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Searching for Cheap Aluminum and Glass Supply options in Manila? Try Chain Glass and Aluminum Supplies

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I was on my way to construct our own set of 10 wooden cases of computers to use for our new business, me and Jack on PisoNet. This is an internet cafe business which allows staggered 1-peso coin chute slot drop ins and the credit get incremented everytime you try to drop a 1 peso coin. This way, even small kids can use a computer with online access (internet) anytime. Anyway, going back to the point, somewhere along the way, I just wanted to share a great experience with respect to looking for cheaper options for my glass supply needs. This is the cover we use in our computer cases in front of the PC monitor.

Aluminum and Glass Supply in Manila

Aluminum and Glass Supply in Manila

We used to buy it from guys in Pasay City for about Php 200.00 bucks but it was me who is persistent in trying to find cheaper options at low cost price for my glass covers. Eventually, I remembered back when I was still working at the amusement park in Tom’s World and recalled that I used to order my glass needs from Chain Glass. It was because I accidentally dropped an amusement machine glass in Star City back when I was still employed at the amusement and since Chain Glass office is near my home and I could pass by along the way, I decided to make a canvass of how much I will spend if I opt in to order the size of glass I accidentally dropped and have it made and ordered with them. I was surprised because the prices was really the cheapest among all I have called and went in to make the canvass to be able to come up with a cheap option for the glass I wanted to get a replica with for use in an amusement machine called Indiana Jones and Star Wars slot machine.

In short, I did make the right choice. Their price was way cheaper and lower compared to other aluminum and glass supply centers. Compared to other options, I was able to save at least Php 700. 00 bucks. Big discount!

Anyway, remembering this experience, it suddenly came to my mind to try again to ask for a free quote from Chain Glass and I was surprised to find out that the price we used to buy our glass cover for the Piso Net computer business was later on found out to be a lot cheaper too. Php 200.00 in Pasay City was found out via quotation from the agents to be only Php 125.00 pesos only. It was at least Php 75.00 pesos cheaper than what we get in Pasay and much better edges so there is minimal need to strip off the sharp edges using a stone for glass.

There are other options for you if you want to find out other companies and businesses offering aluminum and glass supplies in Manila so I made a little list for you to include in your free quote and canvass search. See my list below.

Aluminum and Glass Supply Manila Companies:

  • Broadway Glass Corporation – 1539 C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila – 02 711 5164
  • Fairview Aluminum And Glass Supply – 1173 P. Noval Street, Sampaloc 1015 – 02 735 6844
  • Ching Beng Glass And Aluminum Supply – 1306 C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila – 02 733 3420
  • J. Santos Aluminum And Glass – 1848 Almeda Street, Manila – 02 252 4715
  • Vicente Glass Supply – 1286 G. Masangkay Street, Manila – 02 251 2108
  • Elite Glass Supply – 2704 Rizal Avenue Corner Bulacan Street, Sta. Cruz 1014 – 02 711 2107
  • Svh Glass And Aluminum Supply – 1129 Natividad Lopez Street, Ermita 1000 – 02 527 1533
  • State Glass Supply – 436 Lavezares Streetbinondo, Metro Manila – (02) 242 3383
  • Bautista Glass Supply – 1260 A. Maceda Cor. Loyola Streetssampaloc, Metro Manila – (02) 938 5826

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