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Senator Mar Roxas Wins Liberal Party Presidency

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The New Liberal Party President

Philippines – Senator Mar Roxas today won the presidency over other fellow partylist comrades for Liberal Party held over at Club Filipino Restaurant. His oath taking was actually nothing new to the people of Philippine politics as nothing changes for many years when partylist presidents are standing up front for the oath taking.

Shadowed under the slogan that he used “Oras Na”, which seemed like a promise not to serve the party but a promise to be the next candidate for the 2010 presidential election for the Liberal Party according to media men present in the occasion.More…

The oath taking looked like a circus of the informal proclamation for running in the 2010 Presidential Elections. In banners of the Liberal Party in red yellow and blue you can see in the Kalayaan Hall of Club Filipino in Greenhills, you can see the official slogan saying “Oras Na” which incidentally, media personalities took a serious flirt saying that it actually sounds “Roxas Na”

In the Speech of the new President

In the speech of Senator Mar Roxas, he clearly stumbled upon the slogan “Oras Na” 9 times which could mean anything from what you can see. Even if this is the end for the campaign, a slogan should not actually be as highlighted as what the senator did where many people can’t help but buzz around a possibility that the next candidate for the Liberal Party is indeed, Senator Mar Roxas and this oath taking is some press release to show the force that they have this coming presidential elections.

In line to this, the senator will be officially taking over the throne of the Liberal Party presidency by November 30. With this new turnout of events, Environment Secretary, Lito Atienza said that Senator Roxas’s win will further split the party in half on the coming days of its politics and campaigns.

If ever he will candidate for the presidency and win over his rivals, we hope that he will send money to the Philippines in the near future through policies and programs that the Filipinos will not become underdogs of our own homeland.

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