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Slater is PBB Unlimited Season 4 Big Winner, Pamu settles for 2nd

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After 155 days of seclusion from the people and from what is happening outside of the PBB house in 2012. Slater Young was the housemate who was declared as the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) big winner last night. The announcement came in the big night at the Quirino Grandstand March 31, 2012 via live telecast by ABS-CBN. His real name is Jan Slater Young whose origin is in Cebu City, the 25 year old intelligent civil engineer whose birthdate was 12-19-1987 became the big winner.

Now, the question is, did money play a big role in winning the reality tv show? You go give your own insights. Use my comments section and say what you think about this opinion.

On the other hand, for me, Pamu Pamorada, the second big placer is my official bet. Based from watching and from people’s insights within the neighborhood, I can say that Pamu should have been the big winner but since we all know that money could very well influence the number of votes via texting, I think PBB is a big bull*hit. This is just an insight, though because we all know what finance status Pamu and Slater had compared and I don’t want to insinuate on anything here but allow me to give insights instead.

With votes via text playing a major role and perhaps a very influencial factor by taking the biggest percentage of votes with which the PBB Unlimited big winner is determined, then we can clearly say that if you have the money to buy text which equates to a vote, then chances are, you have the edge. I’m not saying that Slater bought votes or his parents or whoever close to him did but that could very well influence and divert truth which we all know based from the votes of the very housemates inside the PBB house (the big 5 and big 4) a couple of nights ago, it’s easy to tell who should’ve been the big winner. Even Slater voted for Pamu as well as the other 3 housemates, Divine, Biggel and Paco.

In the end, from my own opinion, PBB is a big bull frog! Pamu Pamorada should’ve been the big winner.

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