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PBB Double Up Update: Jimson Kathy Fails Task

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It was actually last week when I personally saw while watching PBB Double Up and trying to write my updates on the reality tv show. Kathy and Jimson, the couple in PBB house A together with Patrick were given the task. It is part of the weekly task where the food of the rest of the housemates will depend on.

The couple were to be separated and instead, it will be Patrick who will pretend to be the husband of Kathy. Jimson will act as just another housemate inside the house.

The task failed because Jimson could not take the jealousy that he feels whenever seeing his true wife being hugged and kissed and caressed by someone else knowing that it is him who is the true husband.

In short, Jimson, revealed in front of the other housemates after the set up of the anniversary celebration. He revealed that he cannot take it and that the true couple were him and Kathy and not Patrick.

The housemates lost in their weekly task and they lost the budget for food for the week because of that. Patrick was so upset as he talked to Big Brother. He said it is not because they failed but it is because the others have to suffer for a weekly no budget because of the couple, because of Jimson. Stay tuned here at Philippines blog for more updates on PBB Double Up.

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