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NBA Finals Game 4: Free Livestream at ABS-CBN – Will Lebron James Redeem Heat from Parker’s Spurs?

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Today I’m going to watch free livestream coverage of the NBA game 4 finals – Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs. The series is at 2-1 in favor of Tony Parker’s team while Lebron James is on a promise to be better today in game 4 so that his team, Miami Heat will be able to equalize from the devastating defeat over in last game with more than 30 point that his team was burried by the Spurs.

It’s going to be a homecourt advantage for San Antonio’ Tim Duncan and Tony Parker but the Heat is hungry to be able to maintain their defending championship stance from last year’s finals where they were able to defeat Oklahoma City Thunders’ Kevin Durant team.

Today, the Heat will try their best to play under a homecourt advantage by the Spurs and with Tony Parker reportedly on a hamstring injury, I doubt that if he couldn’t play that his team will win. Although nothing yet is for sure, there was a previous video of the practice of the Spurs where we can see Greg Poppovich trying to talk it out with Parker while sitting on a bench and not being able to play for the practice with his team.

For the Miami Heat, it’s going to be a hard time to take game 4 but on the other end, if Parker won’t be able to play, even if the homecourt advantage will play its role for the Spurs, the Miami Heat will have a good chance at taking this game to equalize the NBA finals game series at 2-2.

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