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Star City Entrance Fee

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How much is the entrance fee at Star City? Find out all about Star City fees, parking, food and other details. You can read the full list of packages in this link. —>>> Star City fees greatly increased this year as it is now set at Php 300.00 for a ride all you can ticket called pop tags. It was before at Php 250.00 and we cannot blame the management for increasing the prices of the Star City Philippines entrance fee for the sole reason that they have improved all their facilities from rides to the food court to the different special attractions in the said theme park.

Star City Philippines Amusement Theme Park, photo, ticket prices, entrance fee

Star City Philippines Amusement Theme Park Photo

The Entrance Fee Increased This Year 2014

I Used to Work at Star City Before

I used to work inside the Star City as a regular maintenance for a local amusement at the Tom’s World amusement center where we have 4 areas that I personally handle as the maintenance technician there. I do repairs of all sorts and variety of amusement machines inside out area of responsibility being the only technician to handle the repairs. As far as I can remember, I enjoy working there and getting to meet good people from the management of Star City especially the marketing department where we go most of the time for promos, time and schedule and other amusement needs. If you need to know about Enchanted Kingdom entrance fee, I also know about it.

Popular Entrance Fees Prices of Tickets/Pop Tags 

Other popular fees at Star City Philippines: (Updated from the official website March 2014)

Admission Fee Php 65.00
Entrance rates at the gate inside Star City only. Please don’t forget to ask about kids fees. Mid-way games, coin operated machines, rides, attractions, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Zip Adventure, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water IS NOT INCLUDED.

3 Cheers Ticket Php 360.00
Three rides of your choice (Ride restrictions apply), EXCEPT mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Zip Adventure, Scream Avenue and Walk on Water. Entrance fee included. (Ride restrictions apply)

Ride-All-You-Can (RAYC) Php 420.00
Unlimited access to

KIDDIE RIDES: Quack-Quack, Kiddie Wheel, Little Tykes, Tea Cup, Kiddie Bumper Car, Rodeo, and Ball Pool.

FAMILY RIDES: Grand Carousel, Happy Swing, Magic Forest Ride, Red Baron, Super TeleCombat, Dragon Express, Wacky Worm and Giant Star Wheel.

OLDER KID, TEEN AND ADULT RIDES: Bumper boat, Bumper Cars 1 and 2, Jumping Star, Tornado and Blizzard

EXTREME RIDES: Star Frisbee, Surf Dance, Jungle Splash, Star Flyer and Viking Ship

ATTRACTIONS: Land of the Giants, Peter Pan, Time Tunnel, Pirate Adventure, Dungeon and Gabi ng Lagim

(Ride restrictions apply). EXCEPT Mid-way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Scream Avenue, Zip Adventure and Walk on Water. Entrance fee included.

Lazer Blaster Php 100.00
Good for 1 (one) game only.(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

Snow World Php 130.00
Unlimited access. Jackets will be provided. (Attraction restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

Scream Avenue Php 120.00
Good for 1 (one) film showing only.(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

Zip Adventure Php 100.00
Good for 1 (one) Vortex, 3D photo area, animal robotics, and 1 (one) zipline ride (weight limit of 150 lbs).(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

Senior Citizens are given 20% Discount on RAYC

Please bring any VALID identification Card



A. plus Snow World Add P90.00

B. plus Lazer Blaster Add P60.00

C. plus Scream Avenue Add P60.00

D. plus Zip Adventure Add P60.00

Star City Entrance Fees (2011 Update)

* Entrance Fee : Php 60
* Entrance Fee + 3 Rides : Php 250
* Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can : Php 300
* Dino World – Php 100
* Snow World – Php 100
* Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World: Php 375
* Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Dino Island: Php 375
* Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World + Dino Island: Php 475

The entrance without ride is good for the elderly who just wants to take in the children for some fun. The entrance fee plus ride all you can is set at Php 300.00 bucks while the ride all you can plus special attraction entrance at the Snow World costs Php 375.00. The same price is set if you want to go to the Dino Island which is Php 375.00 too while on the other hand, if you like to see both the Snow World and the Dino Island plus a ride all you can, the ticket price will be Php 475.00. there is also a special ticket price for those who are just looking to get a glimpse and would not want to take on all that Star City can offer and this is entrance fee plus 3 rides of your choice which can be bought at Php 250.00 bucks.

Ride Tips and Kids and Entrance Fees

Note however that all prices that I have provided here are inclusive of the entrance fee itself. Another special tip for those looking to find car park or parking area for Star City patrons, yes there is and in fact it is a big one parking lot they have beside the CCP complex but if you come on Christmans or New Year, it would be best not to bother coming with your own vehicle because you cannot park anywhere near the theme park. If you have kids, it is also greatly advised that you don’t bring them on these 2 exact occasions and buy yourselves a ride all you can ticket or pop tag because the lines to the rides will be endlessly very very long as in it would take you 20 to 30 minutes before you can take a ride.

Parking Space and Food Court

Parking space at Star City is not a problem because there are security guards within the vicinity. But if you like to be a little bit more cautious, you can try to be earlier than the opening time just to park your car in front of the theme park. This way, you won’t have a hard time checking at your car all the time. Food is not a problem, the same reason why they don’t allow to bring inside any food is because they have stalls and a food court inside. Plus if you want to lessen your costs in food, you can eat outside. The food center is located just right side of the theme park when you are facing it. “Bulalo” is good there and goto is great especially if you feel cold. Don’t forget to have your wrists tagged and marked by the guards when you go out if you are still interested to go back inside. It will be your passes/ticket back inside the park.

Watch FREE Show at Aliw Theater

For those who do not know more about Star City, the theme park is where you can find one of the oldest theaters in the Philippines aside from the CCP itself. It is the Aliw Theater. The Aliw theater offers free shows all the time with schedules of fun-filled children shows with mascots and stuff of dance and comedy for the kids. The theater has its own set of artists the Star City management invites to put up a show all day especially during the holiday seasons. What’s best about these shows is that they are TOTALLY FREE for all to enjoy and watch. Ask for the guides and attendants where you can find Aliw Theater and they have there posted schedules of shows for the kids to enjoy, ALL FOR FREE.

Visit DJs of Love Radio in Star City

Love Radio DZMB 90.7 is also inside the same building as Star City is located so if you like to see the disc jockeys themselves and get a greeting or two for anyone you like or love, you can pay a visit to the DJ booth there. If you have special request songs, you can have them played with dedications if you come over to the station and ask the guards.

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489 Responses to “Star City Entrance Fee”

  • Marivic B. Macadaeg says:

    My family would like to come to Star City. We are from Baguio City. How much will it cost us if we are 4 adults and 2 children and will avail of the ride all you can, enter the dino world and the ice world? Can we come on the 22nd of December? What time does it open and it closes?

  • Philippines Review says:

    Hello Marivic,

    Entrance fee + ride all you can is Php 300.00 bucks

    Ride all you can plus special attraction entrance at the Snow World costs Php 375.00

    The same price is set if you want to go to the Dino Island which is Php 375.00 too.

    On the other hand, if you want to see both the Snow World and the Dino Island plus a ride all you can – the ticket price will be Php 475.00.

    (this is a per head price)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you all happiness when you come from Baguio to Manila. Also a safe trip along the way and a happy holidays.


  • carl says:

    i just wanna ask if how much is the rides all you can as of now. where planning to go there this week. thank u

  • Lynne Villaverde says:

    what tym does the park open? we planned to go there at december 22 but we only have limited time to enjoy the rides.. so we would like to know if the park will open before lunch time.. thanks :)

  • aleah says:

    ma’am/sir? is there any discount coupons available to be use for lowering the price or having a discount fair of the star city ticket!?

  • grace says:

    I want to know what is the opening and closing time at Star City this holiday season…thank you very much

  • jem says:

    do you have any promo?

  • nikki says:

    what time do star city opens??

    please reply ASAP


  • Philippines Review says:

    @ carl,
    please read my reply above kung saan mo makikita ang pricing. thanks for visiting my blog.

    usually like when I used to work there the park opens from 1PM on weekends and I believe this will be their time to this date kasi it’s peak days on Star City already. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I believe there is no discount tickets or any other discounts available for Star City. But if you can make any arrangements with the marketing department baka po sakali mabigyan kayo but this is not guaranteed.

    The opening usually like when I used to work at Star City is from 1PM up to 12 MN but if there is too many people in the park. mostly weekends umaabot yan ng 2AM.

    I’m not really sure if there is any promo these days but if ever I find any, you can be sure that I will post it here.

    @ nikki,
    Star City opens from 4PM to 12MN and on weekends and peak days like from today, opening is from 1PM up to 12 MN and kung maraming tao ay umaabot ng 2AM sometimes 4AM ang closing.

    Thank you all guys for visiting my blog. Happy holidays!

  • emjae says:

    can we bring some snacks inside star city?so that we can save money and at the same time enjoy the ride.. tnx GodBlessyou

  • zai parguian says:

    We are from tuguegarao city, cagayan. We are planning to visit star city on Dec. 25, 2008. Is it possible if we only avail of the snow world + Dino Island minus the ride? If it is possible, how much will it costs us? tnx.

  • joma says:

    Pwede po bang magdala ng videocam sa loob ng Snow World at Dino Island?

  • Philippines Review says:

    The prices are clearly stated in this post, please read it so you will know everything regarding concerns of pricing and I do not want to discourage you going to Star City on Christmas but I would like to warn you that it will be full of people that you can’t almost move when you get inside and the rides and attractions will take you 30 minutes to 1 hour before you can avail and come in or take a ride.

    in the entrance alone, you will be denied to bring in any camera as they will be inspected.

    Thank you guys for visiting my blog. – Sam –

  • rosie says:

    hi… just want to know if how much is the entrance fee without the “ride all u can?” we’re planning to go there this afternoon, pls. reply ASAP… tnx…

  • Ms. April says:

    ask q lang if they accept SM advantage card? so that maka discount kmi somehow,.. tnx…

  • sali says:

    Were planning to go star city on dec24, but then, just want to ask the schedules of the show what time it begins and how long because. thank you.

  • mheann says:

    hello panu po kung mga marami po kami (group) magkano po un…? tnx po

  • Philippines Review says:

    hello, rosie, sali and mhean,

    the answers are in this post so might as well read it or in the comments which I have answered na din po. Thanks

    schedules are at 1PM to 12 MN but then umaabot sila ng 2 AM pag madami tao and minsan up to 4 AM pa.

    with group accommodation, I am not really sure about that if may discount.

  • Philippines Review says:

    Ms April,

    SM advantage card is for SM lang.

  • cesar says:

    we planned to go there today…so i just want to know that if the weather there is ok?? if stil rains…plsss asap????

  • Jordy says:

    What time open sa december 25
    im planning to go with my gf
    or if there is an official website of star city?

  • Philippines Review says:

    @ cesar,
    It rained here today but since Star City has a roofed area, hindi masyado affected ang fun although many rides would not be available like the roller coaster.

    @ Jordy,
    I think on December 25, 9AM open na yan but not sure pero last year open yan ng 1 PM.

    Thanks guys for visiting my blog.

  • Jordy says:

    is there any official site or contanct number i can check or ask bout it?

  • Philippines Review says:

    I don’t know any official website as of now as I have also done a research about Star City aside from I used to work in an amusement inside the park but I will soon schedule a talk with probably the marketing office of the park about that…soon.

  • Jordy says:

    (02)833-44-83; (02)832-61-74; (02)832-03-07; (02)832-03-08; (02)833-20-19; (02)832-03-07 to 08
    Hope this number help other ^ ^

    i contacted a personal ^__^

    10 am daw open sa dec 25 ^ ^
    thankyou “Philippines Review”

  • ms.sheila lopez says:

    hello,im planning to go home from abroad,january still have star city?or feb? where can i find the loction?landmark please..?thanks

  • ms.sheila lopez says:

    im still hoping for your reply,my kids realy want to go there but i dont know the address of that “star City” can we have the addrss?thanks

  • Mia says:

    hi there. is food allowed to be brought in inside the park? or are there restaurants or food stalls inside? thanks.

  • Star City Food and Parking says:

    @ms.sheila lopez,
    Regarding the Star City address, you can find it right beside the CCP Complex Theater or the Cultural Center of the Philippines. To get there, you can use a taxi cab and tell the drives that you want to come to Star City. CCP is very popular to all taxi drivers so I bet you won’t miss it. If you are taking a ride using the LRT, you can drop off at Vito Cruz Station and from there, you can either take a cab or take the shuttle service (colored orange) and you can reach the terminal near the Rizal Stadium going to Harrison Plaza. The shuttle service will take you guys straight to star city, just ask a few vendors about the shuttle service terminal when you come down the LRT station and directions will be easy.

    Food us not allowed inside. There is Chowking, Tropical Hut and a lot of food stalls inside the park but I would like to remind you that food in those stalls inside is more costly than you expect. Better eat at fastfoods/restaurants I mentioned above.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and Happy Holidays.

  • simon says:

    meron po bng dress code?

    pwede bng mag slippers ung babae?
    lalo na sa snow world?

  • Snow World Star City Philippines says:

    I’m not really sure but I think there will be jackets available for those who like to wear it inside, otherwise, you wear as you like.

    On the other hand, the theme park is open the whole year through except if there is a typhoon. I used to work inside so I know this is how it works for the park schedule in the coming months. January will surely be a fully accommodated park at StarCity.

  • lotte says:

    uhm tanung ko lang po kung may discount or promo po ang group, na compose of “15” members??. .at anong oras po nagoopen ang starcity. .ngaung dec.. .pLs reply. . ASAP. . pLease po!!!!!!!!!!

  • regie says:

    ask po kung pwede sa snow world and 15 months old baby ko? Kasi gusto namin pumunta sa snow world. No extra fee po b ung jacket at gloves na ipapahiram sa snow world?

  • regie says:

    pano po kung gusto ko po magtake ng pictures as for souvenirs ng pagpunta namin sa snow world ano po dapat ko gawin? masisira po ba phone ko na my camera pag dinala ko sa loob ng snow world?

  • No Cameras Allowed in Star City says:

    @ regie,
    I bet hindi iaalow ang baby sa loob because of risk to hypothermia and there is no extra fee for the jackets or gloves in the last freezing attraction that we got in.

    With respect to picture taking, they are not allowing any cameras inside the park but I am not sure if it is just a cellphone with camera.

  • ritchie says:

    good day,hanngan kailan po ba open star city,,at how much po n wat tym tnx po.God bless

  • reeyah says:

    we’re kindda tight with our budget but still my sisters and I would want to let our kids experience “star city,” can we actually bring our own food inside? also our plan is to let just the kids sana so I wanted to know the individual rides’ prices for kids lang… many thanks!

  • Star City Opening Schedule says:

    @ ritchie,
    Whole year through po ang open ng Star City in the Philippines…hehe

    the park does not allow food inside but you can always leave your food in the counter and eat outside later sa food courts on the right side if you are facing the park entrance. Just buy softdrinks para hindi naman nakakahiya sa may ari ng food court or stall. The individual rides costs so much compared to the ride all you can at 150.00 to 160.00 per ride so it is not worth it to take a ride kasi kung kids ang kasama ay hindi mag eenjoy at usually napipilitan din mag buy ng ride all you can.

  • Marc says:

    my family is planning to go tomorrow at star city but we have no idea what time it will open and how much is the price for adults / child. can you help me.


  • ness says:

    is star city open everyday? and what time? lalo na kung hindi holiday/peak season

  • Star City Opening Time says:

    @ Marc,
    The park usually opens 2PM on weekdays and 12noon on weekends during holidays or 1PM so I guess it’s safe to come 12 noon coz you can stroll around CCP complex for fresh air if the opening is delayed.

    regular entrance Fee – Php 60.00
    entrance Fee w/ 3 Rides – Php 250.00
    entrance Fee + Ride All You Can – Php 300.00
    entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + either Snow World or Dino Island – Php 375.00
    entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World and Dino Island – Php 475.00

    @ ness
    yes, Star City is open everyday but sometimes they change schedule. You can come on weekdays at 2PM and weekends at 12noon. Any which time, if you arrive early, no fear because you can try strolling a bit for fresh air at the CCP Complex or rent a bike or two for kids/adults while you wait.

  • ness says:

    one more thing, are there parking areas where we can “safely” park vehicles. thanks again

  • mai says:

    until wghat time open pag holidays like dec.31??

  • mai says:

    whats the official website of star city..??
    like you can surf, entrance fee.. dress code.. park views.. etc?

  • david starling says:

    will star city be open tomorrow,dec.31,2008?

  • Parking Space in Star City says:

    parking is not a problem and they also have secured areas within the backyard in the side area of Star City.

    Star City is open up to 10 PM.

    @david starling,
    yes it will be open on December 31 but only up to 10 PM

  • jorien says:

    is that true that this coming jan.3 will have a free rides for students who will just bring valid school I.D??..and to that school who will attended by a few students will also have a price? that really true?? pls reply ASAP.

  • Promo for Star City says:

    I’m not sure about that promo but wait mo reply ko in this blog tomorrow evening and you will know.

  • carlo says:

    until what time is star city open today?

  • Marizh May De Mesa says:

    bukas po ba kayo sa jan.1,2008 at anong oras po

  • Philippines Review says:

    Bukas ang Star City ng 10 AM and for you Jorien, there is no promo of that for students.

  • ness says:

    what will be star city’s schedule for jan 5?

  • rhoda balagot says:

    bukas po ba star city ngayon araw?? jan.1,2009?? at anong oras po open at closing?? thank u. rep po asap

  • bush says:

    is star city open today jan.1??? tnx

  • mimi says:

    open po ba ngayon ( JAn 1) ang star city? Pls reply asap

  • ness says:

    what will be star city’s schedule for jan 5 ans 21?

  • don1t4 says:

    hi there.. i’d like to ask if it is possible to see only SNOW WORLD and DINO ISLAND? how much is the entrance then? thank you so much…

  • Snow World and Dino Island says:

    Hello to all of you and Happy New year!

    regular entrance Fee – Php 60.00
    entrance Fee w/ 3 Rides – Php 250.00
    entrance Fee + Ride All You Can – Php 300.00
    entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + either Snow World or Dino Island – Php 375.00
    entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World and Dino Island – Php 475.00

    January 5 and 21 – same schedule or call 833-44-83

  • belle says:

    until what time is star city open for jan2-4?

  • ghen says:

    until when po open ang snow world? Thank u

  • jayde says:

    tanong lang po,, is it possible na snow world lang and dino island ang pupuntahan?? how much??

  • aileen says:

    Would like to ask if snow world would still be available For the month of january? thanks

  • Jan Mark says:

    Sir bawal po ba talaga kumuha ng pictures sa loob ng star city? Pupunta po kami sa January 10 ng gf ko.

  • Carol says:

    sir, hanggang anung oras po kau today, January 10???

  • jeramie says:

    pwede po bang regular fee nalang + dino island+snow world lang?
    magkano po?
    send sms to 09202328602

  • welwel says:

    sir ask lng kung bukas pa ba ang star city ngaun? i mean nawawala ba ang star city then bumabalik lng kapag ber month ^_^

  • mj says:

    Hi po! Ask q lng po: anung oras po b mgbubukas at mgsasara ung star city sa january 24?

  • Vera says:

    What time does star city open today january 18? I’m indonesian, really want to enjoy with my family as soon as they open. Please text me 09162577546. Thanks

  • Opening and Closing time says:

    Star City this year 2009 will be open the whole year through.

    Opening/closing hours: Mon – Thu – 4PM – 11PM
    Opening/closing hours: Fri – Sun – 2PM – 12MN

    Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog and I hope you all have a good time at Star City.

  • greca says:

    my snow world p poh b ngayon?pwede poh bang i-allow yong c.p. w/ camera?thanks..GOD BLESS reply poh ASAP

  • Philippines Review says:

    Hello greca,
    I’m not really sure if bukas pa ang snow world but what I know is camera is not allowed inside. Not sure if you can slip it in kasi nga bawal but cellphones are allowed. god bless.

  • karen says:

    hi po..
    ask ko lng if this february 14 wat time mgoopen and star city? balak kasi namin dun magspend ng valentines with my friends.. i’m from subic, zambales..


  • hershey says:

    elow po, wat time bukas ag star city bkas coz wer planning to go there tom. tnx po. reply asap. Gobles

  • khryzeds posadas says:

    how much is the renting for a bike at ccp complex??? tanx

  • khryzeds posadas says:

    what about the ccp parks my bayd po ba?? and about the bike there is there a fees to be collected and how much?? thanks and godbless!

  • leila says:

    sabi nyo po nd pwede mag dala ng video cam and didtial cam sa park…ano ibig sabihin nyo po..hindi pwede sa loob ng snow world or hindi rin pwede sa lob ng star city kung saan may rides?..sorry nd pa kasi ako nakapunta dyan ..tahnx

  • Philippines Review says:

    Bikes are at Php 30 bucks and up depending on the time on a per hour basis. In Star City parking area, I think it’s free but with CCP complex, I am not really sure. Any, won’t cost you hundreds so it is still convenient to come over for fun and fresh air. The boatride for 1 hour is also good which will tour the Manila Bay at Php 40.00 per head (not sure though if it is still 40). Thanks for visiting my blog. Please take time to subscribe in our daily new posts using the right side bar where all you have to do is to enter your e-mail address.

  • carmen ventic says:

    hi hello po , sa cebu po to , ask ko lang po sa rate , halimbawa , entrance fee lang po ang sa akinbabayaran , ano po ba ang mga posible na ma injoy naman ako sa loob? tnx po. kasi po hindi pa kasi ako nakapunta sa star city , we hope together w/ my family .this dec.

  • Noel says:

    Gudpm,ask q lng po kng anu po kng wt tme opening ng starcity pg regular days,im planning kz n mgpnta ds coming march 23,2009

  • sissy says:

    hi, open po ba ang Star City tonight?

  • leila says:

    ask ko lang po pwede mag dala ng digital camera and video camera sa star city kung saan yong mga rides?…i know bawal sa snow world but what about sa area ng rides lang..thanx

  • MARLO says:

    What time ang opening and closing ? Ask ko rin po kung puedeng magdala ng video camera sa loob and puede b yong yrs old sa rides?

  • abbie says:

    good eve… ask ko lang po kung how much na po yun entrance fee (ride all you can) this summer vacation… for an adult po and for a 7 year old kid… what rides po ba ang available for a seven year old to ride? and is it open during wednesday?

    thanks po and godbless

  • palmer says:

    gusto ko lang po malaman kung hindi pa rin po ba nagbabago ang rates ng star city

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  • janica says:

    ask ko lang po kung ano yung contact no. ng manila star city. thank you po

  • anna316 says:

    hello,ask ko lang kung yun package na 375 which includes an entrance to dino island,yun be e kahit ilan beses ka pumasok sa dino island pwede? i mean unlimited number of entrances ko sa dino island?thanks:)

  • Brie D Man says:

    may discount ba kapag artista? may bayad ba ang mga bata below 4ft?
    wat time opening sa april 27th? unlimited ba pumasok dun sa snow and sa dino?
    cno ba ang pinaka cute na girls na staff dun?


  • malou says:

    sana nman mag mura uli ang rides all you can..pra mraming mkasama…huhuhu..pero okay na rin if magtaas ng konti as long as safe na ngayon yung mga rides nyo sa star city…that’s all

  • Randy says:

    What tym po ang opening and closing ng Star City? Thanks

  • baron says:

    hi po tanung ko lang po kung pano pumunta sa star city riding MRT anu po ung sasakyan ko papunta duon pag babang taft station please and thank you

  • joana says:

    hi, is star city open everyday? from what time, sya mag oopen? tnx,

  • joana says:

    can i have the contact numbers of star city, please,

  • bhea says:

    Hi, I just want to ask, are they accepting credit card for the payments. My husband and i were thinking to pay the entrance fee via credit card so we might not bring too much pocket money.. Thanks

  • marvin says:

    tnong ko lng po kung open everyday ang star city? wat tym po b ngbbkas?

  • boozh says:

    uhhmm anu ors opening and closing ng star city ngaun

  • rocky says:

    gud pm

    I would like to know if ur stablisment is open or operational today, what is ur schedule during weekday and week ends?

    Thanks have a nice day

  • harry says:

    open ba bks ang starcity may 3

  • cheng says:


    i just want to ask mif allowed to smoke inside the star city coz my husband can`t survive without smoking.



  • Philippines Review says:

    Smoking is allowed inside Star City but not in some public places inside where the air is not circulating or those closed and air conditioned areas. But more or less, he can take a step or two and he may smoke as long as he wants.

  • alegna_may says:

    hi just want to ask about the promo of star city. with P190 you can go to snow world, free entrance plus 5 free rides. anyone knows about it? may butas (Looks Like a puncher hoLe) pu ba tLga un sa ticket? thanks!!

  • Adam Larona says:

    To Alegna May:

    Yes may puncher hole talaga un. if you have questions you can reach Star City Sales & Marketing Department @ tel Nos. 02-833-4484/832-3249 or vist our new Tnx!

  • Adam Larona says:

    To Philippine Review:

    For updates about Star City pls. contact Star City Sales & Marketing Department
    at tel nos. 832-3249/8334484. Ms, Teresa Rivas-Sales & Marketing Manager would love to hear from you. Thank you.

  • mhack says:

    hi gusto ko lng po malaman kung anong official sched ng star city ng whole month of june 2009 pati na rin poh kung mag kano ung Entrance Fees nd prices..
    salamat poh..god bless!

  • aprill donn says:

    my contact num poh bah jan s star city? salamat po

  • zmatz says:

    i just wanna ask lang if open pa den ung star city kc may nagsabi samin hindi daw.. kc we are planning to go there on MAY 19 keia we just wanna ask din if ever open at that time.. anong oras nag oopen THANKS!!!!

  • pachu says:

    i just want to ask kung open kayo this monday may 25 at kung wat time? tnx!

  • ananana says:

    hi everyone,

    ask ko lang paano pumunta sa star city by bus or jeep? from als pinas city? thnx

  • dazzle_ibis says:

    sir ngayong june po ba what time kayo nag open? thanks po. and panu po ang pag punta dyan kung galing ako ng laguna, Thanks thanks talaga sa info.

  • soosie says:

    ask ko lng how much entrance fee+dino world+snow world jan sa star city?

  • letlet says:

    hi my friends and i were planning to go to star city on a monday of july. is the park open every monday? and what time does it usually open? someone told us that it is closed from mon-thurs, is it true? i hope to get an answer from you soon. thank you.

  • maribel says:

    anong time days kau open ng aug,kasi were palnning to go.pls im waiting for your reply.i know already the entrance.thank you

  • totz says:

    wat time opening ng star city this coming august 19?

    reply asap plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    tnxxxxxx a lot

  • Rona Valdez - Quijano says:

    Hi! this is Mrs. Rona Quijano of Victoria Tarlac a mother of a 3 year old Yzabella Elcarim, who is now enrolled at a Daycare Center as a Toddler…Im the Vise President of the Parent Committee officer we are looking forward to have an Educational trip for the development and learning cultivation of our children. In lieu with this may we request and ask to have a quotation on how much we have to pay for the entrance and other necessary payments to be in star city with the other students, teachers and parents as well…. we are planning to have our educational trip for our childrens benefit….. hope to hear from you soon. you can reach me at +639216428542 ot thru my email add….. thank you

  • bru says:

    hi… open b star city everday, on the month of december?
    im planning to take my family there kc when i get back home. im working here
    in L.A. ska po, can i get ung sked nila for the month of dec. ’09, pra po maayos ko
    rin po ung sked nmin to go there. kc we’re planning to go there twice, or maybe
    3 times. by batch kmi po kc kmi. others can’t come on d same day. kya balik n lng
    kmi for d others. thank you so much…!!!

  • leila says:

    starparks,ph/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/………….yan po ang site ng star city

  • leila says:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

  • jon says:

    what time is the theme park opens

  • Alex Strife says:

    …Hi ask couh lng pho, ganun prin pho b ang Entrance Fee sa Star City?

  • Philip says:

    …Hi ask couh lng pho, ganun prin pho b ang Entrance Fee sa Star City?

    Star City Entrance Fees
    * Entrance Fee : Php 60
    * Entrance Fee + 3 Rides : Php 250
    * Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can : Php 300
    * Dino World – Php 100
    * Snow World – Php 100
    * Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World: Php 375
    * Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Dino Island: Php 375
    * Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World + Dino Island: Php 475

    thx & Godbless pho

  • jesy says:

    hi. what po numbers pwede macontact for reservation sa star city? thank you

  • Princess says:

    Hi po. I juzt wanna ask if it is open daily .. is it ? :]]

  • kian says:

    What time po nag oopen ang star city this september. weekdays particularly kasi we’re planning to celebrate my kids birthday there.. thanks

  • Mari says:

    we are about 50 persons. we just want to go to snow world and dinoworld. How much is it if we wont avail the ride-all-you-can ticket? thanks

  • ian says:

    magkano po updated price ng ticket sa ride all you can ng starcity?

  • CLAISA says:


    Ask ko lang po kung how much po price s bata?
    2 and 3 years old.May bayad po ba sila or wla.Saka po kng marami po ba my discount ba,example 10 person kami.
    Thanks and i will waiting your responds.

  • LESLIE says:

    hi anong oras bukas niyo?

  • Anne says:

    Hi, just wanna know if you’re open this Friday, Ovt. 15, 2009? We are planning to go there. Thanks.

  • Anne says:

    i mean oct.16. please reply asap. thans!

  • JHAI says:

    hi, we’re planning to celebrate my daughter’s bday this saturday oct. 17 at star city
    she is only 2yrs old. Is she allowed at snowworld and dino land?
    Hoping for ur immediate reply. Thanx ng marami poh…

  • mary says:

    nu phone number ng star city

  • Jette says:

    Good day.. We are planning to celebrate my friend’s birthday on the 24th of October. I would just like to ask if Star City has promos that we can avail. More likely, we will come in a group of more or less 20 students. Thank you.

  • Angela Tresballes says:

    ask ko lang if pwede ba ang 4 months baby sa snow world?

  • rhiatotz says:

    hi =) ask ku lng poh kng open ang star city dis coming oct. 312009…ksi me en my frends are planning to go der….en kng open poh ng oct.31 wat tym poh mgooperate ang mga rides? =)…plz rply tnx =)

  • rhiatotz says:

    hi =) ask ku lng poh kng open ang star city dis coming oct. 31,2009…ksi me en my frends are planning to go der….en kng open poh ng oct.31 wat tym poh mgooperate ang mga rides? =)…plz rply tnx =)

  • riza says:

    hello! ask ko lang po kung open ang star city on nov.2, 2009 it’s monday. thanks!

  • ayen says:

    good day!!! we’re planning to go to star city but interested lang kami sa star city and dinowolrd, how much will i be paying per person(adult and kid). What time do you open and close? are you open 7 days a week? thanks

  • rafael says:

    we would like to know if ur open today nov 1,?
    hope soon u have a daily schedule including holiday if u are open, to inform everyone. tnx.

  • alex says:

    open ba star city ngaun??..

  • maan says:

    hi.. i just wanted to know if tomorrow po ai bukas ang starcity cause my barkada is planning to go there tomorrow na po.. rply asap po ha.. tnx ng mdme.. and also we have the ticket na.. kaso it is a gift certificate and it is valid until dec19 daw po..

  • kambal says:

    mgknu po entrnce fee ngaun 2009

  • jackie says:

    good day. I just want to ask if open ang star city on November 14? And we are almost 7, gusto sana namin ng ENTRANCE + RIDE ALL YOU CAN, at that day na po ba bibili ng ticket? Sana lang kasi we are from Bulakan, bulacan pa. thanks

  • Evangeline Villeza says:

    Good day. I just want to ask if what time open ang Star City on 10 Nov. 2009? At how can i access the star city location, you give me same number so i can try to call before na pumunta kami, and i want to know may bayad po ba ang batang age 3 and 2 years old. Hope you answer may request as soon as possible. Thanks and God Bless.

  • arlene fajardo says:

    mam does star city have rents for strollers??? baby strollers? how much is it?

  • yulie capangpangan says:

    ask ko lang kung kumikita na ba ang mga food store sa star city? kasi lahat ng tenant nyo, mula noon pagpasok ng bagong marketing ay lahat lugi dahil bobo ang nasa marketing ninyo e, atsaka kung maayos na ba ang pamamalakad ninyo? last question: bakit nananatili parin si ms. teresa (teray) sa marketing e, wala naman syang alam sa trabaho nya?

  • Camille says:

    Ask ko lang kung open kayo sa Friday Nov. 20 and how much is the entrance fee please include the options. Thank you!

  • joanne says:

    .,ask q lng poh…. if need q pa bng mgpareserved

    ng ticket b4 kme magpunta jan??

    tnx… nid q poh ng ans. nio ASAP!

  • madz says:

    i just want to know if your giving any discount for government employee. thanks hoping for your answer asap..tnx.

  • jennifer says:

    i would like to ask if star city is open this coming November 29,2009, Sunday because my family is planning to go their. Please e-mail me the details at thank you.

  • Grace says:

    Good day! Does star city have party packages,party venues?

  • salie says:

    ask q poh qng open star city nagung xmas dec 25, 2009? at anong tym, thnk u…

  • jhun says:

    hi there! is star city open on 28th of this month?what does it open every sat?mny thnx…

  • Josirine says:

    lots of good info here! thanks philippines review!
    mukhang nagsawa na ata kayo sa pag rereply. ang kukulit kasi ng mga nagtatanong. tsek nyo muna kasi yung thread sa taas at baka nandun na yung sagot na hanap nyo. paulit ulit na lang kayo!
    philippines review, may bayad po ang entrance sa star city?

    • Philippines Review says:


      Tama ka, ayaw kasi basahin ang buong post ko kaya hindi nila makita ang schedule at cost ng Star City entrance fee: Eto para sa mga hindi ko nasagot

      regular entrance Fee – Php 60.00
      entrance Fee w/ 3 Rides – Php 250.00
      entrance Fee + Ride All You Can – Php 300.00
      entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + either Snow World or Dino Island – Php 375.00
      entrance Fee + Ride All You Can + Snow World and Dino Island – Php 475.00

  • mheann says:

    this year 2009 how much the entrance just only snow world or dino island thanks…

  • mheann says:

    hi! what time po ba open ng star city and until what time? my snow world po ba ngyn, what time bukas ng snow world?


    Entrance Fee = P60 ryt??
    Snow World = P100 ryt?

  • joy says:

    Hi, good day! I just wanna ask about the schedule of the star city… Is the star city open daily?how about the time of the opening and the closing time?thanks Godbless

  • Tess Sison says:

    Good Day! your site is very informative.
    My family plans to spend our Christmas Eve at Star City. I want to ask if Star City is open of Dec.24, 2009, if yes, what time it opens and close?

  • ann roxas says:

    same price ba ang kid (6 y/o) and adult?
    wat tym ang opening?

  • Venus says:

    Hi Sam,

    very nice site, learn so much info from the way, my hubby and I were planning to go to STAR CITY this December 20, 2009…. You think marami at occupied tlga ang park nyan???baka kasi kumuha kami ng ride all you can tapos di rin namin magamit…also, pwede bang magdala ng camera sa loob mismo ng star city???
    Thank you

    • Philippines says:

      Hello Venus,
      Cameras are not allowed inside the star city theme park before but I am not sure today yet but there are a lot of visitors who were able to sneak out their camera inside because you can find a lot of photos in the internet today. Parking by the way is not a problem and I can assure you that except on the new year’s eve and christmas eve which is really jam packed.

  • Tet says:

    hi were planning to go to star city tomorrow open kaya sila bukas or what time if ever please reply asap thanks and more power…

  • nel says:

    what time mag open ang star city ngayon?

  • jenny says:

    we live in pampanga and i’d like to ask if i can buy tickets or gift certs para di na kmi pipila pa pag nandun na kami.


  • Lorena Zamudio says:

    ask ko lang paano kung entrance fee lang at snow worl ang kukunin ko? how much will it cost?

  • lugz says:

    wat time opening at closing ng star city? ano tel.#? open ba kayo sa dec. 21?

  • algesoo says:

    ask ko lang po kung sa P300 eh kasama na dun ang pagpasok sa 3 haunted hawz, like mummy,gabi ng lagim, etc ck bukas pupunta kami

  • marklennondiones says:

    hhaah…ang saya naman talaga dun mag punta eh..lalo nah pag kasama muh ung mga friends/classm8s muh nuh?pupuntah nga kami sa 1st sat. of jan. dun e…

    tanung qoh lang..?

    may bagu daw nah ride dun? kasi tinangal nah ung surf dance?

    answer me!

  • chuby says:

    may weight limit po ba ang mga rides sa stary city?

  • miel says:

    hi! ask lang po updates sa opening time ng star city..
    we’re planning to go there sa saturday (dec 12, ’09).
    anu po opening and closing time?
    thanks po…

  • moralde says:

    pede po bang mag dala ng cp w/ camera sa snow world???? pls replay

  • Jass says:

    Hi! We are planning to spend my daughter’s 2nd birthday at Star City on January 2010.I just want to know if the regular entrance fee will be applied to her?

    Thank you!

  • Bernard says:

    How if we want to go with my friends in star city. . .meron po bang discount kami mga 12 kami lahat . . thnx reply pls . . . .

  • Bernard says:

    sa tingin nyu po mga anung araw sa dec 2009 maganda pumunta dun ask lang po kasi gusto kasi namin mag overnight sa star city para naman masulit namen ang bakasyon na puno ng saya hehe. .ung sure na hanggang 4am ng umaga mag koclose then pwede po bang mag dala ng digi-cam sa loob ng star city?? . .thnx reply po kau need ko lang po ung info. . . .

  • joy says:

    wat tym opening?

  • andrew says:

    wat tym po usually open ng star city pupuntah po ako ngeon dec 18!!!! pls reply asap!!!!!!

  • bryan says:

    what time nag bubukas ang star city every weekends? and ang closing nya???? THANKS!!

  • bongnatralfcyn says:

    ask lang po kung ilan feet sa bata ang discounted price. tska na price increase pa rin po ba? kc nun mabasa ko lahat ng mga comment at sagot nyo mukang walang price increase. thanks po. god bless

  • chelle says:

    bawal ang camera sa loob ng star city????

  • remalyn espejon says:

    eto po ang no. po ng star city information management. 09096863037,09291235154, salamat po, star city general manager remalyn espejon

  • Elaine says:

    We want to celebrate christmas season at Star City, i would like to ask how much is the entrance fee, and what time opening and closing?


  • ronnie gregorio says:

    what time po yung open ng starcity sa dec24 at what time po yung close?

  • apol marquez says:

    what time po yung open ng starcity sa dec24 at what time po yung close?

  • says:

    hello there just want to ask if the star city open today dec.25.thank u

  • arvhie alvarado says:

    what tyme po yng opening ng starcity s dec.26 at closing poe…

  • arvhie alvarado says:

    what tyme po yng opening ng starcity s dec.26 at closing poe……

  • Jing says:


  • ron says:

    is the park open on january 1,2010?pls reply ASAP

  • gisset says:

    wat time will the star city open this day and will end,december 29,2008?

  • Gerardo E. Bada says:

    i have promised my family a family day at star city on january 2, 2010. from the previuos posts, there are no answers on the opening and closing time, or, can we purchase tickets on-line? we will come from olongapo city and we need to get our time schedule in order. please e-mail privately and please send me brochures of star city so we can plan early. thank you very much

  • Philippines says:

    Hello to everyone,

    Star City Opening and Closing Schedule here:

    December 31, 2009 – 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    January 1, 2010 – 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM (the next day)
    January 2 onwards: 1:00 PM – 12:00 MN

    Thank you for visiting Philippines blog. Happy New Year!!!

  • rhyskeith says:

    ayaw ko na minsan sa star city kasi madami na namamatay

    pwede bang mag mura tanga

  • rhyskeith says:

    hi star city i hate you your such a booger city people are dying because of vthe rides

  • jerrico m, geronimo says:

    may bayad ba ang bata 4ft and below? thank you

  • shiela says:

    until when is starcity open? snow world?

  • joanne says:

    hekko star city open ba kayo sa january 16 2010 kasi bday ng anak ko 2years old na sya and what time kayo bukas sa araw na discount ba ang anak ko kasi bday naman nya.thanx

  • ALVIN says:


  • erick says:

    mag tanung lng po.. pwede po ba credit card sa star city? visa card tska bdo hawk ko n card.. thank you

  • kat cruz says:

    Gud Aftie bakit po nung nagstarcity kame last feb.14 2009 ay 350 per head and singil?nagtataas ba kayo tuwing peak season?
    if ever na magstar city kame this feb 13 2010 will the fee increase? by how much? tnx po

  • JOANNE says:

    Haaayyy.. FILIPINO! Wake up! READ FIRST THE INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES ng gumawa ng blog. Pinahihirapan nyo yung tao sa kakasagot ng mga emails nyo.
    Effort na effort na nga yung tao. YOU READ CAREFULLY and UNDERSTAND before you ask questions. Somehow, mga nonsense naman yung questions nyo ewan ko lang kung nagsipuntahan kayong lahat. Ako ang nakukunsumi sa mga questions nyo nung binasa ko lahat…

    Thanks for all the effort!

    Let’s use our common sense!

  • JOANNE says:

    @ Shiela use your common sense, the point is when are you going to Starcity, do not ask kung kelan magsasara or magbubukas ang starcity dahil di yan magbubukas sara ng ikaw lang ang pupunta doon except kung ikaw si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
    @JOANNE, di porke birthday ng anak mo me discount, pwede kung discount for kids, that’s depends sa Starcity. Di naman siguro magbibirthday yung anak mo sa StarCity at ipapasara nyo buong starcity?
    @ JERICO, What do you think, mageenjoy ba ang 4ft kid sa bump car and other kiddy rides? Sa palagay ko oo? so me bayad.
    @ RHYSKEITH, walang pumipilit sayo na pumunta sa Starcity. Wag ka maghestirical. E di wag! KSP.
    @ GERARDO E BADA, sir wala pong site ang starcity at the moment. Kaya nga crinaate tong blog nung tao. Pano ka magpupurchase on-line? Just come and enjoy as long us you and your family will enjoy.
    @JING, sana magenjoy ang lola at lolo mo sa Roller Coaster. What a nonsense question!
    @BRYAN, Magbasa ka na mlaman mo kung kelan ang opening at closing!
    @MORALDE, sa palagay ko pwede naman magdala ng cp sa snow world, that’s need. Pero bawal picture taking. Otherwise, iwan mo sa guard sa labas…haaayyy..
    @ELAINE, Magbasa ka na mlaman mo kung kelan ang opening at closing!
    @RAFAEL, sa damin ng araw na pupunta ka sa StarCity Nov 1 pa…haaayyy..gusto mo Nov 2?
    @CHUBY, sabi mo chuby ka di kanaman siguro balyena, so OK naman pag chubby.
    @JASS, di porke 2nd birthday ng baby mo me special discount yung baby..Malay ba naman ng starcity sa birthday ng baby mo, ano kinalaman nila doon? di naman jolibee or McDonalds ang pupuntahan mo..Chaka di mo naman siguro iriride all you can yung baby mo na 2 years old? Baka naman iroller coaster mo pa yan or surf dance.. haaayyyy… people wake up.. Common sense!
    @JOY and JON, magbasa ka ha? ng malaman mo kung kelan opening. Sapukin na kita.

  • JOANNE says:

    I am filipino, pero di naman siguro ako kaogag! READ AND UNDERSTAND before you ask guys!

  • JOANNE says:

    I am regular client of starcity and I am fun of starcity as well. If I will use my patience to explain everything to you guys, 24 hours is not enough. All are sterio-type questions and most of it are nonsense, so they have to be told off and make them realise that they are being silly asking idiotic questions.

    Have you noticed that the person who made this blog is no longer entertaining some of the silly questions?

  • JOANNE says:

    @JOANNE, knock knock..system generated text ka ba? ahahah.. sterio type ka din eh. Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit! It hurts you know!

  • Kathleen says:

    How much if we are 3 persons we will aford the ride all you can dino world + Snow World + the entrance fee = how much will be the cost over all? can we come on March 06? what will be the image? what do you think? is it Crowded or not?

  • sonny says:

    paano magpadala ng reservation letter sa inyo kasi magto tour ang school namin jan sa star city. please advice me asap 09068942954

  • ersa mones says:

    my bayad b ang 2yr old n bata sa Star City?

  • unico says:

    my job hiring po ba kayo?

  • yukie says:

    tnung k lng po kng anung oras ngbubukas ang star city s feb.20 or 22??blak k po kc sna dyan magbday..slamat poh

  • yukie says:

    tska ganun p din poh b ang entrance fee+rides all u can pag ordinary day?

  • francis says:

    i jus want t know we r 15 and do thy giv any discount if i tak entrance and snow and all u ride. and do they giv any student discount. cos we all r students of ue and pls reply in english. cos i dnt know tagalo and we all r indians studying

  • yomy says:

    gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung pwede bang magdala nang naka welchair kasi dadalhin ko ung whole family ko sa manila para makapamasyal sila kasama na kapatid ko na naka welchair. mga mahigit 15 kaming lahat. wala bang discount ang disabled? thank you po,sana reply po kayo agad kasi balak kong umuwi sa pilipinas sa august this year, at ipapasyal ko ung family ko sa star city. thank you po ulit.

  • lheyn says:

    hi.. meron bang affordable hotel na malapit sa star city???

  • jhona says:

    Hello gud pm, i just want to ask regarding sa opening nyo this coming feb 27, 2010 if what time kayo mag open at what time mag close? allow b ung baby na 4 months old? at may bayad n po ba sya? pls reply asap… thnx

  • jhona says:

    Kindly text me po sa number ko 09104954121 wait po ako sa response ninyo salamat po.. ksi balak ko dyan celebrate yung bday ng anak ko na panganay… at magkano n po ung entrance fee ride all you can di kasama ang snow world…please reply po

  • dzaztrouz says:

    baliw ata yung joanne eh!haha..english pa si ate..wala namang tama!ahaha

  • marianne says:

    we are planning to go on feb 13,2010 w/th my frends after our foundation day may i ask question if there’s a discount for a student…

  • lush03 says:

    a pleasant day to you! i just wanna ask if you can give us more details on the history, management structure, management operations and also the solutions you had made with regards to your company. i really want to know it. thanks… please reply on my mail.

  • jhoy says:

    hi po gud eve…. magba2go po b ang amount ng ntrance nio jan dis coming feb.14????? sna po wag nlng….. ahmp meun po barkada package pag mdme kme pu2nta jan????? and pd po b kme magdla ng fud sa loob?????? e2 po # quo 09306160501… pkitxt nlng po aquo b4 feb. 14… salamat po………..

  • Eman says:

    Hi Good day, I’m planning to go this coming Feb 14 2010, I just want to surprise my GF since she never been in Star City, It was just a surprise and maybe a date as well. Till what time they Open and closed. This is gonna be a fun ride but since I’m from Rizal Area I have no idea where the Star City based. I check it in google map but still I don’t know that placed. If you can provide some information or details it was a great help for me. How about this if we are going to Crossing from crossing anu ang sasakyan namin, We are not familiar to that place so maybe with your help eh bka marating namin yung puntahan namin. Sorry to ask but I need to know more about the place, ano yung mga promo this Valentines day, How much the Entrance for Ride all You can? did the management change it or not, please give me some update. Madami poh bang mga exciting ride sa star city? please txt me to my number it’s 09176612795 or to my mail “ . Thanks and God Bless

  • jep says:

    i want to know the upcoming promos this weekend if there’s any.. i’m planning to go there this saturday.. so please email me.. thanks and godbless..
    i want to be updated on the ride all you can fee so that i can budget my money.. thanks :)

  • norman says:

    tanong ko lng poh sana kung anong oras ang open ngaung feb 16 txt back asap

  • virgi says:

    is the star city open?. what is the schedule of the star city right now?

  • jenny says:

    Hi ask ko lng kung my bayad ba s entrance ung age 2yrs old,3yrs old up to 9yrs old?

  • bec says:

    hi po ask ko lang if magkanu pay kids age 10yrs all rides and dino word what time open if weekdays thanks and god bless


    Gud Day…

    may i ask , as of now the entrance fee for ride all u can with snow world and dino isP=475.00 each person. what about a 2yrs and 8 months the entrance fee is the same for the young and adult. and in the snow world prede pa makapasok ang 2 yrs old na baby..

    thank you and have a nice day

  • Einstein says:

    Basahin muna nsa taas ng twice bago mag leave ng comment.. For your safety… ^__^

  • mrs.tess zamudio says:

    ask ko lng po kung ung 2yrs old ay my entrance at ung nk post nu ng mga entraces ay kung ganon p din hanggan ngayon pls po i need your response asp slmt n mrmi,GOD BLESS!!!

  • mrs.tess zamudio says:

    sorry d ko nailgay kung saan po kau reply s mga tanong ko,sana mktnggap po ako ng sagot nu as soon as possible,pls txt me 09103344464 or email at,slmt

  • amril says:

    hi po!, ask ko lan po un mga diff. nationality na nagpupunta sa star city for my school project….thnx !!!!

    • Philippines Review says:

      Meron Koreans, Japanese, Australian, American and so on pero mostly mga Koreans na nakatira sa Harrison area kung saan malapit ang Star City location.

  • Rev. Roque Raquil says:

    We just want to inquire regarding your entrance packages. We are a group from Sapang Palay Relocation Area in City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. We are composed of parents and pupils. Our group name is House of Faith Church and School. May we know how much is the discount you offer, our tour date is on March 26, 2010 and we are about 60 persons and more.

    Kindly send us the details we need ASAP.

    Thank you,

    Rev. Roque T. Raquil
    Church Pastor

  • ISkolar says:

    Hi, just want to know kung my discount po b pwedeng ibigay yun star city s amin, gling po kmi olongapo city and kmi po ay grupo ng mga scholars actually city scholar we’re about 500 pax. Plano po nmin sna n dis last week of march n gwin un tour.

    please reply po kyo ha,we really need to know…thanks

  • curious says:

    meron bang official website ang star city?

  • asero says:

    Unfortunately, hanngang ngayon, wala pa rin silang official website. I don’t understand what keeps them from building one. It’s so damn cheap and will definitely increase their income. Kahit sa multiply or wordpress gumawa naman kayo para naman di nakakahiya. hehehe

  • zyra says:

    hi i would just like to ask if there are nearby hotels in star city. my boyfriend and i are planning to be on star city this coming week and we are looking for a place where we can stay overnight after enjoying star city. can u give me some suggestions? and if u wouldn’t mind please let me know how can we go to the said hotel. thanks a lot.

  • girlie marie lozada says:

    how much is your ride all you can at Star City? we plan to go there this friday march 26 because its my daughter’s b-day… thanks

  • girlie marie lozada says:

    do you have any promo/discounted ticket for Star City available this weekdays?

  • rozette says:

    open po ba kayo this holy week dyan sa Star City?

  • aaaaa says:

    guys, READ BEFORE COMMENTING!!! you are all asking the same questions!!! No wonder Joanne’s pissed at every one.

  • mona says:

    Good evening po,

    just want to know kung open po ang star city this friday April 2, 2010 (GOOD FRIDAY)?
    we plan to go there on friday.

    Thank you.

  • Tasha says:

    Hi, do you know if Star City is open this Holy week?

  • joel says:

    open po kayo this coming sunday? april 4,2010?

  • Hanban says:

    This is what happens when a popular amusement park doesn’t have an official website. If only Enchanted Kingdom’s situated in the heart of Manila…

  • enchanted kingdom says:

    open ba enchanted kingdom sa april 3? mas maganda daw dun eh..

  • leovelyn says:

    open ba kayo sa Star City this holy week? April 1,2010

  • tessie javier says:

    Hi,I’m coming home for vacation in the philippines and i am planning to bring my family at the star city much will it cost us if we are 6 adults and 6 children and will avail of the ride all you can..we are coming on may 18 ,what time you open. is there any restaurant inside the star city or can we bring our own food inside ..can i get the reservation on line or we just pay as soon as we get there..

  • my mercado says:

    i need to know if star city is open today,black saturday,coz we’re planning to take my nephews from singapore.tnx

  • B*** S*** says:

    star city bulok! can’t even provide their own website… duh! I was planning to go there today, but I don’t have a freakin’ idea on its schedule… this is so frustrating!

  • B*** S*** says:

    does anyone here know star city’s schedule for holy week… we’ll truly appreciate your inputs.

  • jeveath says:

    ask lang poh this saturday what time star city open, reply pls!!!!!!! because may sons plan to there this coming saturday.

  • juilet reyes says:


    Do you have discount for more than 5 heads if we choose on P375?


  • justine go says:

    meron po bang fireworks display at twing kelan po?
    at what time po ang openning and closing pag weekends? thank you

  • shin says:

    what will you open on friday and till what time in Star City?

  • arianne says:

    open po ba kayo ng april 9, 2010? wat tym po ung closing? pls response asap.. thanks! ^^

  • berna says:

    hi..ask ko lang po kung may show po ba sa aliw theather sa April19
    at kung ano po ang show..pupunta po kc kmi..slmat

  • mike says:

    hi.. what time po open ng starcity sa sat. april 17? thanx..

  • JUN REA says:

    We’re from Pangasinan and i just want to inquire on your current ticket price! isn’t still the same the price posted on this site? how much would it be for the entrance and snow world for 3 adult, and 5 children for unlimited rides and snow wolrd… Please let me now as soon as possible. thank you.

  • werwrwewerwe says:

    300 ride all u can
    60 entrance fee
    +100 ata pag snow world.

  • rico says:

    wat time will open tommorow

  • nicole says:

    bukas po ba ang star city sa june 12, 2010.. saturday..wat tym po mag oopen if ever..

  • dianne says:

    hi po, just wanna ask if star city is open on friday (april 30).. it would be my first tym going there so I hope you would help me… Thanks!!

  • ellen says:

    ask ko lang po sana kung cno contact person sa venue dyan sa star city. mag rent po sana kmi for my daughter first bday.


  • Jerwin says:

    OPEN po ba ang star city on May 8, 2010 (Saturday)?? What’s the park scheduled time?? How much po ang ride all you can for adults?? Do you have promos for a Group/Barkada(10persons or more)??

  • niks says:

    how much did it cost if the haunted house will be include to rides all you can? .. nothing was change and it will also P300? or what?

  • rodalyn says:

    how po b ang entrance fee?we’re planning to go there on sunday may 16, 2010. what time po pti ang opening at ang closing time

  • rodalyn says:

    pde rin po ba n entrance fee lng + snow world+dino island, how much po pag gnun?
    ska po ano po ang ksama dun sa 3 rides?

  • Abby says:

    we’re planning to go there on sunday may 16, 2010. what time po pati ang opening at ang closing time???

  • oliver says:

    open b xa ng tuesday…May 25.. we are going to be there… kung’s my friends bday

  • oliver says:

    may discount din ba yung 10 person or above.. what time open and closes.. sametime po ba lagi

  • j0sh says:

    nng oras ang opening at closing?

  • batingaw says:

    hi ask ko lang po kung magkano na entrance sa star city ride ol u can and nagana po ba lahat ng rides na??? and wat tym opening sa may 22 2010??? pupunta kami ehh. txt me nalng po 09176698564.. salamat!!!

  • Jason Esmael says:

    open pa rin ba ng june ang star city?

    • Star City Schedule says:

      Yes, Star City is open the whole year through except kung bumabagyo or sobrang lakas ng ulan.

  • Jircy Marie Reyes says:

    hi ask ko lang if tumtanggap ng credit card sa star city

  • bryan villanueva says:

    d pa kasi kami sure kng kailan kami makakapunta. pero gusto namin sunday. open po b kayo ng every sunday? what time po ung opening and closing nyo?

  • bryan villanueva says:

    pahabol lang po.. may discount po b kung marami kaming pupunta? kung meron pong discount, ilan po dapat kami bago namin ma-avail yung discount.. thank you po..

  • micheal says:

    starcity lang credit card pa. asus pinoy nga naman. tsk tsk

  • Philippines Review says:

    Please read carefully po ang post and I believe that you will find the answer to your question regarding age of kids / children and their corresponding Star City entrance fee.

  • bootchikik says:

    need to know po if free entrance and rides po ang mga 2 years old kid?please do reply. thanks..

  • LIENE says:

    THEY ARE 7,6,4,2,AND THEN 1 YEAR OLD..

  • LIENE SANTOS says:


  • Mae Howard says:

    May i know what age of the children that you have to pay?I have a 5 yr old boy and a 2 year old girl….thanks

  • jo says:

    Ano oras bukas ng Star City this saturday? Ano tel#no. dyan?2 years old baby ko me bayad na rin ba?

  • cromwell says:

    May I know the telephone # of star city and may I know f it is open on sundays?

  • berna2280 says:

    hi, ask ko lang sana kung saan nagaapply sa star city na pwede kong mapuntahan. I want to work in their company po kasi, baka may idea po kayo. thanks!

  • adrian says:

    gudmorning ask qo lang po if wat tlga contact numbr ng star city ? Me plan kc kme pmunta jan on july 23 friday .. Pwd mlman f open kau? And kng wat tym ? Plz answer asap..thank u veri mux ..

  • phoebe says:

    hello po.
    me and my cozins want to go to star city by the end on july.
    we have 2 4 years old kids
    2 11 years old
    and 3 of us.
    we would want to see and expirence all the raides
    we would want to also know how much would cost us
    since wer form pampanga we would like to see how much budget we need for this.

  • mr.david says:

    hello poh..
    ask ko lang poh kung wat time poh kau bukas?
    bukas poh bah kau everyday? bukas din poh bah kau kahit walang okasyon?
    saka my kontack no.# poh bah kau dyan? kasi poh niyayaya poh ako ng friend koh eh first time koh lang poh eh…. thanks poh w8 koh poh reply nyo… asap..

  • mr.davidjr. says:

    hello poh..
    ask koh lang poh marami poh bang pede kainan doon? saka open poh bah kau kahit weekend and weekdays? kasi punta kami ng friend koh sa ngaun kataposan open ba kau ng ganung araw? thanks poh sana poh mareplayan nyo poh ung mga tanong koh a.s.a.p….

  • jm says:

    ask ko lang if may restaurant or fastfood sa labas ng star city para mka menos gastos, hehe.. kasi alm ko mahal sa loob ng star city yung foods eh.. tnx..

  • jm says:

    JOANNE.. nice!! hahah.. nka2twa tlga ung mga wlang common sense!! ehhee.. ako ask ko lng tlga kung anu anong resto, or fastfud sa lbas ng star city.. tnx..

  • jc says:

    hello, just want to inquire if star city accepts credit card? thanks and good day!

  • jonel says:

    hi bukas po ba star city this coming saturday?tnx…

  • blank says:

    madami na bang namatay sa star city?

  • John says:

    bukas po ba kayo ngayong week na to?????anong oras po kayo nagbubukas ????ngayon lang kasi ulit ako pupunta sa inyo…..

  • grace alabado says:

    hi.. ask ko lang if anyone knows kung magkano ung fish foot spa?? thanks :)

  • francis says:

    what time po open star city sat and sun?

  • Chel Miranda says:

    tanong ko lang po kung open ang star city this coming sept. 06, 2010?

  • ron juper says:

    magkanu po entnce fee sa star city ngaun kc plan ko pumunta dun yhiz august 26 open kya un! reply

  • evelyn says:

    tanong ko lang po kung may discount para sa grp… about 35-38 persons.. 17 Adults/17
    Children 17
    Child 2…
    Pls give me contact nrs… Sept/ Oct open po ba cla..
    Planning po sa Enchanted Kingdom kaya lang medyo malayo..try muna nmin here sa Star city. At for Adults companion lang mas mura.. no need to pay whole entrance fee…
    Need your ASAP reply for planning..

    Ty evelyn

  • eurice says:

    ask ko lang. if i buy a ticket… should it be used the same day of purchase or pwedeng ibang day gamitin? and what time do you open?

  • ayen macenda says:

    hello.. i just wanna know,what time is the opening and closing of the star city. and if i wanna have reservation, where and how?, and does the cost will change as the original rate for ride all you can… lastly is there any discount for student??? thank you.. pls have a reply..

  • ag says:

    nakakatakot po ba sa loob ng gabi ng lagim di pa po ako kasi nakakapasok doon eh? thank you

  • yuki!! says:

    hello.. i just wanna know,what time is the opening and closing of the star city. and if i wanna have reservation, where and how?, and does the cost will change as the original rate for ride all you can… lastly is there any discount for student??? thank you.. pls have a reply

    ask ko lang. if i buy a ticket… should it be used the same day of purchase or pwedeng ibang day gamitin? and what time do you open?

  • mealnie laquindanum says:

    hai good am i jsut want to know f we have a discount pag pupunta kmi jan me field trip kasi kmi ng 24 at star city pls i we want to know kung pano kmi makaka avail ng discount just txt me sa no. na to 09293772457.. or just email me at my face book account.. we are from Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University School at La union pls reply asap so we can settle our accounts.. pls

  • jam says:

    hi. open po ba today ang star city?

  • gette says:

    tnong ko lng din po sna kung bukas kayo ngaung sept 2 oct ? balak po kc nmen pumunta . salamat po .

  • theamae says:

    hello po me and my bf were planning to go at star city this coming sept 24 wat tym poang opening at closing nyo that day magkano na po ba ang entrance + ride all u can + winter funland nyo nagtaas po ba this year. we wud like to have some cake sa loob meron po bang available jan sa loob na mabibili? hope for for ur quick responce thank u so much God Bless

  • maricris aguilar says:

    good day star city… is it possible that i will only pay the entrance fee and for my two chosen attraction which is the snow world and dino island? if it will be permitted , how much will it cost? thanks… im looking forward for you response… thanks….

    • Philippines Review says:

      Pwede po. Bale ang gagawin nyo ay bayad lang po kayo sa entrance gate ng entrance fee (adult and kids rate) tapos sa mismong booth ng tickets ng Dino Island at Snow World na lang kayo bumili sa loob ng tickets papasok sa nasabing special attraction ng Star City.

  • Mhon says:

    bukas ba kayo sa October 2?
    Saturday un. What time sched?
    magkano ticket prices ngayon?

    ano palabas sa Aliw theater sa October 2? tnx

  • jesah unique says:

    hi!! hallo may i have Q?? hOw much the entrance fee in star city ??? k, tnx,..

  • theamae says:

    hello po me and my bf were planning to go at star city tom. sept 24 wat tym po ang opening at closing nyo that day.
    magkano na po ba ang entrance + ride all u can + winter funland nyo nagtaas po ba this year.
    we wud like to have some cake sa loob meron po bang available jan sa loob na mabibili? its our anniv dba bwal mgpasok ng fud kea we plan na jan nalng.
    hope for for ur quick responce thank u so much God Bless

  • clarisse anne cayosa says:

    hello,bday ko po today sept.25,me and my sisters want to go to star city today i just want to know,what time you open the star city…….wait ko po ang reply nio asap…………

    • Philippines Review says:

      Opening time po ng Star City pag weekends ay 12 noon at kapag weekdays po ay 2PM na. Thanks for visiting our blog, Clarisse Anne and happy birthday.

  • amelia says:

    is winter funland beautiful parang andoon ka sa america ang ingay ingay ang kapatid ko eh sorry!

    winter funland

  • yves says:

    hi…uhm is star city open on october 1?
    kpag ba umuulan is it still open?tnxx:)

  • mj says:

    uhmm hi bukas bakayo ng oct 10? wat tym kayo open at nag coclose?ttnx..

  • mj says:

    pls reply asap madam/sir i need the answer right away tanks. or do you have any tel#? this coming oct 10 is a very special day for me and to my date..:p

  • Samantha says:


    I would like to ask if there are separate prices for dino island and snow world from those packages you have mentioned? My family only like to see those instead of riding your rides.

    I am looking forward to get some information from you! thank you in advance!

  • Sandra Academia says:

    Hi! May I ask, I have two years old and an 11 months old baby. May bayad po ba those ages? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  • taio says:

    Is this a good amusement park

  • Leah says:

    my dress code b s bata…
    what age b ang dpat s mga rides,pwd nba ang 3 year old?
    pwd n rin b bby q s snow world?my bby is 3year old nga.
    my mbi2lhan b ng food s loob or we need to bring?
    my entrance nrin b bby q?
    opening and closing time on oct.18 &19,2010?

  • Marc says:

    Hi hello.
    we’re planning to have a trip with my special one at Star City this coming Wednesday, October 06, 2010..
    Is Star City open that day?
    what time is the opening and closing? opening at 2PM when weekdays?

    looking forward to get some answers bout star city
    Thank you in advance and have a nice day ^^,

  • roxanne says:

    i and my officemates are planning to go to starcity. wat time will the park be open on october 11, monday? wat time din sya close? thank u.

  • jeff says:

    gup pm to star city,

    i just want to know the info. about the fees if it is increases now, because my brother were planing to have a school field trip this coming nov. and i’m just asking if 10 people have one free..?.and it is the same price for children and adults right now? plssss…reply me back as soon as pasible… thank you very much. God Bless

  • diego says:

    hii? hm? i have question, on OCTOBER 30.. open padin STARCITY? pls reply. thanks :)

    • Philippines Review says:

      Star City schedule of opening this year 2010 is whole year through except for typhoon and other announcements. October po ay very much open ang Star City park.

  • poche says:

    salamat sa info PR balak kasi namin pumunta this weekend hehe.

  • i@h says:

    hi.. :) juz want to ask if wat tym po and open ng star city on Oct 29.. Me and my friends are planning to go there and we don’t know what tym should we go.. Thanks po.. :))

  • Randy says:

    well that kinda suc** how you cant bring a camera…..i would be nice to take some pictures of my kids while having fun….

  • Joal Flojo says:

    can you give the contact person or email of star city for booking.

  • Mark says:

    is there a bagage counter where you could leave your bags? me and my friend is planning to go but she has to bring a big bag bec. she’ll be going home to her province there any?pls reply. thanks.

  • anj says:

    hi poh..
    My discount poh bah pag student?

  • michelle says:

    wat tym mag oopen sa oct 23???ang star city??and magkNO ang entrance??thanks

  • ingrid says:

    since malapit na po xmas holidays, may promos po ba ang star city? family of 10 po kami. thnx so much

  • jhayson says:

    botohan tom. . .open ba kayo nun???

  • Michelle says:

    Is there any way that a person can buy gift certificate for star city online? If so, where can I find the link to it?

  • lawrence says:

    is it going to open on 31 october 2010?

  • LELAY says:


  • Dea says:

    may promo ba kau na pag 8 persons above P130 something lang ung ride all u can? where can I avail it?

  • Faye says:

    hello! is 3 yrs old and 4 are free?

  • neri says:

    libre lng b ang winter coat sa snow world?

  • faye says:

    Ask lng kmi,are camera’s allowed inside?

  • sabel says:

    Wanna know sched and fees (adult and babies under 2) for 2011(March). Thanks.

  • mabel says:

    Hello po,

    open na ba ang star city this nov. 26, 2010? are cameras allowed<

  • anne says:


    is it same entance fees for all kind of ages? like kids and adult?


    Advance Merry christmas

  • Ron says:

    I talked to Star City today on the phone (Nov 11, 2010)

    Star City still does not have a working website.

    The only phone number I was able to talk to someone at Star City was 02-832-6122.

    Here are some changes to there operating hours and fees:

    As of now, Star City opens Monday thru Thursday at 4:00pm. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it opens at 2:00pm. Don’t know the closing hours.

    Entrance Fee is still 60 pesos

    Entrance Fee + 3 Rides is now increased to 300 pesos

    Entrance Fee + Ride All You Can is now increased to 350 pesos

    (I did not ask them about the Dino Island or Snow World fees.)

    Small children 30″ in height or less DO NOT pay Entrance fees. I was told they can ride the kiddie type rides as long as they are accompanied by a parent. I guess they also ride these kiddie rides for free (but don’t quote me).

    No food or drinks can be taken in Star City. I believe photo taking is also prohibited inside Star City (stupid rule for an amusement park).

    That’s all the latest info I have …

  • gershon viray says:

    ahmm… tlga bang 475 dhil sa snow island at dino island…..wala bang discount this coming december khit december man lang… may couzin outing ksi kmi marami kming pu2nta dyan…. i ask ko lang kung pde kmi mka discount sa rami namin magpu2ntahan dyan mhigit 20+ kmi lahat pun2ta sa star city… plss reply to my email…. sna naman may discount….. thanks

  • easternparadise travel and tours says:

    what is your contact number urgent.we have coming group to be booked tomorrow do we get our agency discount.tnx

  • aneehs says:

    hi,, ask ko lng panu ung 2yrs old how much ung entrance fee nya with rides n pmbata??
    pls reply asap. tnx

  • beniffer says:

    hi,we are 12 adults and 10 kids,can we get a discount?

  • beniffer says:

    hi we are 12 adults and 10 kids,can we get discount? we gonna take that all rides,snow world and dino island.thanks

  • Jenky says:

    Panget naman jan e , nkapunta nko . nkita ko yung mga daan puro TAE , kadiri nmn jan e . Wag na kayo pumunta jan mag ENCHANTED KINGDOM nlang kayo . mas happy pa :)) . Goodluck <3

  • Dholor says:

    Ask ko lang po if open kayo sa December 27, 28, 29, 2010, at how much and entrance fee, thanks po.

  • Rolando says:


    I would like to inquire about the Following:
    1. Opening and closing of the theme park – the time(weekdays and weekends)
    2. Can the ticket be bought online? or it just on the entrence? if online, can you direct me to the site where I can book online? if on the entrance, how long it will take us to buy the tickets? what is the best time to go at the theme park? as early as 12 noon or much earlier? can we already enter the theme park earlier?
    3. We are planning to visit star city Last week of March 2011, 3 adults and 1 child (9yrs old), is the monh of March a peak season?
    4. What are the different rides inside the theme park?
    5. The ticket is only intended to the unlimited rides? is there any other amusements besides the rides?

    I would appreciate if my queries be given attention.
    Thank You and God Bless


  • Marilou Turla David says:

    Hi po! may bayad po b sa entrance ung below 2 yrs old?. Thanks

  • tin apolinario says:

    ..helo poh mam/sir,
    ask koh lng poh if magkanu lhat ng byad if rides all you can tas ksma na ung sa snow world as in all n poh ksma ung mga pdeng punthan jan.tnx poh w8 koh n lng poh ung reply nyo d2 tnx poh..its me tin

  • luvim matus says:

    i just wnat to ask kung mgkno ang entrance if snow world+dino land wala po ng rides? or 3 rides +dino land +snow world?

  • Brianna Lee says:

    of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option `”‘

  • jumel says:

    gusto kuh lang poh malaman kung pano pumunta sa starcity kung mangagaling akuh ng pasig????

  • pitch black says:

    good day…

    may i asked if their rates is still the same as before way back 2009..?

    me and my daughter wanted to check out snow world… how much is the entrance fee…?

    thanks …..

  • MJ says:

    may changes ba sa fee ng star city.,plan namin pumunta on dec. 18…pls reply..tnx po

  • salve javillo says:

    may changes ba sa fee ng star city.,
    plan namin pumunta on dec. 18…pls reply..tnx po

  • salve javillo says:

    may changes ba sa fee ng star city?.,
    plan namin pumunta on dec. 18…
    and kung mgknu byad ng 3 yrs.old n bta?..
    pls reply..tnx po

  • lourdes says:

    yehey! we will go there this december. we will have our manila-tagaytay w/ star city. :))

  • Jenny says:

    ask ko lang po kung may bayad ang 3 years old and below sa ride all you can..please reply po agad for us to prepare our budget…thanks

  • Bong says:

    ask ko lang po kung may bayad ang 3 years old and below sa ride all you can..please reply po agad for us to prepare our budget…thanks

  • Rex says:

    pwede po bang 3 rides + snow world lang? how much naman po un? tnx…

  • erlene untalan says:

    how much is the entrance fee this December 2010??need to know asap…

  • lovely says:

    5 adults po kme and 6 kids po,magkanu po ang entrance fee nmen s ride all you can?thank you po

  • mhai vergel says:

    can we bring foods inside the park zone?!
    what are yours promos this coming dec18?like discounts on tickets?is there any reservations?,kindly reply,.thnks…

    hope to reply soon

  • Lorna says:

    We are planning to visit star city on dec. 26 of this year how much the entrance fee, ride all you can, snow world and dino island. We have also kids, I ask if they avail a discount? Thank you and God bless

  • theresa says:

    We are planning to visit star city this coming christmas how much is the entrance fee for adult and children 2-5 yrs old ride all you can. Thanks! Merry christmas.. :)

  • Rodaline Palmes says:

    Why are increasing like that did you still improve your facilities and rides and securities?

  • reine alesandrfa m. matel says:


  • Celeste R. Bernaro says:

    What time will you open this coming Dec. 27? How much is the entrance fee, ride fee & snow world fee? Is my 1yr & 6 months old son free for entrance & rides?

    Thanks & Kind Regards,


  • carissa says:


  • Kristine kelly says:

    Were going to star city sa dec.26 . How much na po ba ang entrance fee ride all you can+snow world ? And I also want to ask Kung anu po ang opening and closing hours ng star city dis coming dec.26 ?

  • April Tablizo says:

    wat tyme po b nag bubukas ang star city kc po sa dec 30 po kmi pupunta ehhh pls replay po:)

  • marian sanchez says:

    how much is the entrance for a 1yr and 8 months old baby and what time the opening tommorow dec. 29,2010. please reply asap! tnx

  • andrew sinangote says:

    bukas po ba sa december 30 ang star city kasi po pupunta kami bukas plz reply….

  • andrew sinangote says:

    anong oras po ang open ng star city pasensya na po kung makulit ako …..
    kailangan lang po talaga( ^ _ ^ )

  • victoria q fuentes says:

    What time will star city open and close on January 1, 2011

  • andrew sinangote says:

    bukas po ba starcity bukas…….

  • andrew sinangote says:

    ano oras po sa january 1 mag bubukas ang starcity.

  • karren says:

    till when sa january open ang star city? whole januaryu 2011? waht day and time

  • claire says:

    open po ba tom?jan.2, 2011?tnx!coz were planning 2 visit the star city….

  • Joy says:

    Gud pm! ask ko lang po how much entrance with ride all you can and yung sa pambata po na ride magkano po ? reply pls plan po namin pmunta tom thanks

  • john says:

    nagpunta kami dito nung 26,madaming tao,sayang lang ang bayad dahil halos 1hr per rides ang hihntayin mo, at nagmahal pa dahil peak season e,alam nilang madaming pera mga tao.
    i think 430 na ang ride all you can, grabe diba?

  • ritz says:

    Open ba star city on january 10? what time opne n close …thanks

  • jeric says:

    elow po…..
    gnyn prin ung price n nkalagy z taas feb. 18?
    tnong lng po
    reply lng po zna plzzzzz…..

  • bhie says:

    magkano po entrance ng 2 years old?
    rep asap.. thanks..

  • nadz says:

    Good day!
    i would like to ask if how much the entrance fee in star city on january 20,2011 and what the opening hour?.

  • McGalen says:

    I wonder if there is any update on the official website of Star City. Also, i was just wondering why its opening time is quite late, 2pm on weekends and 4pm on weekdays. For someone who has to travel from Negros Occidental, this opening time is only good if you have other itineraries. But say, if you only plan to visit Star City, might as well decide to check out Luneta, Intramuros, MOA and Manila Ocean Park prior to going to Star City. That would be quite costly, especially if one is travelling on a budget. Just a thought.

  • McGalen says:

    I think it would also help if the recent posts will be shown after the article. Have a great day and thank you!

  • mhajo castillo says:

    my bayad din b ung 2yrs.old po?same lng ba ung bayad o ung s regular prize. we are planing to go in star city tom0row po e.h0pe 2 get an answer fr u po.tnx.

  • azul says:

    kindly update your Star City website..very complicated…

    thank you

  • azul says:

    kindly update your Star City website..very comliplicated

    thank you..

  • Mia Harlem Lacaya says:

    My friends and I want to have some fun in star city. May we know the rates and the different amenities your company could offer to us? We’re planning to have a visit first week of February. Thank you so much for considering this request.

  • Linda says:


    I’m from Malaysia, coming to Manila in March 2011.
    1) Do i need to book/purchase the ticket in advance? How?
    2) Is the above prices is the latest?
    3) Any special fess for children age 7-10 years old?

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • maria says:

    Good daY!!!n just want to inquire about your entrance fee + ride all you can + snow world , ido you have any package for more than 10? and I have 2 kids that are below years old are they free? thank you and hope to hear rom you soon.

  • julius says:

    how to be apply a work in star city as a good craw?

  • mikee says:

    hi. i just want to clear about the promo of 50% discount for those who wear anything in red this February 11-14?

  • Noemi Melican says:

    hi. same question like mikee… i would like to clarify regarding your promo this february 11-14?… hope to hear from you asap. im planning to bring my kids there this weekend…

  • rona says:

    hi gudam,im just wondering if hiring po ba ang star city ngaun?
    kailan po kya pwde ngapply tska kung san ako mgkakapagapply…
    please pkisagot aman po…PLEASE…..

  • charles says:

    magkano po ung recent prices nyo paki email naman po kahapon pa po ako nagtanong pls paki email ung mga prices and schedules , asap po tnx po ,,,

  • Cli says:

    is credit card accepted po?thanx

  • bemzie says:

    hi po,
    tanong ko lng po kung anong oras mag open bukas ang star city at magkano ang entrance fee na my rides all u can. tnx po… pls reply asap.

  • Cynthia dela Cruz says:

    Is there a discount for the group who wants to go there? Pls. reply asap…..thanks!

  • gerry says:

    may discounts po ba for the group of 50 person or discounts for a birthday package?

  • cyberzen says:

    I would like to know how much is the entrance fee’s
    ride all you can and everything
    email me back.

  • cyberzen says:

    nvm, just a suggestion edit the post and put an update
    date above like last updated March 2011
    so that everyone will know its still effective

    its confusing since the 1st reply we could see was
    December 12th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    as well as the date posted December 7th, 2008

    try putting Updated March 2011 or so
    so others wont get confused

    More power.

  • shamille says:

    gud pm….just want to ask what is the age limit and age required for snow world…i read all the comments and no one asked about the age required in snow world…i need a response asap because we are planing to go there at star city this friday…
    thanks for reply….

  • KAYONA says:


  • lady says:

    hi can you teach me how to go there from marikina?

  • Rob says:

    Would you know if star city would be open this holy week (Apr21-24)? … Well..we’re afraid of the beach now … bka may radiation frm Japan… Thanks

  • manny says:

    i just wanna ask if may discount ba pag student or the same price lang .. 300 parin ba until now ?? im planning to ge there with my friends ehh ..

  • rain says:


    just wanna know if star city is open after holy week…
    i’ll be leaving my son and my partner soon and we decided to spend our time at star city for us to have more fun and wonderful memories…thanks a lot!!!

  • mauren francisco says:

    i just wanna ask if ok lng ba kht buntis ?

  • darwin says:

    ask ko lang po kung hanggang kelan yung graduation promo xaka kung bukas po ng april 19 tuesday 2011

  • Joan says:

    are you open this monday? if so, from what time and until what time?
    thank you very much ;D

  • Joan says:

    btw, this coming monday (april 25, 2011)

  • rex says:

    are u open this may 21 holy week+

  • johnny_esmero04 says:

    ahhmmm tanong koh lang po kung anong age ang may discount at magkano po ung entrance fee ngayon po balak poh kasi nmin na pumunta dyan ng May.3,2011 ?!!?!?!?!?

  • aileen says:

    everyday po ba open and snow world at dino island?

  • ram says:

    please update your site.. thanks!

  • jenifer says:

    how much po ung entrance fee sa star city]

  • REYANNE... says:


  • peejay says:

    sir/maam ask ko lng po if meron discount sa entrance if madami kmi pumunta.

  • Myrna says:

    Ang senior citizen po ba may discount? Kung entrance fee lang and snow world magkano po ba?

  • michael says:

    merun po pa this coming weekind ano po ung promo

  • michael says:

    sir/moom ask ko lng din po merun po ba promo this sunday?

  • romeo says:

    mag kano po ngayon entrance+ride all you can

  • rose suyom says:

    may promo po b kau ngaun?ung entrance fee/rides n nkatala po the same price p rin po b sa adult and kids?

  • ruth says:

    Magkano po entrance for adult and kids? At also magkano sa ride all you can? Pupunta cla ng Saturday16 July 2011..; Gusto kolang po malaman magkano.. Salamat

  • shei says:

    i just wanna ask if how much is the rides all you can as of now. where planning to go there nex week. thankz

  • shei says:

    i just wana ask kng mgkano po ang entrance fee, we are planning to go next week. and we are 6ad and 3 kids ages (3 , 4, 6) thnkz

  • acinej says:

    ask q lng poh? open poh b ngaun ang star city??punta kc kami ngaun.. holiday kc..

  • Menalyn Pasucal says:

    3 po kaming pupunta, ung 7 yr old kong anak at asawa ko. pwede po bang 2 lang ang kunin naming tiket na ride all you can? para may kasama lang po sana ang anak ko sa mga rides.kung pwede po magkano po babayaran namin lahat lahat?

  • Lennie says:

    Just want to ask if the above rates are updated. kasi napansin ko yung sa comments ay last 2008 pa. pls reply. my family are planning to go there this november 2011. and we are 15-20pax. Thank you.

  • jodee19 says:

    Is there any place we can leave our things when we visit there? Ex bags and stuff. Y’know, its easier to move around without any baggage but I always bring my bag whenever I leave. Thanks!

  • lita says:

    our school isplanning to have an educational field trip this coming december, we need info on the entrance fees and discounts for teachers and staff . please reply immediately

  • Renier says:

    Me and my family want to visit star city this coming November 19 or 20, 2011. We want to ask if their is a discount if we are 20 plus like on other amusement park we went before. We need your early response to this concern. Thank you very much!

  • ruby says:

    me and family want to visit star city this november. we want to know dog or pet is allowed inside the premises of start city

  • gretchen says:

    hi.,:)my company want to visit star city.,maybe tomorrow or next week. what if i don’t avail the ride all you can ticket., do you have a booth inside the star city when i can buy ticket in i case that i want to ride., i just want to ask how much per ride,..,?please reply asap.

    • Philippines Review says:

      Ms Gretchen,

      Opo, there are booths inside the amusement theme park Star City positioned on each of the strategic places near the rides where you can buy individual tickets to take any ride that you choose. The price of the ticket per ride depends on the kind of ride you want to take, meaning they differ from one another so it is always and best advisable to get the ride all you can because it makes fun a cheaper option for all who visit the park.

      Thank you for your concern and I do hope I was able to answer your question regarding Star City ticket booths inside. Have fun!!! For questions regarding schedule of Star City this December 2011 and onwards to 2012, you may raise your concern to the official website.


  • nikko says:

    does star city have a package counter where we can leave our bags so it wont be hassle moving around the place?

    • Philippines Review says:

      Yes, they do have a package counter of baggage counter po but as usual, they don’t allow important and valuables to be put there including yung mga nababasag.

  • peter pan says:

    hangang ano oras bukas?

  • martin licudan says:

    hey accept for discount?

  • charm says:

    hi wanna ask if star city is open for dec 30-31, 2011 & does it open for 1pm still?thanks

  • janice says:

    ask ko lng po kung open star city today ng hapon, thanks

  • rhea says:

    just wanna ask how much is the entrance fee for ride all you can,,,coz the list above is i think written in 2008,,,maybe there are already changes,,,kindly reply,,,thanks

  • ghandara says:

    i just wanna ask kung pwede ba ang 2year old ki sa mga rides. how many possible rides ang masasakyan ng 2year old son ko?? if ever same fee pa rin ba?? o wala n syang bayad if ever na hini sya pede sa mga rides pero gusto
    ko syang kasama…

  • veronica says:

    magkano po entrance fee ng ride all you can?
    tapos yung Snow world?

    what time po kayo open sa Sunday’s?

    thanks God Bless ..

  • veronica says:

    open kayo ng sunday?

  • swt0616 says:

    Nakakatawang basahin ung mga questions sa comment section. Halatang hindi marunong magbasa ang karamihan. LOL

    Nice blog post!

    Sana makapag lagay po kayo ng details about recommended attire. :-)


  • jennelyn avila says:

    is there any gift certificate accepted for Entrance + Ride All You Can + Snow World + Dino Island instead of paying it cash?

  • russhell says:

    hi…good day!
    i am a BS Accountancy student currently having Feasibility study about putting up an amusement park here in Gensan.. i would like to ask information about star city or other amusement parks as my basis in preparing my FS particularly the management, marketing, financial, technical and socio-economic aspects of it.. can you help me?

  • Roslee M. Formoso says:

    Whoever thought of the pricing scheme must have been from heaven. The one who thought of it would like everyone to see StarCity Dino, you were not harsh by just pegging one price. You really think and understood the Filipinos and may you thrive.

  • aisha says:

    Thanks for the info about starcity.we planned to visit this on you think your given fees before will still be the same on march 2013.pls send your reply on my email

    Thanks a lot

  • imelda t. soriano says:

    5 years old above full ba ang entrance, at kung sakaling more than 10 person kami wala
    bang discount.

  • imelda t. soriano says:

    kindly email to me if their is a promo, so that we can avail. (13 person)

  • cecil carandang says:

    hello… e2 po bang 300 fee na ride all you can eh my discount pa pag maraming tikets ang bibilhin?pls reply

  • Guillerma M. Adar says:

    Good day Sir/Madam,
    This is to request your rates for our IT students from Baguio City who wanted to have a side trip to ENCHANTED KINGDOM and to visit 3 IT school in LAGUNA on the same day , the date will be on the firstweek of February. I will come any probable suggestions for the benefit of the students. Thanks!!!!

    mrs adar
    Rm.301 Solis Bldg,km5 La Trinidad Benguet
    c.p. 09182245318

  • rossana says:

    i really enjoy.. sa enchnted kingdom last april yung tour nmin.

  • mayr roxanne says:

    i hope mapunta ulit aku ng star city for unwine .. :) with my boyFie

  • austine lopez says:

    can you get us a 12 ticket on march 11 2013

  • chiles curioso says:

    hi good day! is there any graduation offer? my sister is graduating this month and my mom wants to have a surprise gift for her. thanks

  • Jen says:

    Do you have baggage counter where we can leave our bags or luggages so we can enjoy the ride? We are planning to go tom, may 7,2013..
    Hoping for your reply… Thank you

  • jerein says:

    How much if it is consider us… xmast promo

  • Julius says:

    Were i can pay tickets

  • Lyn largo says:

    Open po ba ang star City ng April 19??black Saturday,,what time ma u

  • Jen says:

    Sure po ba yung mga prices? Pati yung promos? Thanks po :)

  • analyn says:

    How much is the price if ride all you can for 20 person + on Dec 29? We are planning to have a excursion there.

  • pam says:

    do you accept credit cards

  • mitch says:

    hello. sure ba yang mga prices na yan ngayon 2014 sa star city? kung sure like ko pong magavail ng ticket. kasi iba yung mga prices sa iba. paano po ako makakabili ng ticket ng star city worth 375.00? need respond asap.

  • claresse says:

    Sa march 27 po wattym magoopen at ma close

  • alowinagee says:

    Gusto po nmin pumunta ngaun drating n sept 27 2015 bday po kc anak ko mga 10 katao po kmi my discount po un..mga mgkano po kya mbyaran ko..ride all u can plus snow world po kmi….tnx

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