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Tayong Dalawa Teleserye – New Teleserye by ABS-CBN

Tayong Dalawa Teleserye” is the newest soap by ABS-CBN channel 2. This is about 2 brothers (dalawang magkapatid) who fell in love with the same woman. 2 brothers who are fighting for glory and love. Glory in career in the military and love of one woman. Two men, bound to meet by destiny and fall in love with the same woman. Two men with the same father competing for the attention and love of a woman torn between two choices of different personal judgment.

“Tayong Dalawa” (The Two of Us) stars some of the best actors and actresses in the person of Kim Chiu, Gerals Anderson and Jake Cuenca. Also some of the best people in the industry like Helen Gamboa, Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, Gina Pareno, Jiro Manio and more. This will be a soon-to-watch teleserye of the night family seats in front of the TV once more. I bet there will be a lot of avid fans of Philippine soaps who will be watching out for the grand opening of “Tayong Dalawa”.

This is another first in the Philippine soaps ever brought by ABS-CBN with a unique combination of 3 of the best and exciting young stars in Philippine cinema. A combination that everyone will surely be watching out for. The combination of Jake Cuenca and the love team of Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. In Tayong Dalawa teleserye, Kim Chiu plays Julia. Gerald Anderson plays JR/David Garcia and Jake Cuenca as David Garcia. Tayong Dalawa teleserye theme song is originally a song by Rey Valera now sung by Gary V. (Mr. Pure Energy).

One world, one love, a poor man’s quest, a wealthy man’s struggle for the love of only one woman. Who will share, who will get the full attention and who will take all the love of one heart. Will one poor man’s love be enough to take a woman or will another man’s wealth in life be the winning factor? Who will be loved and who will loose? Two women in one secret, two woman with the same father to their child. Who will give, who will share and who will win the heart of a love. Find out more about Tayong Dalawa teleserye soon. Coming January 2009.


39 Responses to “Tayong Dalawa Teleserye – New Teleserye by ABS-CBN”

  • ria says:

    One world, one love, a poor man’s quest, a wealthy man’s struggle for the love of only one woman. Who will share, who will get the full attention and who will take all the love of one heart. Will one poor man’s love be enough to take a woman or will another man’s wealth in life be the winning factor? Who will be loved and who will loose? Two women in one secret, two woman with the same father to their child. Who will give, who will share and who will win the heart of a love.touching nman i2……………

  • hannie says:

    this new soap opera of abs – cbn is totally very good. i min as we can see on the advertise i know filipinos would totally touch and will support this kind of drama. at ako nmn tatangkilikin ko itong soap na ito. PEOPLE will love it for sure and specially the ost of it “tayong dalawa”…

  • chona mae bason says:

    wwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww….tayong dalawa….nakakilig talaga yan….nanonood talaga ako nyn…lalo na pag andyn c jake cueca…ang gwapo2x nya talaga…halos lahat galing umarte…ma babae man o lalake…

  • jeng bolintao says:

    Oh,please we want to watch tayong dalawa here in Vietnam…we miss the movie so much..please we want to watch online. Napaka suspense kasi,,

  • 601st Army BN says:

    Magandang palabas.wala akong masabing negative, sana magkaroon ng din ng cd/dvd nyan iyung series. kc pag on duty o sa tawag ng tungkulin di namin masubaybayan, duty first before pleasure ika nga. pati kameng sundalo napapakilg din bawat kabanata ng soap opera na yan.kaya nagtatanong nalang kame sa nakapanood .

  • lyn says:

    super nakaka-touch grabe…! before im not watching abs-cbn teleserye but not this time di ko pinapalampas ang TAYONG DALAWA!… the BEST! Congratz to all the casts!

  • annie says:

    Wow.Congrats to this very very exciting teleserye from Abs-cbn!!!Ang gagaling nilang lahat!!Super.Ganda ng storyline unique,directing superb, lahat lahat wala kang maiwanang eksena,you cant miss a single scene parang lahat ng scene relevant.Galing talaga!And congrats din sa mga lead young stars Kim Chiu,Gerald and Jake Cuenca acting-wise di sila nagpahuli sa mga co-star nila.Galing.

  • ellen e. caparoso says:

    wow.. talagang ang ganda ng story ng tayong dalawa! super galing ng mga artista. kmi lahat d2 sa aming lugar palagi naming painapanood….. sobrang ang galing talaga! wla kming masabi the best talaga. parang totoong2 talaga….more power of the show and god bless sa inyong lahat im ellen E. Caparoso here from iligan city of mindanao…….

  • stephanie rodriguez says:

    Yes. i agree.. all the artists there are very good. Kim Chui, she’s like parang ngo-ngo magsalita.. si gerald.. pacute and paawa palagi ang face.. Jake Cuenca.. parang galit palagi..

    anyways, Agot Isidro is really an effective villain..

    nakaksawa na kasi yung mga patwee tums na character.. mas gusto ko sa mga contravidas..

  • Desi Impas says:

    This is a good story but I think I know where this is going… Anyways, I just wish, that the story was reviewed first by a military consultant… Why? Well, how can they release a dead report of David Garcia when there was no body found. Second, how in the world an air force soldier be in the front line? The series shows jr wearing an airforce suit then how in the world is he sent on a mission on foot? Third, when they got the hostage from the rebels and proceeded to the extraction point, how in the world can all of the troops be extracted on a puny civilian chooper instead of the regular military huey rescue chopper? And aside from that, what happened to the rest of the troops when I actually counted more than 20 with them? In addition, the pilot of the chopper was even a civilian wearing regular clothes. ???????????

  • Desi Impas says:

    Who’s body was placed on the caskett? There was no body of david garcia recovered! Hmmmm I think this is like the love story from the american movie “pearl harbor”… Darn! It was a good movie until this last episode. Please have a military personnel review the film before showing it… tsk tsk tsk…

  • samantha harushi says:

    the story is sooo cheap.. the plot is sooooo dull! how i wish i directed the film. lol.

  • samantha harushi says:

    ohh.. kimchiu>> ang arte and soooper kawawa umarte. wee!! prctice young gurl. bat xa pa kinuhang artista???? hmmmm daming mas deserving. hahahaha

  • dave says:

    Ok ung teleserye.. hindi sya movie.. hehe.. anyway,sa bench din ba ung mga suot na polo ni JR?? cool e.. PEACE! ^^,

  • dave says:

    ok na ok pla ung mga nagcocoment dito,, kapuso.. hehe.. PEACE.. anyway, kanya kanyang opinion naman tayo kaya aus lang un.. hehe.. for me, ok ung story.. hindi xa gnun kaunique but hindi naman sya korny lang sa ibang teleserye..

  • blanca says:

    sana wala ng masyadong pa twetams si kim hindi bagay ang character nila sa mga gumaganap si JR masyadong bata pa sa character niya at the same time lalo na si kim mas lalong hindi bagay si jake medyo okey okey pa kasi medyo matured siya sa totoo lang kung hindi ninyo iiimprove ang takbo ng story very boring na ang nagdadala na lang ay sina marlene, lola gets , Ingrid at mamita yun na lang ang nakakaganda nagiging boring na talaga when it comes to kim and gerald di talaga bagay ang mga character nila sa kanila . Gawan nyo naman ng paraan kasi sayang ang magandang simula nawawalan ng pananabik ang viewers. Everyone na nakausap namin ganon ang comment . Make a move to develop it sayang talaga!

  • M. Lynvi says:

    This is one of the best soap of ABS CBN, I’m a kapamilya, and eversince I started to watch your network, it’s just now that I can say …. tayong dalawa is really a “wow” soap that I had been watched. I and my mom are waiting every night for the next awaited flow of the story. This is really different from the rest. I hope that you can produce a DVD for this soap. Keep up the good work.

  • Desi Impas says:

    Why is JR Garcia an AIR FORCE officer taking the lead in the investigation and capture of the gunrunning syndicate? Whoa! This is absolutely insane! And other thing, whenever a patient is intubated (a tube inserted into the patients throat to assist in the respiration), that person cannot talk. Even if the patient will try to speak, no voice will ever come out from it… This must be a special case huh? LOL

  • zanzan says:

    hay nko prasamga naninirasamga kimerald……selos lngkayu nila!alanganbinigyan cla ng role pra jan dahil nag start na ang kanilang maturity!

  • negative says:

    i dnt care cnong msama or mabuti i still think dapat ung money na pinalago ni ingrid ay dapat kay ingrid…end of story

  • angelle says:

    at first I really like the story of tayong dalawa but with what is happening now, I really hate audrey and JR for what they are doing to Dave..take note,audrey once said she doesn’t want to hurt Dave’s feeling because he’s a friend to her (best friend) and Jr said that too! but for me,both of them are really traitors! mga walang awa!!!! Hoy Jr and Audrey magkaroon man lang kayo nang DELIKADESA at KUNSENSIYA No! Best friend pa daw at kapatid pa naman?..huh! kainis, we don’t like watching it anymore dito sa bahay…

  • Megan says:

    Sa takbo ng story ng Tayong Dalawa, the love team of Kim and Gerald is given more importance over anything else. Nakakainit ng ulo at nakakasukang isipin na higit na pinahalagahan ng scriptwriter, director, at producer ang commercial value ng tayong dalawa kesa ipromote ang pagkakaisa, pagmamalasakitan at pagmamahalan ng magkakapamilya. This leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

  • grace says:

    Sa tuwing manonood kaming magasawa ng tayong dalawa lagi kaming nagaaway kasi andun ang simpatiya niya sa unang kabit na pamilya nila JR. dahil marami siyang naging pamilya at mga anak sa labas. Ako naman talagang sobrang galit sa direktor kasi from the start, ung pamilya ni INGRID ginawang punching bag sa istorya.hanggang sa ngayon kung ano anong twist ng story ginagawa para makalusot ang pamilya ni JR Sa totoo lng nagkamali si DAVE ng tulungan niya c JR sa PMA tuloy naging daan un para mawasak ang matahimik nilang pamilya., kaya narealized ko na hindi tayo dapat maging mabait sa kapuwa kasi baka balang araw tayo ang maging api. Sa true to life story yan ha! sa totoo lang sakit ng kalooban inaabot ko pag napapanood ko ang teleseryeng tayong dalawa. Naisip ko na talagang masarap pumatay at makulong kung katulad lng nila Marlene ATJR. ang papatayin ko ! walang Nawawala rin ang moral values sa story kasi itong si KIM napakabastos sa tatay niya. Hindi ko makita ang ugaling pinoy na kahit ano pa man ang magulang mo mababa pa rin loob natin. Sana naman maging realistic ang story ng tayong dalawa……..

  • sinigang says:

    solid kapuso ako, pero napanuod ko ung first episode nito di ka na malubayan… ASTIG to mga tol! hindi ito ung TYPICAL FILIPINO telenobela na super corny at d makatotohanan ang story. d best to..,.





  • rey says:

    una sa lhat sa umpisa maganda ang story ng tyong dalwa.halos nakaka inip ksi hbang 2matagal ang story lalong 2mitindi ang mga exsena ba lalo na si dave pla ang 22ong anak ni marllyn.pero paano at anong ang magaganap at sino ang mag sasabi ng boung katotohan.panoodin na lng natin kng ang magyayari.

  • dj says:

    talagang hindi na ako manoog ng tayong dalawa kasi tenitwist nanaman ng director or writter ang storya papaano naging anak ni marlene si Dave na ang layo ng lugar nila . sabi nga ng anak ko ganyan ba ang ugali ng pinoy ipagulong ang magulang at isipin under pa si audrey sa pader ng parent at kapatid saka tradition ng chinese na ang mga magulang sila ang mag dicision kung ano ang gusto nila ipa asawa sa kanilang anak . Ay supakira itong si audrey na ank at walang utang na loob ito naman si JR .. oo sigi e twist pa ninyo ang storya wla nang manood nakapanood lang dahil nag hintay sa pieta. sabi ng iba e off daw muna nila ang Tv pag show ng tayong dalawa pag time ng pieta na e on na rin nila..

  • zaidokc says:

    sa totoo lang..
    c coco at alessandra ang pinaka magaling umarte jan!
    dapat clang dalawa nalang ang pinagawa ng sariling serye!
    parang matanda na itsura nia..
    parang basagulero talaga, kaya nga ayaw ng parents ni melisa sa kanya!
    sorry nalang!
    i like kim!
    kapamilya din naman ako eh..
    d ku lang kaso type ung dalawang leading man!
    dapat c enchong nalang..

  • grace says:

    hindi talaga maganda ang story ng tayong dalawa kasi kung anu-anong twist gngwa, matalino na ang mga viewrs para paikutin pa! pero in fairness ha , ang galing talaga ni alessandara kaysa kay kim , ang galing din ni jake , taob c gerald sa acting. hanga rin ako kay helen at agot kaya nakuha nila simpatiya ko. galing din ni STANly at ni anita linda.Sobrang OA naman itong c Cherry Pie at LOla gets.

  • greta2 says:

    I hate watching tayong dalawa talaga..ganda nung una,but now nagiging unbelievable!…para talagang nilagay lang si kim sa papel nya para panira sa dalawa.eto namang si gerald pretend pa na walang kasalanan e nung una pa man may plano na talagang mang agaw..di tototo ung sabi nya na iwas sya no??? kitam,d nya kayang i give up ang relationship with kim kahit na para sa pamilya nya.PAREHAS LANG SILA NI KIM!!! dont like you both…OE si gerald PA CUTE at inocente pa si kim..ngek,ngek nyo! kayo na lang manood nyan..d na makatotohanan ang istorya…OVEEERRR!!!…sobra,sobra ang pagkawawa kina ingrid,sila naman talaga ang nag hirap no???
    Napaka traidor naman ni Jr at Audrey!

  • Desi Impas says:

    Wow naman… Tinanggal yung comment ko…. Kala ko ba free comment country to?
    Anyways, this is for sinigang if ever you haven’t read my last comment.

    First, I know for sure whenever there’s a war, everyone from the arm forces are definitely sent and utilized. But if you followed the series, it wasn’t a war where jr and dave was sent. It was a rescue mission. They only needed at least twenty soldiers for the on foot operation. It would have been believable if gerald was the one piloting the helicopter even though the chopper used was a civilian and a very small chopper which would not definitely accomodate the rest of the soldiers rescuing the hostage. Why? Was anyone from your airforce family sent on foot to eliminate the gunrunning syndicate in manila? Or were anyone of them sent to rescue the kidnapped victim from the MILF on FOOT to rescue the victims? Again, NO because it is not a war.
    Second, I am not a ka pamilya or ka puso. It just so happened that when I get home, that’s the show that most people in our house are watching so I watched it anyways. I just wanna stressed out to the director and writer that they should get a consultant in the military and medical area since the plot of the series focused on that area. I just wanna stressed out the we, the people watching the series are not stupid. Do you wanna be considered stupid or you just wanna take anything that they are feeding you even if it’s beyond possible?
    Sinigang, I am not picking a fight here. I am just protecting us viewers from any misinformation. Thank you.

  • jd2004 says:

    kelan pa nag umpisa ang teleserye na to?? tanong lang po.

  • grecel says:

    ,.,.sobrang ganda poh ng tayong dalawa,.,.sana may part 2 pa.,.

  • connix says:

    i dont think that this kind of teleserya happens in real life…Mr. writer / producer / director, i think the characters being portrayed in this film were loosing values na…the essence of family ties and humanity were being taken for granted. Try to watch pearl harbor..there you’ll find the real meaning of love, friendship, and family.

    One more thing…the Kim and Gerald love team is not working here.. I think Jake and Kim have better chemistry… you should work on that… sayang kasi… Kudos!

  • CELERAGON says:

    I agree with connix because this is a never ending battle always bad karma going on when is this going to end I’m tired of watching depressing episodes and not so real life drama. THis is too much to even happen to real life. So tragic sad story even when this one has a happy ending viewers will be worn out and tired and won’t enjoy anymore. I stopped watching this because its very depressing and getting to be stupid nonsense story. Good luck to the other viewers.

  • CELERAGON says:

    Amen to Greta, desi, grace, dj, etcc… Akala ko ako lang ang nakakahalata at naiinis na sa story ng “Tayong dalawa” I dont know why my spouse got me watching this. There’s no moral in this story, doesn’t make sense, now that Elizabeth apologized and repented for what she did, she got killed, and JR after getting shot and almost died is going to be in jail. What the heck! THis just shows how stupid the story is. I stopped watching this since yesterdays episode. I wasted my time.

  • Desi Impas says:

    Hmmmmm….. again I am back…. Got no choice but to watch this show since my wife likes watching this… I am just confused. I thought JR and Audrey has no money and so is their mom? How can they afford a very bongga wedding? Audrey even has two sets of gown during the church and reception. It was even set up in a pretty expensive hotel. ?????? Now they have hard time paying for the hospitalization of lola gets… Who paid for the wedding? Hehehehehe ABS-CBN cguro….. hehehehe…. People be consistent. Pag poor yung character, then they should act poor. Another thing…. Ingrid being high and mighty because of money and power, have u guys noticed that she only have one maid doing everything in the house? Dang!!! Kawawa namna yung maid. She must have been paid in 5 to 6 figures a month… grabehhhhh bwahahahaha

  • twinkle says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ai naku sobrang tlaga ni KIM &GERALD………………….
    da bZt tllaga ang n.yong EpEsode grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodluck da bZt ang n.yong Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • rose says:

    hello….. alam ninyo ang ganda talaga nang tayong dalawa …… ang galing talaga mag act si Jr at Audrey….. hindi ko nagustohan si Dave at ingrit ang sungit ni ingrit… eto naman si Dave palaging masungit tapos hindi naman sila bagay ni Audrey…. hindi ko rin nagustuhan si Ramon kinipnap niya Audrey tapos ang sama ginawa niya kay Audrey… kami dito sa bahay nanonood nang tayong dalawa…. umiiyak talaga ako yung namatay si Audrey… nakakalungkot ang storya nang tayong dalawa ang daming problema… sana may part 2 pa dahil ang ganda ganda nang tayong dalawa…… pero nagustuhan ko si Jr at Audrey ang galing galing nila mag act… lalo ni si marlene ang galing niya…. ayoko lang talaga kay ingrit dahil ang sama sama niya… eto naman si Greta binaril niya si Jr…. tapos si Dave may condition pa kay Audrey… GOOD LUCK NA LANG…. sorry kung meron ako comment kay ingrit at dave…

  • wadie says:

    sila coco martin and alexsandra is original team of kotrabidas on tayong dalawa
    as a second time a round coco jake and gerald with alexsandra and kim chiu

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