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GSIS Consolidated Loan

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The GSIS consolidated loan (others call it consol loan or conso loan) is the total package of all available loans for members consolidated into one. The conso loan includes the combination :

  • salary loan
  • restructured salary loan
  • enhanced salary loan
  • emergency loan
  • assistance
  • summer one-month salary loan

With this type of loan, you can be assured of a higher amount you will get. GSIS says that “This loan gives higher loanable amount with the additional amount of twice the basic monthly salary on top of the existing salary loan“.

In other countries they also call this as the bad credit loan aimed at fixing your previous paying problems of an existing loan. This is because of the literally low interest rate and low monthly amortization. Read more about this at the official website of GSIS Philippines –

Sa mga gusto kumuha or mag apply for OFW, seaman or personal loan, please read our post about OFW Seaman Loan.

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126 Responses to “GSIS Consolidated Loan”

  • ma.liza c.albellar says:

    why is it that my loan deduction have not reflected yet on my gsis loan payments and my policy loan until now i cant avail?

  • ma.liza c.albellar says:

    Policy loan is still not active

  • Jerlinda M. Santos says:

    why is it that i cant avail my conso loan and my policy loan.. tnx

  • jansen m. bayawa says:

    follow up renewal consol loan. Approved two weeks ago but not yet credited to my atm account (e Card Plus).

  • janice says:

    Why is it that my consoloan payments are NEVEr reflected and credited tomy account whenever i apply for conso? this has happened twice , two straight years. This means that it appears as if i have not made a single payment for my loan whereas i have been religiously deducted of the monthly amortizations.

  • Rusiell H. Tolentino says:

    why is it that i have been a member of gsis since 2005 but my profile in my ecard at the kiosk always says that i could only inquire for a loan if i have at least 6 months of regular contributions. seems that my record was not updated which is the reason why i cannot transact any loan privilege that i should avail! it was never my fault but i’m suffering so much from this unfair treatment!

  • mariajesusadaria says:

    My regular policy CM 2109594 matured last Aug. 15, 2009. What happened that still to this date I have not yet received anything from the GSIS? I have submitted all requirements last July 28, 2009. Please make necessary action into this matter please!

  • amelia celis says:

    how much my consolidated loan?

  • my payments since 2007 had not been completely reflected/ credited in my account.Even before i had my first time consoloan, my previous deductions under enhanced wasn’t reflected. Gsis employee said that it will be credited or should i file a request for refund if ever.I did ! b But any single centavo is handed over me.I availed another one almost end of Jan.’2010 expecting that every payment that had been deducted to me was forwarded under my name.but it didn’t happened.It took more than 2 yrs.but still… it was not yet updated. Why? How many years will I wait before my payments get updated? Hoping to hear an explanation from you.Just What other members believed that making this kiosk would be a great help for us.I thought it was. but it made things more complicated.

  • Priscilla O. Pacamalan says:

    i have a housing loan way back 2004 which was deducted a monthly installment as required. after 3 years of religiously paying without a miss, , i wanted to have the updated records of my payment because i want to fully-paid the account, but i was told to wait because only the central office have a hand in posting the payments remitted in my accounts. But since i urgently needs the release of land title being mortgaged, i fully paid the amount as billed excluding some recent payments that had been remitted. so my landtitle was released for a month, but my refunds was not included. so, i made a request for the release of the refund with the complete statements of amount paid to gsis with its correspinding receipts, right after ten working days i was informed that the matter had been acted. That was sometimes in March 2008. up to this point in time, nothing had been said about it, what shall i do to get my refund? who is the right person in authority am i going to address the problem?

  • Ma. Cecilia says:

    Why is it that my records were not updated yet? I am now 3 yrs. and 6 months in service but still the machine in Gwasps Kiosk told me that I lack 4 months so I cannot avail my consol loan.

  • Ma. Cecilia says:

    I would like to avail a consol loan but my records were not updated yet as of this time. Can you help me solve this problem?

  • Lea S. Jalea says:

    my policy matured last 2007,I would like to inquire why is it that i have no dividend since 2008 up to 2010.thank you so much

    how about my policy loan its almost 3years now how could i avail my policy loan. thank you

  • corazon borlon says:

    when shall we receive our new ecard plus and when can we avail of cash advance 20 thousand?

  • Rosalinda L. Lato says:

    I want to avail the consolidated loan but the problem is my fingerprints were never read by the biometrics. I’ve been going back and forth at GSIS Sorsogon Branch for the past four weeks. I’ve already seek the assistance of the GSIS employee assigned at the information so with the Branch /Asst, Branch Manager and their reply is to try and try and try the GWAPS. I’ve been trying a hundred times or more but still my consol loan is unsuccessful because of my fingerprints. I need a reply please.

  • Maria Rommela Y. Aquino says:

    I became permanent July 3, 2007 and until now I don’t have a policy number. I pass all the requirements needed but our district office and division office still they don’t fix it. What actions should be done for this matter?

  • gemma says:

    I want some clarification why its been more than 5yrs now i haven’t received my GSIS annual dividends with in fact i am deducted monthly with my premiums….Please take action on this matter.

  • Priscilla O. Pacamalan says:

    pls, send thru this website, all info regarding transaction in gsis made by the concerned member

  • herminia b. magno says:

    i am requesting for an updated record for all my loan payments so i’ll know what’s my standing and how much should i be refunded if there is and when. please send the record to my email address.

  • Jocelyn M. Aquino says:

    How can get my refund for the overpayment of my emergency loan in the amount of P6000.00 paid last CY2006?

  • Lamberto E.Ibon says:

    i suffered from over deduction in connection with my maturity. pls check my payments and send me the refund.

  • Lamberto E.Ibon says:

    i applied for consol loan last november 2009 and it was approved but last march 2010 still there is no deduction made in my monthly salary.

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  • Emelinda L. Eupiña says:

    i would like to inquire my conso loan if it is already approved, which was filed last week ( May 20, 2010)

  • Myrna V. Gonzales says:

    i would like to know the status of my conso loan, which was filed last May 21, 2010

  • Edgar B. Suan says:

    Where is Mr. Winston Garcia now?

  • Rosetti Alana A. Reyes says:

    How come I cannot avail my policy loan from GSIS? I have checked the kiosk but there is no available amount

  • Ramon L. Fernandez says:


    Please update my consol loan(salary loan) so that i can renew my consol loan and pay my balance (unpaid loan) in SOS(ONE MONTH).

    Sir/Madam , i submitted my CRMD formNo. 092308 last May 25, 2010, requesting for consolodation of my accouts (Salary Loan & SOS).

    Hoping for your kind consideration on my request.



    Policy No. CM-1123994

  • Psyche C. Mascardo says:

    Why is it that my UMID card has not yet released, i registered last April 17, 2010. I keep on follow up with my Liason officer. Those who registered may has already arrived Why? Thank you very much, hoping for your immediate response.

  • ma.liza c.albellar says:

    why is it that until now my UMID card is not yet release/?i applied it last may6,2010,pls,send me an asap reply .thank you very much.

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  • expedito supendio alvarez says:

    why until now i cannot avail my sweetener P19500 from umid card
    it’s more than a month already since it was confirmed and submitted the complaint in your office regarding my umid card problem
    pls send back to my email add your answer about this matter


  • Maria,Alma A. Lactud says:

    na release na po ba ung ceap ni darel A. Lactud Payor Alma A. Lactud

  • petronila v.manguiat says:

    Please update the payments of my [previous cash advance in the old ecard plus. I already activated my UMID card and and i want to apply for a cash advance. In my payslip, my loan is already finished this august, but it appears that 4 months are still unpaid.. the total amount of cash advance should be 9,700 but when i apply for it, the net proceeds is 8,366.00.

    Please update. Thank you.

  • ferli parilla says:

    one of my colleagues handed me a print out of her GSIS consol loan deductions, to my surprise,one of the deductions written in the print out was the 10thousand ecard cash advance remaining balance…what does it mean?why is it our agency is still deducting us the Ph338 amortization for the ecard cash advance where in fact it has already been paid up(c/o consol loan deduction)?HAVE MERCY ON US…

  • Randy G. Jimera says:

    i would like to verify about my consolidated loan, until nw i cant view my loan amount, it was posted it already but it was gone. please make an immediate action with regard to this matter… thank you…

  • marieta d. delos reyes says:

    please update my monthly deduction.i was deducted for almost 2 years but still no remmitances? i cant avail all loans even i still a member?

  • mariette tabligan says:


    i wonder why i can’t avail my cash advance in UMID card. according to the machine, i have an outstanding balance in ELA so i can’t be able to avail my cash advance. why is it that during the previous e-cards released to us, there were no questions about it?
    please give this matter preferential attention.
    thank you and mabuhay!!!!

  • Einna Tabujara says:

    Last November 2009, I retired from the government after 18 years of government service. I already had submitted all the necessary requirements for retirement withe the GSIS Liaison office. May I ask what will be the benefits that I will be receiving from gsis. I have an existing consolidated and policy loan. Will these be deducted from my 18 months retirement benefits?

  • rita t. alanano says:

    May I know when will it delivered my humid card? I applied last July. Is it ready for delivery now?

  • edilberto g cruz says:

    why my outstanding balance is not updated up to now ive been deducted but until now there is no clear record from gsis may i know what is the problem about my consoloan remaining balance, i try to verify from your internet but still come out sorry for incomvinience we are updating how long it does

  • edilberto g cruz says:

    my gsis policy have been matured last november 2009 why there is no dividend from my policy?

  • Emmanuel S. Gonzales says:

    It has been 10 working days already since i/we applied for umid cash advance (i.e. August 26, 2010 Thursday). Until now i/we don’t receive our net proceeds. Those who applied last August 27, 2010( Friday) on the contrary already received theirs . PLEASE ATTEND TO THIS . WE ARE IN DIRE NEED OF MONEY . THANX !!!


    Why is it that my consoloan payments are not appeared to my account whenever i apply for conso? Our Local Government ( Pasay City Hall) deducted said payments. This means that it appears as if i have not made a single payment for my loan whereas i have been deducted of the monthly amortizations since July 2007 upto February 2009.

    THANK YOU…..

    Sincerely yours,

    Policy No. CM #580081


    Please contact: MOLINA, ELIZABETH LOPEZ—— POLICY NO. CM#580081
    Pasay City Prosecution Office—— 804-04-13
    Mobile No.—— 0915-386-9350
    Landline No.—973-48-38.

    Regarding my renewal consoloan.


    POLICY NO. CM#580081


    I’m availing my consol loan since I’d received my E Card Plus (2008) but until now I cannot avail from it..Still your updating our records..When can I avail my consol loan?
    Please make an immediate action for this matter..
    Thank you..

    Yours truly,
    Dep Ed Tarlac City
    Policy Number: 2804971

  • nutcracker says:

    is this a sorta echo chamber where you talk about your problem and you listen to it yourself?

  • nutcracker says:

    GSIS is pure crap. hope the new administration can do something about it or better yet, it’s function be transferred to pag-ibig which performs better.

  • NOLE C. NUSOG says:

    I applied for a UMID cash advance last 16 September 2010 and was approved by our AAO on 17 September 2010. At my membership account with the GSIS website (using my old ecard plus ID number), it was indicated that my UMID cash advance was granted on t18 September.

    Today is the 22nd day of September 2010. Yet I still have to get my hands on the PhP9,725 that GSIS is supposed to lend me. It’s already FOUR WORKING DAYS! (not counting the weekend), way beyond the 72 hour gambit GSIS crows.

    Ano ba? Magpapautang ba kayo o hindi? Maawa naman kayo, huwag kayong magpa asa. My UMID Ecard number is 956 0463260 01 9.

    Mobile: 0921-427-9235
    Tel. (086)826-3818 local 101

  • Ma Estrella Paringit Ubbanan says:

    pls. update my consol payments since 2008 so that I can avail for a new loan. thank you very much…

  • nuncia l. balleta says:

    why is it that my deduction for my policy loan was not credited to my loan, the whole amount was deducted from my maturity? there are many loan amount deducted that was already paid from the consol. loan. my policy was already matured but it was difecit and I requested for re-computation and I don`t agree the result . I am requesting to refer the loan history to check the amount of my proceeds.

  • rusel zerep says:

    if a member still have loan balance…can be granted for consol loan in the umid card?

  • NOLE C. NUSOG says:

    I applied for a conso loan and according to the GSIS website, was granted on Thursday, 30 September.

    Bakit hanggang ngayon hindi pa credited?

    My UMID no. is 956 0463260 01 9

  • Florencia T. Manio says:

    Just to prepare my next year maturity claim. Last August 20l0 I prepared and submitted statement of life and retirement premiums remittances from year l977 and up to September, 20l0 and other necessary documents needed for proper and thorough posting. I have extracted my Membership Profile from your website and found out that I have an unpaid premiums in the total amount of 94,569.00 as of Sept. 20l0. Why is this so. The Prov’l Gov’t of Davao del Sur, had completely and religiously remitted our monthly premiums on time. I made up several follow ups GSIS DAVAO BRANH but unfortunately still no movement. Why? Please help your member/s free of worries. MABUHAY and GOD BLESS.

  • editha g.avergonzado says:

    i want to avail the consol loan but the problem is my office,i belong to deped local.the division office can’t confirm my application.they let me file application papers for updating my me solve this problem ASAP.thank you

  • editha g.avergonzado says:

    anticipating your immediate action regarding my request.God bless and more power!

  • nanette ababon saavedra says:

    whats ELA , i was already granted the conso loan and i was deducted an emergency assistance of 12,512.78. What is really an ELA ? some of us here had the same problem and we cant avail the cash advance of 10,000.00.

  • nila sembrano says:

    sir ,
    i received my maturity benefit last april i was deducted on my salary loan last 2001 which was long paid already through salary deduction dated sept 2001to aug 2005 , deduction code 0002 gsis salary loan amount 1,866.59. can i claim my refund ?The said amount is 15,636.59 . how?

  • cherry s. cabiguin says:

    bkit ung ibang teachers khit wla pang 5 years in service my laman n ung conso loan nila?un ung naencounter namin ng pumunta kmi sa gsis malolos.sana ayusin nio naman ung serbisyo nio.

  • pe janeth says:

    pls do post in your website the informations and status of our application of loans. just like the previous years, we are free to inquire the status of our application..NOW that we are using our umid cards, we cant do the same anymore… please have a response regarding this matter..
    thanks and god bless…

  • Ma. Tifel Bulanon says:

    Last July 2010 I went to GSIS office here in Bacolod to apply for a UMID cash advance but I was not able to avail of the said loan because of the existing ELA which appeared in the GWAPS. Since I started teaching I was not able to experience applying for that ELA loan. So I asked the information officer about this and she let me fill out a form regarding my query. Last October 7 I came back to GSIS to apply again for a UMID cash advance hoping that I can avail the said loan. But I was dismayed because again I was not able to avail the said loan for the same reason. I went immediately to the information officer and again she gave me a query form and I wrote my queries. Next month I’m planning to go there again I hope that my loan records will be cleared already. And also last July I was planning to apply for a policy loan but I didn’t pursue because my monthly payments for three years were not posted. Please update the posting of my loan payments ( Policy, Consol, and e-card cash advance )

  • Myra says:

    why is that my record is still not updated that’s why i cannot avail my consoloan?

  • leonida m. gepte says:

    inquiring on the status of the UMID Card which I filed sometime in August of the current year. Name of agency: House of Representatives.

  • charibel r. sarte says:

    I applied for a console loan last november 5, 2010. May i know its status when will it be credited to my e card account. thank you.

  • edgardo p. ranches says:

    i apply for my umid card last june 25, 2010, when will i get it? 02003970857 is my gsis id no.

  • cirila a. akiatan says:

    I enrolled for the umid card last July 17, 2010 together with my five other co-teachers. That was the first batch in our school. Now my problem is, among us, it is only ME who has not received yet the said UMID card until now, while there are two from the second batch dated a month after us who already received theirs. My question is…..Where is mine? Were there problems along the way? Though in that enrollment process, there was none. I just wonder why mine hasn’t arrived yet. I hope my questions will be addressed so as to give me peace of mind, thinking there might be any complexities, perhaps. Thank you.

  • cirila a. akiatan says:

    Hoping for a response to my query. Probably, it can be through email. Please…. Thank you.

  • rommel E. Kanakan says:

    good day GSIS management I verifying my ecard loan Iapply this last july but until now Idid not release it ….Iam asking your good office to pls.kindly and update records……….. Ialso asking favor to pls avil my consol loan….since then I did not availing my consol since three years orf five years……up to the present………..thank you for immediate action your kind active response marks me to admire your good mAnage,ent….
    again thank you very much…..Iam Rommel Emperado Kanakan from DepED maguindanao…..pls ring me to Mobile phone……09262631421…..thk you…..

  • carmenia c. cristobal says:


    good day! i have a request in your office about the change of my birthday and it’s about a long time yet until now, there is still no action. all the necessary documents needed are all submitted so please, i’m waiting for your response regarding this matter.

    thank you very much!

  • agustia b. castillo says:

    i am just inquring the status of my application for maturity benefits. May policy contract was matured last January 2009 but up to now, i didnt receve any. Last March 2009, GSIS processing unit wrote me that i have some requirements to gave. Ive already send the said requirements to them.
    Pls. update me the status.. My celphone number is 09282138431.

    Thanks and God Bless…

  • myrnalyn o.nuyda says:

    good day! pls update me of my conco loan. my cellphone number is 09275938732.

    thank u very much and more power!

  • realyn f belen says:

    good eve i need your help our liason officer cant confirm my consoloan my name doesnt appear on thier file what should i do

  • Gerundio N. Calabia says:

    What is the update of my consolidated loan, policy loan and cash advance.

  • herminio andres says:

    I jaz want to follow up my umid card, I did not received it since July 2010…

    pls. reply ASAP…Thanks

  • mary anne javier magahis says:

    good day!jaz want to ask qng kelan po marerelease un umid q.i applied last march pa together with my co teacher jocelyn villones but until now wala pa po.nagtatanong po kmi sa liason nmin d nman nila msagot,nagtanong na po kami ulit sa main sabi po basta hntayin lang daw po. e lapit na po mag 1 year wla pa rin po…

  • Mildred M. Patrivo says:

    I just want to inquire about my consol loan remittances since april 2008

  • saranay paz says:

    I just want inquire the status of my consol loan remittances since 2006. txnx

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  • zosima r. gonzales says:

    why is it that i have not receive my dividend since 2005 until now. my co tchrs have already their dividend. Pls i would like to know why. I would also like to inform you that i am already teacher II since 2003. According to your record iam still tchr. I. Pls update my status. thank you very much.

  • pinky m. madali says:

    why is it that i cant avail of my policy and consol loan?

  • Ma.Angeles A. Pabalinas says:

    I would like to know the status of my E-Card Plus and SOS refund which was filed last January 19, 2011.

  • Belinda V. Avendaño says:

    i want to know if i can avail of a conso loan?

  • Luben C. Soon says:

    i want to know if i can avail gsis conso loan?

  • carolina m. cabalar says:

    i want to know if i can avail gsis conso loan,thanks

  • barbara jones says:

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  • ANA MAE A REYES says:


  • ANA MAE A REYES says:



    I have problem with gsis, I cannot avail of my consoloan since the beginning. When my policy got matured I did not receive a single amount because it was paid to my emergency loan and the rest of my loan. How is it that until now I cannot avail of any consoloan. Some of my officemates are not paying thier salary loan but still they can avail of consoloan anytime. Please help me. Thanks. God Bless.


    25 years as an active member of GSIS please help me so that I can avail of your programs by availing of your consoloan for payment of my daughter’s board exam.

  • maria m.anzia says:

    I would to request for my consol loan deduction.I avail my consol loan last july 2010 since now no deduction made.ihope for your immediate action regarding this problem,thak you….Godblesss

  • leonardo m.marcelino jr says:

    good day gsto ko sn mlaman kng mag kno n ang pwede kng iloan skin consol at policy tnx po ng marami

  • lady joy barry says:

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  • Lagrimas Velasco Morante says:

    some of monthly amortizations from my previous loans (enhance and consoloan) are still not yet credited to my current loan or be refunded to me…will i still wait for another years…

  • jesus s. catangue says:

    ilan araw hinihintay ang pagcredit ng status ko sa consol loan?

  • mr deninss mith says:

    We are Christian Organization formed to help people in needs of helps,such as denins smith financial help.So if you are going through financial difficulty or you are in any financial mess,and you need funds to start up your own business,or you need loan to settle your debt or pay off your bills,start a nice business, or you are finding it hard to obtain capital loan from local banks,contact us today via for the bible says””Luke 11:10 Everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened”.So do not let these opportunity pass you by because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more.Please these is for serious minded and God fearing People.

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  • mel says:

    how can i pay my loan on my own? what number will i use? is it my LP number? thanks

  • Normita V. Madlansacay says:

    please help me to my problem in my conso loan. I apply last mar.29, 2011. Nag apply din po aq nun last Jan. 2010 pero ndi po naconfirm sa Division Office namin. Kasi po may nakita daw po silang undeducted obligation sa payslip q na noon ko p po pinastop last Dec. thru letter na pinaLBC ko po at thru phone calls sa vice pres. ng office nila na sabi po ay ipastop na nila. Help me po na mkuha ko agad ang inapply kong conso loan i need po kasi very badly and emergency. Thanks a lot po and God Bless You.

  • Belches, Hyacinth C. says:

    I applied for an e-card last may of 2010. until today April 2011 I have not received my e-card… Gsis Personnel here in Davao told me that it is because of cn number… There is a problem on who is going to give me the cn number whether sss or gsis… please help me with this problem kasi po kailangan ko po talaga mag avail ng kahit konting benefit. salamat po…

  • maricel genavia says:

    ask ko lng po kng bkit d nababawasan utang ko sa consol,samantalang almost 2years ng nag dideduct sa salary ko,pls.po pki update ng loan balance ko.thnks po


    T o whom it may concern:
    I was applying for the CEAP claim of my son Noelen Mark O.Temporada
    last May 27,2011.I had made a follow up already at our Office GSIS ,Pagadian city.but the keep on answering it is still on the process of RECON?..Gaano pala ka tagal
    bago makuha ang checque intended for the allowance of the student? We’ve finish already the contract by paying regularly…….hoping also in return that I can get back the money for my college student usage.Hoping for you immediate action.
    thank you very much.

    Very Truly Yours.
    GSIS POLICY NO. CM-3963503
    GSIS ID NO. B59D5AOT015

  • Jane Maestro Maaba says:

    Gud day..I would like to ask, why my policy loan is not offer? i just want to avail this kind of loan…and also my CONSOL, i was aready promoted as Master Teacher but still it’s not updated..tnx!

  • Alan Foster says:


    Do you need a loan without any stress and difficulties,or are you in need of a loan without any upfront fees? Just send us a mail today via this email addresses: (, we offer a fast and easy loan to those in need of financial assistance at an affordable rate.. Once you have contact us confirm your financial problems solved without any stress.

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  • kring zsa says:

    my auntie have her retirement last 2007, she filed for a pension loan and finished the payment last august 2011, after the payment, she renewed her loan, but gsis informed her that she still has an existing loan in a big amount, how come they haven’t deducted it from her first loan or how come that it hasn’t been visible on their system for a few years, now gsis was advicing her to pay her existing loan (big amount), to renew the loan, it’s not fair, better yet they allow my auntie to have her loan then deduct the said amount, am i right…. kindly enlighten me on this, since my auntie needs the money urgently…

  • kring zsa says:

    my auntie have her retirement last 2007, she filed for a pension loan and finished the payment last august 2011, after the payment, she renewed her loan, but gsis informed her that she still has an existing loan in a big amount, how come they haven’t deducted it from her first loan or how come that it hasn’t been visible on their system for a few years, now gsis was advicing her to pay her existing loan (big amount), to renew the loan, it’s not fair, better yet they allow my auntie to have her loan then deduct the said amount, am i right…. kindly enlighten me on this, since my auntie needs the money urgently…

  • kring zsa says:

    hello… my auntie have her retirement last 2007, she filed for a pension loan and finished the payment last august 2011, after the payment, she renewed her loan, but gsis informed her that she still has an existing loan in a big amount, how come they haven’t deducted it from her first loan or how come that it hasn’t been visible on their system for a few years, now gsis was advicing her to pay her existing loan (big amount), to renew the loan, it’s not fair, better yet they allow my auntie to have her loan then deduct the said amount, am i right…. kindly enlighten me on this, since my auntie needs the money urgently…

  • Erly P. Cenal says:

    I am a former Municipal employee transfer to National (Department of Public Works and Higways) my records is already submitted to your office. I already filed my Conso Loan & Policy Loan last Oct. 19, 2011, my problem is the confirmation reply from your office sent to Municipality of Binangonan which is my former employer, what am i going to do?

    Hoping for you immediate action.

    • Philippines Review says:

      I’m afraid you will have to go to Binangonan to see your confirmation reply because you said it so, you have it there addressed if I am right.

  • flordelyn pitogo says:

    I would like to follow up for the status of my refund for regular premium—date file may 31,2011 and also the refund housing loan.please kelan po release nito?ang tagal na eh.

  • josefina r. baltazar says:

    why is it that i cant avail of conso loan.. my salary is already adjusted. please post my payments.. thank you.

  • Jasmin says:

    Please update the posting of my payments on consolidated loan and emergency loan. I was deducted for 2 years now but my payments have not reflected/credited yet on my accounts.

  • mary pinero says:

    pls. follw_up my umid card.I am already almost 3 yrs in my service as a teacher why is it that until now i did not receive my umid card?

  • Candida A> Pescadero says:

    Sir/ Madam:
    Good day !
    I would like to ask your good office about my G SIS dividend. because I did not receive it since when the E card Plus was started to use.
    Please inform me regarding this problem about the my dividend.
    Thank you very much.

  • Candida A. Pescadero says:

    Sir/ madam:
    please inform me if ever I am qualified to receive my GSIS dividend through my contact number 09086302876.
    Thank you very much.

  • Candida A. Pescadero says:

    Since 2000 up to the present I did not receive dividend from your office. thank you very much.

  • Dr Daniel says:


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    Purpose of loan:..
    Loan Duration :…
    Monthly Income :..
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    Have you applied for loan before (yes or no):

    Best Regards.

    • JEMMA C. MARIÑAS says:

      Good day!


      Just read this posted advertisement… May I respectfully request your contact nos. and location of this company? Whom are we going to contact in case. Thanks a lot.

  • Yussoph P. Dimatingcal says:


    An inquiry, with due respect to the encoder of the GSIS. I would like to clarify whether my service record is correct or incorrect because your latest record as I have scrutinized. You have encode my first day of services as 09/01/78 but in my University service record the date is 09/01/75 its difference is two years. I would appreciate very much if you can explain and cleared this discrepancy.

    I am anticipating your favorable consideration on this matter.

    Thank you very

  • jocelyn m. gonzales says:

    I APPLIED FOR A RECONCILIATION OF MY CONSOLIDATED LOAN ON MAY 7, 2012 and my GSIS No. is 53112601852 and my Reference No 2001077317 and my processor is Ms. Marilyn G. Dela Fuente, its almost three months from the date I went there apart from my first and second visits from your Office but up to now no reconciliation of my records was found in my account I had been vising kiosks from the Department of Education, Tiklking, Taytay, Rizal and from the Provincial Government of Rizal, Antipolo City. I need the reconciliation of my consolidated loan to be used in the transfer of my house and lot which I bought last March 8, 2011. Thank you very muc and willing to wait for your reply as soon as possible.

  • cheryl m. mendez says:

    good day!
    Please update the posting of my payments on Consolidated & Ecard Plus Loan. I was deducted since April 2009 to date but my payment have not reflect/credited yet in my accounts.
    Thank you…

  • Justina Corazon Tan Carretero says:

    Good Day Sir/Madam:

    May i ask if my salary is already updated in your good office?.. THANK YOU!!

  • Emerlyne D. Rodriguez says:

    Good Day!

    It is my great surprised when I opened my loan account profile at
    GSIS in which I incured a consolidated loan last September 4, 2012.
    I would like to clear this matter that my last loan with the GSIS is the
    Policy loan last June 2012 only. I never went to GSIS kiosk or transact
    business with the GSIS since June 2012. Hoping that this will be given
    due attention by the GSIS. Thank you.

    MUST, Cagayan de Oro City
    Policy # CM 3152653
    December 14, 2012

  • Adrian Lopez says:

    Good day!

    How will I go about transfer of loan payments (I have conso and emergency loan) from one government agency to another government office?

    Thank you!


  • Anna Ratilla says:

    Good day!
    May I ask if my salary is already updated in your good office? thank you.

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