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Angel Locsin in Maalaala Mo Kaya Episode

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The Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) episode this coming February 28, 2009 will feature Angel Locsin. She will go with actress Dimples Romana who is also one of my favorite actresses. The two prime actress’ last appearance together was in Lobo with Piolo Pascual. This time, Angel Locsin is in Maalaala Mo Kaya in an episode titled “Blusa” and she will grace the teary eyed fanatics of the night primetime tv program once more.

Angel Locsin is one of the brightest, talented and most beautiful artists of her generation not only in the ABS-CBN camp but in the whole movie and theater industry today. She was also one of the most beautiful Pinays in the Philippines who amazed so many men around the country. Meanwhile, the beautiful actress just came from the Saint Lukes Hospital after being ill with Dengue Fever.

Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano are sweethearts of today and is believed to be one of the hottest pair of today’s showbiz industry as well as in real life. Good luck to Angel Locsin in this Maalaala Mo Kaya episode. Critics will be all eyes on this performance for sure so watch out for her do a different and challenging role.

47 Responses to “Angel Locsin in Maalaala Mo Kaya Episode”

  • xxxx says:

    great another best actress award for angel

  • Aldous Caldo says:

    I saw “Blusa” tonight, starring (what an apt word) Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana. One of the best ever episodes on MKK. There was hardly a dry eye in our family. Virtuoso acting, and heart-rending story. One asks how such a human condition is possible. Charo Santos had an apt epilogue for this tragedy: in a society where there is unequal opportunity, such things are bound to happen. But a deeper truth revealed is the ultimate vulnerability of the complex human psyche. As a UP summa cum laude graduate in agriculture, the heroine could have applied for a job right there in her school. But no, she had ambition, she had hubris, and thus she aspired to find work in Manila, believing that the Big City alone held the key to solving their family’s poverty. “Blusa” explores a lot of ground: psychology, sociology, political economy, governance, poverty. It should not have been restricted viewing. Our young audience would benefit from exposure to the social ills of our society, and to the finest achievement in artistic creation. Congratulations to all who collaborated in producing “Blusa”. It ought to be made into a full-length film, with the same leading characters. It may be tinged with the sadness of our social realities, but at least it will showcase the best of our artistic talents. Ito ang dapat ipakita sa mundo.

  • song says:


  • Kurimaw says:

    Superb performance of angel locsin! Another award is waiting!

  • song says:


  • LIZZY says:


  • BEN says:

    AMAZING! That was one of the best MMK episodes ever… The acting was superb and the story, perfect! Good luck to her 2009 career!

  • Gwen says:

    Great acting! Malaki talaga ang naging improvement niya sa acting pagkalipat niya. Good Job!

  • manny says:

    ang galing ni angel at ni dimples. sana magka award ulit. napahanga mo kami ulit sa jeddah! more angel appearances in both tv and movies.

  • jim27th says:

    ganda ganda khit baliw…muah

  • fampings says:

    ang ganda ng episode na to. its just like the “piso” episode. really great…mmk rules

  • gerard says:

    the acting was excellent…bravo deserve more..pang award talaga the best!!

  • redWORDS says:

    angel’s acting was very realistic…
    she deserves to have an award for that performance…angel is already one of the biggest star in the country along with sharon cuneta, maricel soriano,vilma santos among others…and not only that mmk never failed us in every episodes kaya nagtatagal…CONGRATS!!!

  • redWORDS says:


  • Ria says:

    Maalaala mo Kaya did a bad thing playing up the character of Angel Locsin and using real names of school.

    There has not been a summa cum laude agriculture graduate from UP in the past 2 decades. The girl “barely passed” her subjects. and yet the writers made her a SUMMA, effectively crapping at UP’s brand of SUMMA grads. If you’re a SUMMA CUM LAUDE from UP, you will be sought out and word will come knocking on your doorstep. that’s a fact.

    As a UPLB graduate, i am outrage by this cluelessnes of TV writers.

  • Andro says:

    First off, I watched the episode because I like Angel Locsin. The story in itself is so so. And so full of inconsistencies. Acting wise, Angel and Dimples were superb.

    My Two Cents Worth:

    1. IF supposedly the story was true, it may be difficult but not that impossible for a Summa to get a job. Even busted light bulbs serve in government.

    2. She’s a Summa, which means she is smart. Who among the dimwitted writers made her go to Manila to look for a job? Haven’t they heard of a square peg in a round hole? In addition, what possible job can an agriculture major find in Manila? Would Bayani Fernando hire her for his Metro Guwapo Program?

    3. Reality check. Being a college graduate doesn’t always mean or bring financial success. Either the writer is still living in the dark ages or has no grasp of the realities of the corporate world.

    4. Not all Cum Laude or higher graduates can get a job easily unless they are head hunted. Remember, walk-in applicants have to pass through HR. So not only must they have the qualifications, but they must also have the personality and adaptability to work well with a prospective boss. We have had several of these graduates with very very impressive resumés but they have this “Hey, I’m smarter than you, so why wouldn’t you hire me?” attitude. Guess what happened next? Those resumés met with the paper shredder right after he/she stepped out the door. No active files for them.

    5. Why do they always portray the barrio lass with big dreams to end up as a bar girl or dancer and keeping this from their families? No girl with brains like her will sink that low so quickly. Not unless that lass has a real need to be big fast by sleeping her way to the top. Someone we know?

    6. ABS-CBN featured in a news report the supposed source since many reacted negatively to the story line but not to Miss Angel Locsin’s clean portrayal. Big deal. How much of her story featured in MMK was true? There has not been a Summa Cum Laude Agriculture Major graduate from University of the Philippines (UP) in the last two decades. Most of us may not be Summa’s but don’t insult our intelligence. Such a disservice to the Filipino.

    7. I know it’s not that easy to write a story, but couldn’t they have better writers with a solid grasp of current realities. Geesh.

    8. Did I already mention I like Angel Locsin?


  • rindz says:

    Can somebody verify from UPLB itself if Nemia did graduate as summa? The story is so touching, and the actors were superb..but this reflects a lot on our society and UPLB moreso. I am a UPLB graduate myself, and as far as I know, if she’s summa…she could easily be offered a teaching job or office work at LB where there are more than 22 research agencies focusing on agriculture and science. She should not have gone to Manila.

    If, through this forum, we can verify that she really did exist…(get records from UPLB!), maybe we UPLB graduates can do something to help her. I was so touched by this story, I just hoped she’s not really one from our alma mater (such calls for real debates!)..but if she really is, can we say…we all need to tighten our grips (our faith) because this can be sooooooooo real, too.

  • Andro says:

    Fact be told.

    There is a Nemia in San Pablo as shown in a broadcast by ABS-CBN News to put a semblance of reality to that MMK Blusa episode.

    What they failed to mention or intentionally mention was if Nemia really graduated from UPLB.

    Truth of the matter is there has not been a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of UPLB for Agriculture for the last two decades.

    Nemia is now commonly known in San Pablo, Laguna as MAYDA. For she is always seen carrying a cat.
    MAYDA is a contraction for MAY DAlang pusa.

    Only shows, who wrote that episode let his/her/its imagination run wild and put in too much artistic freedom, hence, the inconsistencies in the story.

  • Philippines Review says:

    @rindz – here is the answer from Andro who seem to know a lot and I hope this is what you are looking for.

    @andro – great reply and I wish there are people like you who can attest to a lot of abuse in the media just for the sake of money and ratings. I am not talking about anybody or any media in particular. We all know that it happens and I’m not even 100% sure of your data but I admire your phrase “fact be told”. Thank you for your visit.

  • Professional Heckler says:

    please read my take on this issue.
    i have talked to the UP administration and i just discovered the utter ignorance/neglect on the part of Maalaala Mo Kaya.
    Sobrang gawa-gawa ang summa cum laude angle.


  • iq160 says:

    affected ako sa story na to dahil galing akong UPLB. mabuti naman at naverify na hindi siya summa cum laude. but it is true na meron sa San Pablo City (Laguna) na gumagalang naka-uniform na mukhang teacher na may dalang pusa. that is accdg to my husband.

  • arvi says:

    It was my most favourite MMK episode. Angel did a good job and it really shows. She is really amazing and she also made me cry while Im chewing a gum! She will always be my favorite actress, no matter what.

  • JM says:

    Mayda from San Pablo is not an agri graduate. According to her relatives, kaya daw sya nagkaganun ay she failed her bar exams more than twice.

    She’s from a well of family so she wasnt that desperate that she would be nightclub dancer.

    AbS CBN = irresponsible!

  • rindz says:

    Thanks Andro and Professional Heckler! I also alerted some UPLB grads based at UPLB and some UP grads here in Toronto..because this issue is getting so disturbing. How can a reputable show like MMK divulge so much info that were not even verified as true? And to think that it showed that it was narrated by the sister herself? Shouldn’t MMK give their stand on this? Admit that they did just play up the “summa cum laude” part, highlighting it like 3-4 times..BUT AT THE EXPENSE OF UPLB?

    I cannot just believe that a UPLB grad can think so slow, can stoop so low, cannot ask for help…moreso, a summa! Kung summa sya, dapat kinuha na agad ng dept yan para magturo kasi that was the usual trend..esp that during her time, kakaunti pa ang instructors di ba?

    Besides, studying at UPLB for 4 yrs, and LB being surrounded by 20 research agencies (inc international agencies like IRRI, SEARCA)…. that’s a sure pool of employers already! Why go to Manila if u are agribusiness grad? Not all agribiz end up in advertising, or do they all expect to end in advertising because the others became successful in that?

    But let’s say the story is true, she really lost her sanity…any UPLB grad would feel like a sister of the family has just been neglected!

    However, to play up UPLB producing a summa and just ending up as a club dancer..shouldn’t anybody be held accountable for this? Because I know UPLB will definitely look into this issue and take its firm stand!And MMK should better speak up the truth now…because they would really be losing their viewers’ confidence soon!

    Keep me posted please!

  • Researcher says:

    Lemme just share that UPLB Publishes its list of PAST SUMMA CUM LAUDE GRADUATES… it’s usually included in the graduation program/booklet… although I don’t watch MMK… based from what I’ve read here, she’s a summa cum laude graduate of BS Agribusiness Mgt., and accdg. to some posts in the net, this was the claim of her sister (?)


    here’s a condensed list of UPLB SCL’s….

    1946 BS Agriculture
    1947 BS Agriculture
    1975 BS Agriculture
    1976 BS Biology
    1978 BS Applied Mathematics
    1979 BS Biology
    1982 BS Biology
    1987 BS Biology
    1987 BS Biology
    1988 BS Applied Mathematics
    1992 BS Biology
    1992 BS Biology
    1993 BS Applied Mathematics
    1993 BS Biology
    1995 BS Economics
    1996 BS Biology
    1996 BS Economics
    1998 BS Economics
    2000 BS Agribusiness Management
    2002 BS Applied Mathematics
    2004 BS Biology
    2005 BS Chemistry
    2005 BS Economics
    2006 BS Chemistry
    2006 BS Applied Physics
    2007 BS Biology
    2007 BS Economics

    And for everyone’s info…. kilala ang pamilya ng SCL na yan… kng bakit pa kasi itinukoy sa MMK yung details… which only point to that person….

  • Researcher says:

    ang dating eh indirectly siya yung natutukoy sa story… when in fact hindi nga siya… yun ang mali sa istorya…

    as for the issue na UPLB graduate na naging hooker… well… nuff said…

  • ambot says:

    bat di nyo ask yong ate nya? kasi sya yong sumulat sa MMK… ang dami nyo kasing sinasabi rito ni hindi nyo nga nakausap ang ate nya at si nemia mismo kasi life nila yon eh… kesyo kung saang graduate pa sya… affected kayo masyado taga UP… akala ko malawak kayong mag isip.

  • ambot says:

    at kung nahihiya kayo na taga UP sya at ganun nangyari sa buhay nya… buksan nyo mga mata nyo… sa gobyerno natin maraming graduate dyan sa UP pero tingnan nyo ginagawa nila sa bansa natin…

    • redwizard says:

      tama, ako taga PUP may mga ganyang bagay na nangyayari, minsan tinatanggal sa record yan, kasi kahihiyan yan para sa school.

      • redwizard says:

        ano bang trabaho ang mahahanap nya sa metro manila kung ayun ang course nya, syempre wala, may talino pero walang diskarte sa buhay, basahin nyo ang 8 intelligences at baka magets nyo na.

  • yupielbi says:

    excuse me “ambot”.. nakakasira kasi yun ng pangalan eh. marami na ang maghehesitate na pumasok sa UP dahil dyan. pero di naman totoo. at bakit ka ba affected kung nagcocomment ang mga UP students and graduates?! kung ikaw nga siraan pagkatao mo hindi ka ba lalaban? MMK made a fault and they need to clarify and apologize. NAKAKASIRA YUN NG PANGALAN. at ang mali nila masyado nilang pinagduldulan na UP graduate summa cum laude hindi naman. paninira yun sa pangalan ng university, ng alma mater. wag ka nalang makialam.

  • rindz says:

    Unang-una, hindi namin ikinahihiyang mga taga-UP kung UP grad nga din sya. Take note sa comment ko…”But let’s say the story is true, she really lost her sanity…any UPLB grad would feel like a sister of the family has just been neglected!”….HINDI NAMIN SYA ITINATAKWIL AT IKINAHIHIYA dahil kapatid nmin sya, dahil galing kme sa iisang institusyon…we feel for her, lalo na’t UPLB grad nga sya! I never felt any “kahihiyan” just becoz of her…

    Pangalawa, we are just after the TRUTH. Yes, MMK should tell the true experiences of true people because they have been known for it. Who are they deceiving if they were just exaggerating the story, using true names as UPLB (mentioned 2-3x), SUMMA CUM LAUDE (4-6X), and Agribusiness graduate (2x) at ifinocus pa ang camera sa diploma ng UPLB with the true name of the characters. Sasabihin that the sister narrated the story..who is the more credible source then, the school who has the records – or the sister who just believed everything what the sister said?

    Facts lang ang kelangan malaman, and that’s it! Actually, the milk has been spilled.

    I have been a fan of MMK for a very long time…I couldn’t recall an episode where they mentioned a specific univ or college where a person graduated from and naging miserable ang buhay nya. They could have mentioned she came from a notable univ and graduated summa (but not specifically mentioning UPLB – kung hindi nila nais manira or magpataas ng ratings)..Baket ung iba bang fineature nila na graduate ng ibang school ay sinabi ba nila kung saang school galing?

    We’re not saying here that UPLB grads are overreacting, or we’re protecting our reputation…HINDI MAKITID ANG AMING PAG-IISIP!!! Please don’t generalize! Kahit saang school ka galing, ke sa UP or saan pa man – IT STILL BOILS DOWN TO EACH PERSON’S INDIVIDUALITY!

    Duon tama ang MMK…Bawat isa sa atin ang syang humuhubog ng ating kapalaran! Kung tingin mo sa buhay ay wala ng pag-asa at katapusan na ng mundo, at walang pwedeng makatulong sa yo at wala ng Dyos na maaaring sandigan….siguradong mapapariwara ang buhay mo- UPLB GRADUATE KA MAN O HINDI!

  • rindz says:

    I copied and pasted from this site:

    UPLB to “Maalaala Mo Kaya”:
    “Set the record straight”

    UPLB has issued an official statement to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in light of a recent episode of their “Maalala Mo Kaya” program which inadvertently cast a bad light on the University and its constituents:

    “Our attention has been called by constituents and alumni to an episode featured in Maala-ala Mo Kaya entitled “Blusa,” which was aired on ABS-CBN on Feb. 28 and on TFC recently. Our constituents and alumni were concerned whether the episode was based on truth.

    The story was of a woman who allegedly graduated BS AgriBusiness, summa cum laude, from the University of the Philippines Los Baños or UPLB, who could not find a job, and ended up a stripper. We tried to find out who the subject was by tracking all 27 of our summa cum laude graduates from the time the University was established in 1909. We could not find anyone matching the subject as portrayed in “Blusa.”

    Whether or not the subject was a UPLB graduate, we deeply sympathize with her and her family. However, in the interest of maintaining its reputation as a truthful storyteller, the MMK should have a mechanism to validate claims by letter senders especially those that require a stretch of imagination as to be believed.

    While indeed touching and a perfect example of a human-interest story, “Blusa” regrettably affected the reputation of UPLB as an educational institution and its constituents and alumni. We therefore request ABS-CBN to set the record straight and correct the wrong impression that it created among its viewers. We also make an appeal to producers of similar programs to be more prudent in reporting stories with claims that would affect the reputation not only of a school but also of its alumni in the Philippines and abroad.

    Thank you.”

    (Thanks to Prof. Stella Tirol for sending the statement to The Professional Heckler.)

  • yupielbi says:

    “While indeed touching and a perfect example of a human-interest story, “Blusa” regrettably affected the reputation of UPLB as an educational institution and its constituents and alumni. We therefore request ABS-CBN to set the record straight and correct the wrong impression that it created among its viewers. We also make an appeal to producers of similar programs to be more prudent in reporting stories with claims that would affect the reputation not only of a school but also of its alumni in the Philippines and abroad.”

    part ng letter ng UPLB sa ABS.. tama nga naman.. yun lang naman hinihiling nila.. pangit kasi dahil may wrong impression na ang viewers dahil sa episode na yun..
    ok na ‘ambot’?

  • iq160 says:

    anyone who caught the real name of nemie? di ko kasi nabasa nung pinakita yung diploma niya on tv e.
    hay naku, yung friend ko tinanong ko kung anong masasabi niya dun sa episode na yun, ayun ang loko paniwalang-paniwala. kasi daw true to life story yung mmk, so malamang na totoo daw yun. tapos sabi ko urban legend lang yun, aba ang lolo mo sabi bitterness daw me! affected ang viewers. ang galing ni writer! (according to peyups forum, UP grad ang isa sa mga writers ng MMK)

  • rindz says:

    Nemie Santino..clearly reflected on the diploma! Father’s tomb also showed Rufino Santino’s name…Shugo Praico is the writer.

    Let me get this straight ok? Mahal ko ang UPLB dahil malaking bahagi sya ng buhay ko. Mahal ko ang ABS dahil sila lang ang medium na naglilink sa akin sa bayan na mahal ko, at naniniwala din nman ako that they should be doing responsible media reporting. At naniniwala din ako na hindi man summa cum laude si nemie, galing pa rin sya ng UP at sya at nagsikap at nangarap.

    I’m hurt because UPLB had its good reputation tarnished. I’m hurt that ABS is losing their credibility…I’m hurt that a fellow UPian lost a wonderful future which could have been there, had she tried to stick to hope and prayer.

    God be with each one!

  • rindz says:

    Nemie Santino, un ang nakalagay sa diploma, kita together with the UP name and seal. Di lang kita kung LB kasi mallit na un at nasa second line na,below our UP na me malaking font, right? Kita rin ung name ng father sa cemetery, Rufino Santino. One site said that was the real name of the character, and the writer from MMK is Shugo Praico.

    Honestly, guys, I have been reacting dahil mahal ko ang lahat ng concerned dito…UPLB, ABS, and Nemie. Angel Locsin is my fave actress (altho she’s out of this issue).

    Mahal ko ang UPLB dahil malaking bahagi sya ng buhay ko. Mahal ko ang ABS dahil sila lang ang medium na naglilink sa akin sa bayan na mahal ko, at naniniwala din nman ako that they were doing responsible media reporting. At naniniwala din ako na hindi man summa cum laude si nemie, galing pa rin sya ng UP at sya ay nagsikap at nangarap.

    I’m hurt because UPLB’s good reputation has been tarnished. It was really put into bad light when infact, it’s not their responsibility to ensure a good future for every grad – they were there to prepare us for a brighter furute, but it’s still up to the individual to decide for her life.

    I’m hurt that ABS is losing their credibility…For ABS millions of viewers there and around the world, it is clearly understood that MMK is a true-to-life drama. If they really lacked research in this episode, and would not do any corrective measure, how would the viewers perceive all their other programs…esp those doing investigative reporting, for which I am one avid fan of theirs? They should speak out the truth once and for all, or better yet, the basis for the truth they presented..Viewers are smarter now, who really failed in what aspect?

    I’m hurt that a fellow UPian lost a wonderful future which could have been there, had she tried to stick to hope and prayer. Her family is the primary circle responsible for it, yet as a UPian we feel for her because we feel as her second family.

    We are all just humans. And each one of us need a certain higher and stronger force to keep on going! Kaya dapat sana wag mawawalan ng pag-asa. As long as you have even a seed of faith and a little thread of hope in your pocket, just keep on!

    God be with each one!

  • blue_molybdenum says:

    to ambot: can i ask you a question? ang malawak ba ang pag-iisip wala nang karapatan magtanong? wala na bang karapatan alamin ang katotohanan?

    hindi dapat lahat ng mga bagay na ibinibigay sa ‘yo, lahat ng mga pangyayari ay tatanggapin mo na lang basta.

    katotohanan ang habol ng UP. at dahil may pruweba sila na mali ang istoryang ipinakita, gusto lang nilang lumabas ang katotohanan.

  • rindz says:

    Thanks so much blue-molybdenum! Thanks for the support! Your response is highly appreciated!

  • comment says:

    Just a comment:

    Kahit saan ka naggraduate and even you are a cum laude or summa cum laude or whatever awards na nareceived mo during your school days. It doesn’t mean you ended the good job than the average people. Our future not only lies sa talino di ba we need to balance everything. Or we need to have faith, hope and whatever our achievement ang mahalaga hindi lalaki ang ulo natin. Hindi naman seguro question ang pagiging UPians niya. Hindi naman ang school ang nagdecesion para sa future niya. Nasa kanya yon eh. Paano niya ihahandle. We cannot say dahil matalino siya di pwedeng mangyari yon sa kanya. Hindi natin kilala talaga kung anong attitude mayron siya. Mas kilala siya ng pamilya niya. We don’t know if inoperan siya ng school but at the time hindi niya tinanggap for some reasons. Kasi hindi lng isa na kilala ko na graduate sa mga sikat na univesities with flying colors eh may magandang trabaho not just because pinabayaan sila sa schools. Mayron lang talaga mas priorities nila that time na hindi nila natanggap ang offer. I have my friend brother din na naging ganoon then kay Magda and graduate po siya as cum laude from a good university. According sa family niya maraming offer dumating sa kanya noon, even professors nya laging nagvisit sa kanila but hindi nya tinanggap then at the time na gusto niya na . . . wala na.

  • comment says:

    For me, kung ano tingin ko sa UP hindi naapektuhan sa episode na yon. Hindi namn dinidiin ng pamilya at ng ABS CBN na dahil sa school or kapabayaan ng univesity nagkaganun siya diba? Mas nakatawag pansin pa yun para matulungan siya. Hindi naman failure ng isang estudyante e failure ng na ng buong university. I still believe how great UP is. And infairness to ABS or to the writer mas may alam pa sila kay sa atin. Since they researched and nakakausap nila ang pamilya. Lets see for the positive side and kung ano pwede nating matulong di ba? Hindi namn ibig sabihin since from UP siya eh lahat ng taga UP eh ganun or nagpabaya ang staff ng UP. Schools are our learning center, dito tayo nagsimula to mold ourselves but tayo parin ang magdecesion para sa sarili natin. Of course with GODs help and blessings . . .

  • plainrice says:

    i am a student of uplb. naging usap-usapan nga to sa buong campus. na track na ng uplb administration kung sino ang tinutukoy sa episode na yun. totoong may ganong istorya ng isang up graduate pero hindi summa cum laude. nagfabricate lang ang abs ng data para mas panoorin. according to what i heard, 2.58 lang ang average nung charater sa story at hindi raw pang summa cum laude. ang sinasabi lang kasi sa uplb community ay parang nasira ang reputasyon nito sa economic/business field dahil hindi sila nagpoproduce ng mga magagaling na estudyante at ang kauuwian lang ay pagiging stripper. inoperan din daw ito ng uplb noon ng malaman na dancer ito sa club pero tinanggihan daw. sana nag vinerify ng abs mabuti ang lahat ng details at hindi basta basta magfabricate dahil nakakaapekto ito lalo na’t ang UP ay isang kilalang institusyon. ang UP kasi ang National university ng pilipinas (RA 9500: UP CHARTER) at ang UPLB ay kasalukuyang nagcecelebrate ng centennial (100 years).

  • yupielbidin says:

    Sa mga fellow UP students,

    mahirap magexplain sa mga taong hindi naman nakakintindi, so why bother? haha. XD

  • archie says:

    Juice ko! gagawin na itong pelikula…sige kayo. Hype! Hype!
    Kung dun sa summa issue, hindi tutoo – then be it. Crucify Shugo Praico(the writer) for a while. Pero may Nemia talaga. Graduate ng UPLB…at nabaliw. Kung naging stripper man siya, posible.
    UP graduate ka man o hindi…ikaw lang ang inaasahan sa pamilya mo…nagmayabang, nagmataas, at nangarap ka ng mas mataas sa kaya mo…magutom, madesperado – nag-aabang ang night club sayo.
    She was offered a job – she didnt just want any job – desisyon nya yun. Kung ang konsepto niya ng magandang buhay ay Maynila – di natin masasaklawan yun.
    Kung nakasira ang MMK sa UPLB (and other UP units) – subjective. Hindi iyon ang intensyon ng programa. Magkwento lang. Bilang mga artista at prodyuser, mas mapaganda. Bilang mga taong may conviction: karapatan din nila ang umanggulo, mag-isip ng kuru-kuro, o maghanap ng away o gulo.
    Hindi ito isyu ng kredibilidad. Ang realidad ay laging nakabase sa materyal. Hindi sa puso at yabang na kinurot at natapakan.
    Magtrabaho na lang ulit tayo, be thankful na hindi natin sinapit ang nangyari kay Nemie o ng iba pang UP graduates na nasa kangkungan na ngayon.

  • rindz says:

    Archie says:Hindi ito isyu ng kredibilidad. Ang realidad ay laging nakabase sa materyal. Hindi sa puso at yabang na kinurot at natapakan.

    Archie, the effect of the story would have been different if she is not SCL. Yang sinasabi mong mgandang epekto, yang magandang lesson na napulot mo mula sa istorya ay maganda dahil malawak ang pang-unawa mo. Kaso hindi lahat ng tao ay kagaya mo. Most people take MMK as true stories of actual people kahit pa drama sya.

    I still say, credibility is the issue here, not the moral of the story. Kaya nga patuloy kme nkkipaglaban dahil hindi pa rin nalabas ang katotohanan.

    Let me ask you then: ang paghanap ng katotohanan ba sa tingin mo ay pagyayabang?

    Archie says: Kung nakasira ang MMK sa UPLB (and other UP units) – subjective. Hindi iyon ang intensyon ng programa.

    Sinasabi ng ABS ngaun, the letter sender stands by her story. Tanong: ibig sbihn, kahit sino pwede magkwento ng buhay ng ibang tao na kahit hindi tutuo, tapos ipapalabas sa MMK at pipirma lang ang letter sender ng waiver at paninindigan lang ang istorya nya at KATOTOHANAN na un?

    Paano kung ang buhay mo mismo ang mapiling isabotahe ng kung sino, o buhay ng kilala mo, lalo pa’t malapit sa yo?

    Please understand the issue first..this is about credibility and responsible media reporting. Papayag ba tayo na naloloko na lang ng harap=haparan? I’m sure ayaw mo rin ng ganun.

    Pero tama ka, tulad ng mga nasabi ko na dati, nasa tao ang paghubog ng kabyang kapalaran – UPLB grad ka man o hindi..buhay mo ang iyong pinaglalaruan kung hindi ka magiging matatag sa buhay at wala kang pananampalataya. Agree ako sa yo dyan!

    Pero hindi pa rin ako agree na baluktutin ang katotohanan para lamang maging dramatic ang istorya.

  • josh _LA says:

    agree ako kay Rindz.. I am a UPLB graduate too, I’ve seen the MMK Blusa episode through TFCnow (April 9, 2009). I did’nt know where was an issue going around. But when I was watching the episode and they said summa cum laude and UPLB tapos di makahanap ng work, sabi ko sa isip ko that is stupid. I immediately searched for Nemie Santino on google and find out that she is not indeed a SML UPLB grad. Some people might argue kung bakit tayo (UPians) nagrereact ng ganito over the issue, my answer is: hindi kasi kayo taga UP kaya hindi ninyo nararamdaman what we feel. Naghirap kaming mag-aral sa UP, hindi yung buro at basta basta. It takes a lot of courage, determination and hard work para pumasa sa exams and eventually be a graduate of UP. Madalas pa nga pagdating ng last exam or final exam, 3.0 na lang ang hinahabol para lang makapasa. I am so proud of my school and i believe in the credibility of my alma mater. In fact, UPLB ako working in a Pharmaceutical company in Los Angeles, CA, pero comparable or mas magagaling tayong mga Pilipino kaysa UCLA, USC graduates.
    MMK is known for its true story, and the intensity of the drama is based on the facts that they present. They build up the story such that Nemie is UPLB and SML grad, was unsuccesful finding a job, ended up as a stripper at nabaliw in the end. Ibahin mo ang story, try it such that hindi siya UP grad at hindi SML, iba yung dating. The point is, PLEASE dont sensationalize and exaggerate the story para lang makagawa ng drama around it, please be smarter than that.
    God Bless.

  • donna says:

    anoh bang ine emote nyo mga taga-up… kayo ba yung ate.. baxta ginawa lhan ni angel locsin yung work nya and she give justice naman sa role eh gets nyo..

    i love angel
    no. 1 sa cavite

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