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What Cory Aquino’s Funeral Video Teaches Us

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My daughter asked me today about Cory Aquino’s Talambuhay (biography), I couldn’t answer….

While they say dead people don’t come back to life but no…. Cory Aquino came back to life the moment she died because in our hearts and minds, she never really died.

I have personally watched all afternoon the live coverage of Cory Aquino’s funeral and what strikes me most  is that I never though at this point in time, there were still literally hundreds of thousands of people while millions at home still showed how the former Philippine president was so loved that nothing, not even the rain or hunger mattered just so that the people may lay eyes on your coffin for the last time.

Today, what Cory Aquino’s funeral video taught me and all of us is that people will always recognize whatever and however good your deeds are for as long as when you do it, you do it will all your heart. She might not have helped us all overcome poverty but she inspired us all in her honest and wholehearted countless ways when she offered us her service despite she knows that upon the death of her husband,  Ninoy, she would be much needed by her family.

Pardon me Ma’m Cory Aquino that I didn’t mean to wish that you die sooner just to let you know how much I have always wanted you not to suffer anymore from the agony and pain. Today, more than any day in our lives you have never failed to teach us a lesson in life that leaves your legacy even more priceless than what all corrupt president’s wealth in the Philippines combined.

Today I have learned as well as my family that whatever you throw at the people whom you serve, they will all hand it back to you in the end a million times more, most importantly with tears of joy and love. You threw them love and honesty and in return they gave you honest love.

You’ve become their faithful and loving servant who so did not just give you heart to us despite knowing you have a family that needs it most but you also gave us your unconditional love. In return, the people showed you today how no weather can test their faith and strength in leading you to heaven where you belong.

I’ve seen how people don’t mind the countless rainfall batter their bodies little by little so they soak wet and could possibly get sick. They didn’t mind getting hungry for a day because they knew you didn’t weather the odds when you served them Democracy using your tireless body and mind.

Most importantly Ma’m Cory, you have given us all a warning sign, perhaps the best lesson in life that the whole world saw… “That to those who threaten to destroy the very reason and foundation why the people so loved you and Ninoy…. the one legacy you and Ninoy left us and our children which is Democracy, we will stand whatever weather may go against us to protect it”.

We will not let them take what legacy you leave us even if it will cost us our battered bodies in the middle of the rain and hunger in the middle of the battle. Rest in Peace Ma’m Cory.


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