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PBB 7th Eviction Nomination Night Mockery

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Last night, the PBB 7th eviction nomination night between the 2 rival housemates and their respective teams turned out to be a mockery of nonsense. It was an obvious bait to lure the televiewers to vote and by vote we all know that the program earns extra cash. In fact, part of an earning once when there was nobody evicted (just forced eviction) was given to typhoon victims. That is because according to host, Toni Gonzaga, a new and never before in the history of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) nomination night will happen. I waited.

Indeed, something different, new and explosive did happen and it was not obvious only to fools but I must admit that it was next to nonsense. I couldn’t get it and so does some neighbors. Imagine taking time to make the housemates burst out their emotions giving reasons why they decided to vote against a neighbor housemate from the other house? And for what? Their nominations were not counted in the end. Everybody turns out to be a nominee!!! Hahahaha

At the end of the voting session, there were 4 housemates that was supposed to be candidate for a voted out (eviction nominee) by the televiewers but it turned out that the nomination within housemates were useless. How could that be? How could big brother (Kuya) just let the televiewers watch the nomination process and at the end of the night, render that process useless? Did the people responsible for the show really think all televiewers were that dumb to notice it?

Here’s why… He (Big Brother Philippines) (Kuya) let each and every housemate from house A vote out 2 of the housemates from the rival house (house B) they wanted to be evicted. Along the voting, they were made to reason out why they are voting for that housemate. The same process went in with the rival housemates and their team in house B. At the end of the voting session, there were supposed to be at least 4 nominees for eviction – 2 from house A and 2 from house B.

What happened is that the nomination process was rendered useless for the fact that this week according to the explosive, first ever in the history of PBB nomination night history, the voting for televiewers will go to a possibility that any of the housemates may be evicted from the PBB house. Meaning, they are all automatically nominated for eviction.

Of course we all know that Kuya can do whatever he wants in the house and implement rules according to what he thinks will fit the program but this must be the dumbest ever I have ever seen on primetime television.

It means that whoever the two houses (A and B housemates) voted for nomination is useless because in the end, whoever the people will vote out will be the one evicted from the PBB house. The nomination is useless and I can’t believe it! Why was the nomination night shown in the first place? To make some dumb idea look intriguing, unique, different? I’m sure it’s not only me who noticed this.

What a mockery! I don’t get the catch except that all I know (as well as one of my neighbors agreed and said) is that out of the voting spree, the show earns from text votes made by televiewers who were avid followers of the most intriguing reality tv show in the Philippines today… What is this all about?

I mean, I’m not pointing or insinuating on anything here, just merely trying to understand what is happening based on what I think I saw was wrong last night. I like the intriguing part of the reality program but this is not the dumb program that I expected it to turn out to be, just to want to be different or offer something to the televiewers that they think is different.

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