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Star City Entrance Fee for Ride All You Can (RAYC) 2012 – See what’s included in your ticket price payment

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Star City Philippines Amusement Theme Park

Star City Philippines Amusement Theme Park Photo

If you’ve ever been to Star City amusement theme park in Pasay City (CCP Complex), you must know already that there is a list of prices and fees for the specific category you want to pay at the gate. The most popular and cost-effective however is the ride all you can ticket which some would call as pop tag. The ticket is wrapped around your wrist so you can show it to the ride attendant or gatekeeper if you want to take a hike at offered amenities and special attractions. I’ll be putting more emphasis in letting you, my readers know about the latest update to their RAYC ticket price and will just be lightning-fast in posting about the September 2012 ticket prices and entrance fee updates using a list. If you want to, you can check my post that features and highlights other stuff like parking space available, FAQs like is it possible or allowed to bring a camera inside the park and the different combination promos and packages that await weekend visitors and families who want to come over during holidays.

Now, it’s nearly Christmas 2012 and after this celebration, New Year 2013 will follow. During vacation and holiday seasons, Star City turns into a popular destination for kids, children families and sweethearts. In a previous post I have made 4 years ago as stated in the link I have provided above will prove how popular this amusement theme park is during this season. Each year, people flock and come to my blog to seek for updated rates, fees and prices for the entrance gate in front of the park and since I just came a couple of weeks ago to the place, I wanted to reiterate that a lot of changes have been incorporated inside. All the park amenities, video games, rides, other games and amenities are now owned and operated by the management. I remember I used to work there for another amusement company in the Philippines, Tom’s World as a technician and now they are nowhere to be found. They no longer have that satellite area there.

Setting aside the discussion, I wanted to let you all know that below are the specific list of prices for tickets if you want to come over to Star City.

Rates, Fees and Promo Packages (Update as of September 14, 2012 for Ticket Prices)

  1. Admission Fee Php 60.00 (single purchase good for 1 person or per head basis) – This includes entrance inside Star City (only), games, coin operated machines, rides, attractions while visitors must take note that special attractions like Snow World, Pirate Adventure, 4D Theater and Walk on Water is absolutely and 100% EXCLUDED.

  1. 3 Cheers Ticket Php 350.00 – This includes 3 rides of your choice (Ride restrictions apply so be sure to ask first the gate keeper or attendant before falling in line only to find out it is not included in you paid ticket fee). This also does not include mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World and Walk on Water while the entrance fee to the park is INCLUDED.

  1. Ride-All-You-Can Ticket (RAYC) Php 400.00 – Unlimited access to Little tykes, Quack-Quack, Kiddie Wheel, Rodeo, Kiddie Bumper Car, Magic Tea Cup, Grand Carousel, Magic Forest, Telecombat, Wacky Worm, Wacky Dragon, Red Baron, Balloon Wheel, Viking, Spring Ride, Surf Dance, Blizzard, Adult Bumper Car, Bumper Boat, Zykloon Loop, Wild River, Star Flyer, Star Frisbee Dungeon, Gabi ng Lagim, Kilabot ng Mummy, Time Tunnel, Peter Pan, Pirate Adventure and Land of Giants (Please note that ride restrictions apply). This fee does not include mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, 4D Theater and Walk on Water while the entrance fee is already INCLUDED.

  1. Lazer Blaster Php 100.00 – This payment is good for 1 (one) game only. (Ride restrictions apply) while the entrance fee is EXCLUDED.

  1. Snow World Php 120.00 – Unlimited access to the special attraction place. Jackets will be provided for all patrons. (Attraction restrictions apply) Entrance fee is EXCLUDED.
  2. 4D Theater Max Rider Php 120.00 – Good for 1 (one) film showing only. (Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee EXCLUDED.

For question on any other games, attractions and amenities of Star City, you can call their hotline number of visit their website to see other special day promos and packages as well as the latest updates to these fares, fees, ticket prices and entrance rates. Always make sure first to ask the attendant or authorized personnel before embarking or falling in line for a ride to avoid inconvenience and ending up disappointed. Don’t forget to read amusement rules and regulations so to the least, if you decided to come back again, you won’t have a hard time enjoying continuously and without any time wasted.

Don’t forget to check my official Star City map guide taken from Google Maps so you have a direction to follow using my waypoint. This is dedicated to those first time visitors so they know how to get there. Have fun!

Star City Philippines Map

Star City Philippines Google Map

Promo Packages Pricing Entrance/Ticket Rates

  • RAYC + SNOW WORLD 480.00
  • AND 1 4D MAX RIDER ENTRY 520.00
  • 1 4D MAX RIDER ENTRY 540.00
  • 1 4D MAX RIDER ENTRY 600.00

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