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Lakers wins Game 7 Takes Championship from Celtics

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Game 7 of the NBA Finals 2010 was through and live coverage that I am watching here at home just did it for some of the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. L.A. Lakers just won the championship title against the Boston Celtics with a margin of 4 points. It was so crucial that I personally feel the officiating was not as fair for the Celtics team but overall, I would like to congratulate Lakers team for winning the 2010 NBA Finals championship today, June 18, 2010.

The Boston team after leading in most of the time of the second quarter start up to the 4th quarter found themselves all suddenly behind with 4 pints after here and ther rebounds and assist plus 3 point plays by Kobe Bryant. You can watch later tonight, the replay of game 7 Lakers vs Celtics to see what happened.

I must say he did it well in this game 7 of the finals as well as Ron Artest who gave the lakers their first taste of the lead after the sexond quarter dilemma with Boston Celtics leading all throughout the rest of the 3 quarters until the 4th quarter.

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