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Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista vs Heriberto Ruiz

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The under card fight which was Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista vs Heriberto Ruiz was a great fights that Bautista lost. Almost all the rounds that finished up to 8 was full of accidental headbutts and Boom Boom Bautista suffered a cut because of that. In the third round, Rey Bautista fell into the canvass because of two strong punches by Heriberto Ruiz, one from the right and then a follow up came from the left in the form of an upper cut which caught the younger fighter Bautista on his chin.

Right after the third round knockdown by Ruiz, Bautista suffered a 1-point deduction because of continous low blow which was earlier warned by the referee Byrd. Since the cut suffered by Rey Bautista, hes been bleeding heavily all throughout the rounds that followed which rached up to the last of rounds at 8th where the ex-champ Bautista lost convincingly to Ruiz.

The question here is can Bautista after displaying courage but sheer aggressiveness still have someone in his side after this fight? Would some trainer still invest time in training him after he showed merely no defense to all the punches that landed both in his body and head all througouth this fight with Ruiz. Would the young ex-champ still recover from a psychological damage that after all the courage and the strength he displayed in this fight suffered? There seem so many doubts now despite the very young vigour of Rey Bautista that he can still recover from this one even at such a young age.

He seemed to just puch his way through his opponents without thinking about defense at all and the way he showed in the early rounds that his jabs were great but later on abandoning them is not as encouraging as what he should have shown boxing fans and enthusiasts. I bet it will take a really very long time before he can make that up and prove once again both the the people who believed in him and best, to himself that he can still recover from this big loss and that he can still fight knowing that he is so very young at his age.

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