

    Weekend / Holiday Rate: Php 150.00
    Weekday Rate: Php 150.00

    Descriptions: Free admission to the park grounds and unlimited access to the Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, and Boulderville Express.

    Regular Day Pass:

    Weekend / Holiday Rate: Php 500.00
    Weekday Rate: Php 400.00

    Descriptions: Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides: Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Swan Lake, Up, Up & Away, Roller Skater, Dodgem, Wheel of Fate, Anchors Away, Bump n’ Splash, Rialto, Rio Grande Rapids, Flying Fiesta, Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, Boulderville Express, Air Petrodactyl, Stone Eggs, and Dinosoarus.

    Junior Day Pass:

    Weekend / Holiday Rate: Php 320.00
    Weekday Rate: Php 250.00

    Descriptions: Applicable to children between 36” to 47” tall. Children 35” and under are FREE. Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides: Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Swan Lake, Up, Up & Away, Roller Skater, Dodgem, Wheel of Fate, Anchors Away, Bump n’ Splash, Rialto, Rio Grande Rapids, Flying Fiesta, Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, Boulderville Express, Air Pterodactyl, Stone Eggs, and Dinosoarus.

    For more details, contact Enchanted Kingdom’s Makati Sales Office at 812-7232, 584-3535, 584-4326 to 29, or log on to our website at

  • jhoy says:

    wala na po bang discount naun??pag student?

  • ma theresa santos says:

    do i need to call for reservation? whats the no?

  • angelo says:

    oi ang ganda po jan over >))

  • pee says:

    is it open january 3, 2011 onwards???tnx

  • kristine esper gonzales says:

    hi ask qo lng po f ung 500 is ride all you can na po.. tas may shuttle po b from starmall sa shaw boulevard station to EK? tnx po,pls reply po sa email add qo,asap po.. godbless!

  • Annielyn C. Maligaya says:

    hi gud pm… ask lang poh f how much ung entrance fee? and f iba p poh b ung payment pag nag ride all you can? and f khit n poh b 2yrz old may bayad? kindly give me more info bout the transfo f manggagaling me s gma cavite… tnx poh nid your reply asap were planning 2 visit on february 7, 2011.. godbless

  • renante m sugui says:

    field trip kmi jan mga 1h plus kmi mgkanu entrance fee nmin

  • renante m sugui says:

    gling p pla kmi d2 s isabela

  • Remman Caubang says:

    What the time will the bus will depart from Manila to enchanted kingdom and where we can ride the shuttle bus?what is the telephone #???

  • sharlyn contemplo says:

    HI! im from davao city & my family will go to manila dis dec. 11,2011, i know its matagal pa, but we wanted to go to EK. Pls give me enough info: if we have to book for d shuttle & tickets? if there are affordable hotels or lodging houses outside EK? sched of EK on that date? pls. reply… god bless & more power…

  • Karen Joy El Kaddouri says:

    hi!!!i was planning to bring my family in enchanted kingdom this may 2011, i just wanna ask how much is the entrance for adults and kids?

  • Ivy says:

    Hi, have 13 employees planning to go EK on the 18th or 19th of April 2011. What would be the easiest way by shuttle from Roxas boulevard to that place? How much would be the group entrance fee and what time it open and close. Any suggestions, let me know soon.

  • ecah says:

    ..dalawang beses na ko nakapunta jan..grabee ang sarap sumakay sa exstreme katakut!!nag field trip kase kami jan..php 500.00 ride all u can pa..SuLiT kA jAn..

  • liberty says:

    im liberty s june 9 nmen balak pmunta jan anu sched nio how much na ang ent.fee

  • clau says:

    may fireworks ba pag sunday? :)

  • trizzia says:

    hi… i would like to ask kung may mga barkada promo p ngayon…. at kung may iba p bng shuttle terminals? slamat po

  • joyce says:

    hi! im planning to celebrate my son bday at e.k. on sept 10. Is there any promo?how about discount for senior citizen?btw what time will be open on sept 10 sat?tnx

  • imee san miguel says:

    magkano po ung ticket? magkaiba ba ung price sa adult? any promo??? pls reply as early as possible. plan po namen to go on monday, tnx

  • dennis says:

    hi asking for a discount for 15 persons thanks

  • Soc Bollas says:

    Tumatanggap po ba ang enchanted kingdom ng credit card?

  • yabztangog says:

    ask ko lng poh,magkanu entrance ngaung holidays in EK? sna nmn poh mareplyan ako asap

  • lhorna bayamba says:

    magkano po ba entrance dis sunday? lhat po b ng rides ksama po b s byad?? tnx poh..

  • nhica crisostomo says:

    open po ba kau today?

  • Emil langomez says:

    papano ako makakarating s enchanted kingdom pg gling aq ng dasmarinas cavite?

  • Shene says:

    Tumatanggap po b kau ng creditcard payment? Pwede po b mgpareserve online? Mgkno po rate pg weekdays sa children and adults

  • marites b.atienza says:

    manggaling kme ng batangas city,san kme pede mag take ng ride puntang enchanted?thanks po

  • Lea says:

    .. ask lang po, if open kayo ng may 20-26, 2013???
    and how much po? asap po yong sagot….

  • edward cala says:

    saan pho b matatagapuan ung shuttle here in manila…ung bang entrance fee kasama n ung mga rides.

  • Josie says:

    Can you bring your own foods ( snacks & drinks ) inside the park.

  • jaden says:

    ride all u can n po b ung 400 or 500?

  • kenjie says:

    how much tickets

  • zarina says:

    yan po bang 500 entrance fee is unlimited rides on various rides?

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