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Tayong Dalawa Teleserye – New Teleserye by ABS-CBN

Tayong Dalawa Teleserye” is the newest soap by ABS-CBN channel 2. This is about 2 brothers (dalawang magkapatid) who fell in love with the same woman. 2 brothers who are fighting for glory and love. Glory in career in the military and love of one woman. Two men, bound to meet by destiny and fall in love with the same woman. Two men with the same father competing for the attention and love of a woman torn between two choices of different personal judgment.

“Tayong Dalawa” (The Two of Us) stars some of the best actors and actresses in the person of Kim Chiu, Gerals Anderson and Jake Cuenca. Also some of the best people in the industry like Helen Gamboa, Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, Gina Pareno, Jiro Manio and more. This will be a soon-to-watch teleserye of the night family seats in front of the TV once more. I bet there will be a lot of avid fans of Philippine soaps who will be watching out for the grand opening of “Tayong Dalawa”.

This is another first in the Philippine soaps ever brought by ABS-CBN with a unique combination of 3 of the best and exciting young stars in Philippine cinema. A combination that everyone will surely be watching out for. The combination of Jake Cuenca and the love team of Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. In Tayong Dalawa teleserye, Kim Chiu plays Julia. Gerald Anderson plays JR/David Garcia and Jake Cuenca as David Garcia. Tayong Dalawa teleserye theme song is originally a song by Rey Valera now sung by Gary V. (Mr. Pure Energy).

One world, one love, a poor man’s quest, a wealthy man’s struggle for the love of only one woman. Who will share, who will get the full attention and who will take all the love of one heart. Will one poor man’s love be enough to take a woman or will another man’s wealth in life be the winning factor? Who will be loved and who will loose? Two women in one secret, two woman with the same father to their child. Who will give, who will share and who will win the heart of a love. Find out more about Tayong Dalawa teleserye soon. Coming January 2009.


39 Responses to “Tayong Dalawa Teleserye – New Teleserye by ABS-CBN”

  • Desi Impas says:

    Hmmmmm….. again I am back…. Got no choice but to watch this show since my wife likes watching this… I am just confused. I thought JR and Audrey has no money and so is their mom? How can they afford a very bongga wedding? Audrey even has two sets of gown during the church and reception. It was even set up in a pretty expensive hotel. ?????? Now they have hard time paying for the hospitalization of lola gets… Who paid for the wedding? Hehehehehe ABS-CBN cguro….. hehehehe…. People be consistent. Pag poor yung character, then they should act poor. Another thing…. Ingrid being high and mighty because of money and power, have u guys noticed that she only have one maid doing everything in the house? Dang!!! Kawawa namna yung maid. She must have been paid in 5 to 6 figures a month… grabehhhhh bwahahahaha

  • twinkle says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ai naku sobrang tlaga ni KIM &GERALD………………….
    da bZt tllaga ang n.yong EpEsode grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodluck da bZt ang n.yong Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • rose says:

    hello….. alam ninyo ang ganda talaga nang tayong dalawa …… ang galing talaga mag act si Jr at Audrey….. hindi ko nagustohan si Dave at ingrit ang sungit ni ingrit… eto naman si Dave palaging masungit tapos hindi naman sila bagay ni Audrey…. hindi ko rin nagustuhan si Ramon kinipnap niya Audrey tapos ang sama ginawa niya kay Audrey… kami dito sa bahay nanonood nang tayong dalawa…. umiiyak talaga ako yung namatay si Audrey… nakakalungkot ang storya nang tayong dalawa ang daming problema… sana may part 2 pa dahil ang ganda ganda nang tayong dalawa…… pero nagustuhan ko si Jr at Audrey ang galing galing nila mag act… lalo ni si marlene ang galing niya…. ayoko lang talaga kay ingrit dahil ang sama sama niya… eto naman si Greta binaril niya si Jr…. tapos si Dave may condition pa kay Audrey… GOOD LUCK NA LANG…. sorry kung meron ako comment kay ingrit at dave…

  • wadie says:

    sila coco martin and alexsandra is original team of kotrabidas on tayong dalawa
    as a second time a round coco jake and gerald with alexsandra and kim chiu

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