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UFC in the Philippines

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A Short View of the UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Philippines has never been the same since the opening of the cable TV that airs a special show about a certain program regularly via Solar Sports. This is the mixed martial arts fighters and fighting arena in the UFC, based in the U.S.

What the UFC is all About

The UFC is actually a full contact fighting sports but some say that this is the modern day gladiator fighting scene we inherited from the early Roman Empire. The only difference from the early gladiator fights of the UFC is that this sport never uses any weapons, only bare hands and ability to utilize full contact skills using mixed martial arts. Even if the UFC is actually the only organization that pooled together the best in mixed martial arts artists in the world to fight in the UFC arena for prestige and honor, nevertheless, it is still the first of its kind.More…

Mixed Martial Arts and UFC Underground

The ultimate aim of the very first fighting tournament is simply to determine who is the best fighter in the world without fighting style limits which means that you can use any fighting style of your choice in order to win the battle against a fellow combatant regardless of fighting skills and how to utilize it while in the UFC arena.

The early UFC fights and fighters had gone underground in its early days because of political judgment of brutality and human cockfighting accusations with combined political pressure. To avoid further controversy, while the political pressure increased, the UFC decided to reform their fighting rules and subject itself to be sanctioned by state athletic commissions. This allowed the growing organization and fighting fans to market itself as a legitimate sporting event which later on was learned to be loved by many, including the previous followers of the early (WWF) World Wrestling Federation fight fans and the UFC in the Philippines fighting audience.

UFC Becomes Popular in the Philippines

The turn of numerous favorable incidents led the UFC to let go of the early tagging of “no holds barred” quote but instead carried the banner called as “mixed martial arts” professionals. Since then, The Ultimate Fighting Championship gained momentum in the pay per view slot in cable tv show time. This became the start of the UFC to gain market as the expansion came to a point where cable television deals merged with the interest of the people on the fighting arena and style of the UFC and its fighting professionals.

Today, the UFC gained mainstream in the pay per view and cable television in many parts of the world unleashing its power beyond control with regards to popularity. This included the viewing appearance of UFC in the Philippines as many fight fans learned to love the games featured each and every fighting schedule.

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