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The Dilemma in Barangay Elections 2013 Registration for 18 Year Olds

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My daughter is now 18 years old this year 2013 and us couple would like to have her vote for the barangay election 2013 come October. We have a friend in the hall and we asked for more information regarding this matter. The process, how do teen agers get to vote and a clear vision of how the registration process will go along.

We were surprised and a bit excited today. It’s a Sunday and is supposed to be family day. Rest day for kids too including our college student only daughter, Janne Therese. What brought us excitement about in relation to the upcoming Barangay Elections 2013 is that this will be supposedly her first voting spree. We all know it’s her right to snap a vote so upon learning that the local officials in our community called upon 18 year old teens to bring up to the COMELEC office in Caloocan, we were excited. We’ve had a seat in the service vehicle reserved for our daughter.

Coming over to the COMELEC office, my daughter, as accompanied by my wife was so surprised. The very long line had them to second thoughts on registering for the election voting right and getting to be part of the population of voters this year. Apart from the very long line, they also learned that a couple of teens have engaged in a fist fight earlier because probably of dismay to the system.

My question. Why is it like this? Why do voters have to take the long route to registering alone when it is the government who should make sure that an easy and stress-free registration is assured for the new voters of the Philippine communities. How can the kids and the young be the hope of country when they were already deprived of their hope to exercise their very basic right which is to choose the right people to serve the very basic servants of local families in the community – the barangay officials. How can they take part on this with the kind of system for registration alone?

“Ito po ba ang tuwid na daan ni P-Noy”? “Bulok na sistema!”

Anyway, learning that it’s how it works in Caloocan COMELEC office today on a Sunday for a barangay 2013 election preparation for registration, my wife called me. Asking me if they will have to pursue with the process. I immediately told them to go home. Don’t spend time in allignment with a system that doesn’t work for the people. Go out of the long line and go home. It’s not worth it this way.

She told me that apart from a fist fight a couple of minutes ago, the COMELEC office entertaining the registrants had called the first 65 people from last nights very long line. I mean, the people are so very much willing to have their rights exercised but if you have a system such as this in a registration alone, my God, what can we expect in the election? Is it really this sad despite the latest SONA of President Benigno Aquino? Is the system really this worse today?

It could have been made simpler if only the government is really willing to shell out some time to realize that they need changes and we, the people mean real drastic and effective positive changes to the system of election voting registration for the new voters and 18 year old teens. Is Philippine Politics really this corrupt and worse?


One Response to “The Dilemma in Barangay Elections 2013 Registration for 18 Year Olds”

  • aida enriquez says:

    have the same say. my grandson wishes to run as SK Councilman, he has to register first. it is not just a duty but a responsibility of all Filipinos to register and vote. Why is Comelec limiting the number of people that can be registered in a day? did they not fore see that? or are they working against the will of the President and of the Filipino people? or are they just plain and simple…… Not to have seen this turn out is inexplicable, its been the same ever since. Or do they have a hidden agenda? How can we clean voter’s registry if they foolishly forgot it’s going to be like this? Why did they not just execute a MOA with the malls and use their facilities for registration? Birth, death and all other certificates are successfully being handled this way already. Shame

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