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POEA: Admiral Overseas Employment Corporation

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One of the POEA accredited agencies (licensed and registered recruitment agencies in Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) is Admiral Overseas Employment Corporation. For those looking job hiring or vacancies for POEA jobs in this placement agency, please visit the location address listing below.

Location Address: 2F RM.202 LPL BLDG 215 SEN GIL PUYAT AVE MAKATI
Telephone Number: 7533465/69
Email Address:
Website: None
Official Representative: ELLEN M TIAMZON
Status: Good Standing
License Validity: 4/7/2008 to 4/6/2012

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22 Responses to “POEA: Admiral Overseas Employment Corporation”

  • lina says:

    im very much interested to work abroad pls update me if have an hiring,,,thanks

  • felric clapano says:

    good day to admiral,,,for having a good services internationaly… pls update my application to line it up for guam project.. thnks and may god bless u all the way….

  • lola says:

    pls update me if a hiring

  • richevel says:

    hi and good day to admiral im richevel and im working now here in cyprus as a HOUSEKEEPERS..and planning to work in canada please update me if you have an hiring thanks a lot and Godbless

  • Emily elera says:

    Pleasant day!sir/mam,i am working here in kuwait as a housekeeper,want to inquire on how 2 work in canada from here?and what are the requirements?thank u 4 ur tym,i wil wait 4 ur kind answer….G0DBLESS

  • charlene says:

    i would just want to know all the accredited recruitment agencies here in the Philippines.

  • charlene says:

    is ALMASIYA AGENCY accredited by POEA???

    • Philippines Review says:

      Checking the POEA agency list database yielded no result which means that if what you have provided here is in correct spelling, that agency is not accredited and licensed by the POEA.

  • guadalupe ormilla says:

    hyi, i want to work in abroad… i want waitress or massage therapist in hotel or spa.. pls. update me if you have hiring.,,, thank u and god bless..

  • Michelle Labagala says:


    I would like to know if the agency ” AL-MASIYA OVERSEAS AGENCY is duly accredited agency by POEA. They already accepted my application today as a DH to work in KUwait. Hoping for your immediate response. many thanks!

  • Jassel Mae U. Curan says:

    I just want to ask, I’ve been hired as a nanny in united kindgom… I just want to be sure if this Employer name Edward H. Allen a 45 years old, british living in 7 Ridgeway Crescent, Bromley Greater London Br6, UK, work as a real estate contractor is true, we’ve been mailing for almost a month, before I will process my passport I want first to be secured enough…He gave me email add of his traveling agent, I want also to know if this is a true agency.. His name is Mr. James F. Watford (Esq.) a Regency Legal Chambers in uk, this are his contacts (+44)705708929, fax no. (+44)8447747990 and his email address
    Please to Inform me as soon as possible…thank you…
    await response…

    • chriz says:

      to jassel mae…

      im also the same with same employer and im a bit doubt on it as i keep on researching about these guys even the numbers they give thru my friends in uk and my friends cant contact the said number but the travel agency that i research located at petersborough which is far in london and i just notice the address he gave to you that the post code is incomplete….i got the job thru and i believe before that this website is credible because some of my local employments came from that site. and now having doubt about this employer though i already give some of my infos to them….grrrrr (now im a bit scared of it) ~~ pls. communicate with me so we can help each other investigating this…thank you

    • rlin says:

      hi, have you tried to check if Allen Edward is for real. Because I also received an email from him. Also from James Watford his so called solicitor. I used to work for 118118 which is a Directory Assistance in U.K. I have been trying to search for their name but I can’t find it. The address provided to me by James does not even look like an office at all. He gave me the address to send the money but I need to double check it first. thank you.

    • chelle says:

      Hello Jassel,

      Id been sending same emails as

    • iko says:

      My mom has been exchanging emails with this person as well. We would like to know if this is for real or just a scam. Thanks!

    • lyn says:

      hi..just read your message..i am also been hired by this person i am also doubtful of this..since last year we exchange emails and he hires me..may i ask if you ever tried to email his representative lawyer.if you do so pls reply here or at least someone can tell me if you ever come across with this person is he legit or not?thanks..

    • jenna abuan says:

      Hi! I just wondering if you still contacting that person? We exchange emails for a months now and it seems that it is a scam. I saw some of the details he give to us and the name was Tim or Tom Ribbery. And also the kids he is telling us. After that he give me a letter of guarantee and an employment contract. But the thing is you will be the one who will pay the 1225 GBP for the expenses (visa,work and residence permit). I ask already the UK or British Embassy that the Visa should be done here in the Philippines and NOT in the UK. And the processing of the Visa is 3months not 21days..

    • anonymous says:

      hello.. have u gotten any response yet?
      i’ve applied for that job too, the same employer and travelling agency named James F. Watson and employer Edward H. Allen.

      -been also asking if this employer does exists..if you have got any news pls do reply my msg too. Thank you.

  • hannah sagaral says:

    hai gud pm .. i just want to know if admiral overseas employment corporation in cagayan de oro city is accredited by poea?.. because until now my brother wasn’t able to go in qatar for work .. they just always said that we just wait for their call if the plane ticket is confirmed.. we paid them already the placement fee .. and we waited almost a month .. thanks ,, pls response in this message .. godbless

  • Jojie Ramo says:

    Is admiral agency cagayan de pro city accrediated by poea?i want to know pls…

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