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XBox 360 Left 4 Dead Gameplay Release

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Left 4 Dead XBox 360 game

Since the release of Left 4 Dead Gameplay in XBox 360 game console, geeks and hackers have been inching their way to the online availability as well. Now that Left 4 Dead is now a PC game also, clamors have been roaming around for abuse of the game. Hackers have been deliberately ruining the game to an extent that a player get done without mercy and chance to play and enjoy.

Here’s a little bit old report be Ars Technica on Left 4 Dead hack done by virtually people who found their way from the Left 4 Dead Gameplay release both in XBox 360 and the PC version. I know that its good to go for either the do-op or the versus but since the hacks will kill you without any knowing how, the resulting end will be you not enjoying at all playing the said game release.

I am not sure if this had been patched up or remedied but what interests me is this report by an avid player’s clamor for the hacks done by geeks. If this will not be remedied soon, the players will loose their grip over the XBox 360 game as well as the PC version.

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    it’s my pleasure that you have post topics that captured my interest…hope to see more interesting topics..nice job!

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