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Computerization of 2010 Philippine Elections

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The computerization of the 2010 Philippine elections have always been one of the biggest issues for all Filipinos whether they are well versed with politics or not. The simple reason for this is because even the average Filipino knows that their only hope a possible better life depends on the 2010 elections and its outcome.

But what if the very people who are involved or at least wants to get involved in the upcoming election were the ones who are trying their best to oppose this automation? What if the very people that we are to vote were the same people who do not want the computerization process to push through? What if they who are in power will be the one to oppose the 2010 election automation because they have their own machineries of cheating the results and automation will defer their evil plans?

Let us not think this way now because today, the whole nation is on a move to politicize the Filipinos who will be the very key to this election. Participate in the move for a clean election. One good example would be to join movement such as “Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo” “Ako Mismo” and more. I think this is the time we stand as one not in encouraging people not to vote but instead to vote responsibly and not waste it with a few hundred pesos of lifetime poverty.

This time, we encourage each and everyone that there should be no room for those who wants to cheat us to death in another term of poverty and hunger. Let us not allow the trapos to take over our soul. Vote only for the person who will take us or at least have the will to take us out of this life long misery. The current public servants have proven nothing but corruption in their minds. It’s time we let the youth take over. It’s now up to us. Let us guide our votes and push for the computerization of the 2010 Philippine Elections to lessen if not totally take out cheaters!

2 Responses to “Computerization of 2010 Philippine Elections”

  • Ramon Guico says:

    Automation may be one of the most significant move the government could take for faster election counting but it doesn’t really assure us that cheating and fraud in the 2010 elections will be eliminate,so everyone of us should also be cautious about that .
    I also agree with you that we should also join movement like reporting those who are cheating….Election is vote wisely!

  • Benjamin says:

    Pakiusap, kaibigan. Huwag kakalimutang iboto sa May 10 ang AAPS Party List, ang party list ng mga retirado at senior citizens. I-shade lang, No. 21 sa balota. Sa atin ang AAPS!

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