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Gaby, Astig Pinoy Big Brother Housemate

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Gaby Dela Merced is the girl who is in to car racing. she is the Pinoy Big Brother housemate who likes to race cars with tremendous speed and acceleration. “Astig” is what they call this in the local Philippine dialect which literally means a great person with special characteristics beyond imagination with its uniqueness.

Last week as I accidentally watched the Pinoy Big Brother 2nd celebrity edition because my family was also watching the series, it was the episode where one of the girls of the Pinoy Big Brother housemates has to go out because of a racing tradition that she has to attend as a pledge to do every year. Kuya, allowed the housemate, Gaby to go and get her racing gear in the bag and let her go with a cloth to her eyes to not allow her to see where she was going.

She did took the chance to race even if she virtually never had the chance to practice even for a slot. she never had the chance to ride the new machine built for the race for her to ride. In a racer’s rule it should be that the racer must ride his/her car in a practice to see where it could go to when the actual race takes place but this time, Gaby broke the rule. she took the ride that could even send her endangering her own life in the race tracks. Gaby, the astig Pinoy Big Brother housemate raced with other veterans in the Philippine racing arena in Subic which is actually a yearly tradition for her.

The unexpected happened and the race did something to her car which suddenly destroyed the newly designed engines and almost got her speeding up to nowhere but she managed to get out safely. After that, her team checked everything and said it was impossible to have it repaired in time for her to get back to the race tracks. She cried up on the thought that she really did came to win and not to loose in the manner that she had no car to use for the race.

The team manager of Gaby’s team decided to take a risk to replace a new engine to the car and managed to get Gaby back into the race track with just a few laps left for her. everybody was surprised that after the turnout, Gaby managed to get back the fourth positions and then on the last lap managed to get the second and at the end took the lead against other veteran male racers of age older than her.

This proved further that indeed the Philippines is full of talented people not only in the form of a male but also a female and that there are times where this is proof that females can compete with the harshest sports with men.

Gaby got back to the Pinoy Big Brother house being undetected that she actually left for the race and all that the other Pinoy Big Brother housemates can do is wonder where in the world Gaby had been in the past few hours. all she could throw them is a big smile on her lips.

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