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Arroyo’s $20,000 New York Dinner at Le Cirque

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I read a post today of Ms. Ellen Tordesillas, a journalist about president Arroyo’s luxurious dinner in New York amounting to $20, 000. It was a dinner at New York’s posh Le Cirque restaurant.

It told me and taught me something more than it reminded me of the simple life that Cory Aquino lived while she was president of the Philippines. That a president will do according to what her or his conscience dictates. What does it tell us all?

Can you imagine the president spending that much money with a dinner which if we equate in an amount in peso would be equivalent to almost 1 million?

Maybe the money spent here should have been instead spent buying memo plus and let alone all of them drink it to make them remember what public servants should show the people of their living preferences.

The post by Ellen was a Cerge Remonde (pres secretary) confirmation about the details. It was also revealed in a report of the New York Post dated August 7 below.

“[“good life” of the Arroyo entourage, saying the president ordered bottles of “very expensive” wine, which pushed the dinner tab up to $20,000]”


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