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Philippines Still Zero Gold in the Olympics

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The Philippine government including some private businesses have offered at least 15 million to whoever will take home a gold. I believe that there will be more prizes and others are still waiting for the glory but so far, after almost a week of the Olympics, the Philippines is still zero with respect to gold medals.

I am also disappointed at how the coverage got treated here by whoever is covering the worldwide major event for the simple reason that there is nothing to watch out for in the games played by Filipino participants. Up to this day, I never heard anything about the gold hopefuls and bets of the Philippines to this Olympic games.

I wish that the government will change the way that this is in terms of media coverage. I am also sure that I am not alone here. There are literally millions looking to watch how our country’s best bets will play but so far, the network who got the rights to air the games were not able to deliver what the watching and waiting Filipinos are looking for – a live coverage or at least a slightly delayed coverage of the games in the right time where everybody can watch and not in the 2:00 am slots or so.

I feel that somehow the government should update its people in such a historical event as the Olympics and I feel that the government should make sure that every play our fellow participants get in, will be broadcast live or just as I said on a slightly delayed basis and a time which can be watched even by the children.

What could have happened to Harry Tanamor, Eric Go, and others? It is not enough that there is the news. we all want it live as much as possible and I as a sport fanatic would even skip sleep just to give a glance and useless cheer to our best bets in the said world Olympics. I just hope this doesn’t happen again because we only have the event coming once every 4 years.

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