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NBI Clearance Requirements, Purpose and Use, Renewal Fees, Cost, FAQs and Procedures for Application

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New NBI Clearance Sample

New Clearance Sample

There may be basically just 2, 5 or 6 requirements needed in applying for NBI clearance. Whether it will be 5 or 6 (maybe more or less) will all depend on your needs to apply and your category as an applicant. First off, please note that renewals may also be considered applicants as well as first time application process or those who have never been issued any document by the National Bureau of Investigation agency of the Philippine government.

Also, please note that any nbi clearance issued in the previous years whether for employment, ID or travel purposes is required to be renewed upon expiration. With respect to the date, you can see it in front of the document itself stating “valid until”. Before you go through the reading spree below, I suggest that you go check my previous post on how to apply for NBI clearance online. The guide you can find in there will definitely make it a flash for your application. You’ll just have to spend some time going through the process of online registration system.

Requirements for the NBI Clearance Online / Offline Application and Renewal

  • Residence Certificate
  • Payment of Fees thru GCash or any Globe Payment Centers
  • Your Reference Number
  • Your QR Code
  • 2 valid IDs (government IDs like SSS, GSIS, Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, and company ID)

To provide our blog readers here at Internet Philippines, I decided to provide extra information that might help applicants. Below is a full guide as stated in the official NBI website – http://

Procedures for NBI Clearance Online Application

1. Pay the processing fee via GCash or to any Globe Payment Centers nationwide if you don’t have GCash account or don’t know how to use GCash yet. It usually costs around P115 for the employment purpose and travel purpose. You need to pay P20 for the e-clearance convenience fee. NBI has rolled this back but they are not pretty clear if it’s applicable to all. So you must pay P135 to be sure. I have put the complete list of fees at the end of this article.

To use GCash for paying your clearance, text(space) MPIN and send to 28829175638053

A. New applicants / holders of NBI clearance issued before 1998

Applicants should make a personal appearance at the Consulate General to fill out the (NBI Form No. 5) Fingerprint Card Form. The requirements/procedures are as follows:

  • Personal appearance
  • Copy of valid Philippine Passport (first and last page)
  • Fingerprint Card Form to be accomplished in front of a Consulate personnel
  • 2” x 2” photograph with white background taken within the last 3 months prior to application
  • In case the applicant is a married woman, she should write her name as follows:
  • maiden surname (family or surname of father)
  • first name or given name
  • maternal surname (maiden surname of mother)
  • the applicant’s husband’s last or family name and first name (space for this purpose is provided in the card)
  • Authentication or certification of the Fingerprint Card Form by the Consulate General
  • Payment of Notarial Fee: SR100.00
NBI Clearance Renewal Centers

NBI Clearance Renewal Centers

Applicants may then submit the requirements directly to the NBI or through their authorized representative in the Philippines to file the application and collect the new clearance on their behalf (Authorization Letter is required).

Upon receipt of the clearance certificate, applicants are advised to examine it for the presence of the embossed NBI DRY SEAL at its lower left portion. Without it, the clearance is not valid.

For more guides and tips in making your government document application, renewal, inquiry, payment and other services easier, visit our different categories in the sidebar. I’m pretty sure you will find what you need and that it will come in handy for your application process.

If you think we have helped you or others you know with these information, please don’t hesitate to tick or click the Facebook Like and Share button below this post. It helps us a lot to let others know that there is a comprehensive if not complete guide for all needs with respect to government document processing whether online of offline in the Philippines today. Let us help make our country a better world today.

B. Renewal of NBI clearance issued after 1997

Applicants need not visit the Consulate General. They may send the following requirements directly to the NBI or through their authorized representative in the Philippines who can file the application and collect the clearance on their behalf (Authorization Letter is required.):

  • Original copy of the previous NBI clearance (only those issued not earlier than 1998)
  • 2”x2” photograph with white background taken within the last 3 months prior to application
  • Photocopy of passport including page indicating presence abroad (i.e. departure stamp)

If there are any changes to the NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, or PLACE OF BIRTH, applicants are advised to file for a new application (following procedures for new applications). They may also have to supporting documents e.g. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc. For details, please refer to the NBI website:

C. Sending applications directly to the NBI

Applications may be sent directly to the NBI together with an International Money Order/Bankdraft in the amount of PhP200.00 payable to: The Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines.

For information, please check the official website of the NBI: or contact them by telephone: +632-523-82-31 local 5523 or email:

Old NBI Clearance Sample

Old Clearance Sample

Still in oblivion with respect to finding a way to secure / apply for a NBI clearance, fast? According to this blogger, in order to find a NBI Clearance Center which has a fast processing system of approach you actually just have to know how the system works. Usually, second time applicants are those having easy time doing it. The reason is very obvious of course as stated but for those who do not know it yet, my tip is for you to try to seek a poster, usually a big one for everybody to easily see within the vicinity of the NBI clearance renewal center you prefer to apply for your document.

After finding it, read carefully and well and understand the processes, this, I strongly believe will help you have an easier time while going through the painstaking process to others. You see, there really is no secret to it, all you have to do is to be observant and use a little common sense.

You can also make an early research so that if when the time comes for your to visit a NBI satellite office to renew your document, you already have an overview of the things you have to do and follow to make your application experience as swift, fast and easy as possible.

You can also try to opt in or choose the online method of NBI clearance renewal and application as well as utilize their new online payment system. This will definitely give you much more ease than falling in the very long line when you get there just to pay for your document. If there is a delivery system, by all means, go for it. In the DFA, they already allow it with the use of LBC express services.

Another secret that will help you get your clearance processed in not time is to go find a satellite or clearance renewal center where very few would dare to come over to apply. This will give you an edge of falling in the shorter line compared to going to a clogged and sweaty smelly NBI branches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding NBI Clearance (source:

1. Q: I already have an NBI Clearance before, and I need to RENEW only. Is the process the same?

A. NO. There’s a NEW system in place and there’s NO renewal. Same process goes for a first time applicant and a person who had a clearance before.

2. Q: Are satellite offices at Robinson’s malls open during Saturdays?

A. NO, as of posting of this page. But if someone reported that it is, I’ll post it here.

3. Q: If I had a HIT, how long do I need to wait?

A. Well, it depends. Some get it the day after, or a couple of days after, like 7 days. It really varies according to some people who experienced it. I also read that some waited for over a month. The best thing is to ask the personnel in charge. So just pray that you don’t have a hit. =)

4. Q: If I had a HIT, how long do I need to wait?

A: My brother went back at the same office where he had a hit list, but for some, they were instructed to go the NBI Main Office.

5. Q: What time is the office hours at Robinson’s satellite offices?

A: Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

NBI Clearance Processing Fees / Cost Online

You will just have to add Php 20.00 plus the purpose of your application as listed below:

  • ACR Requirement Php 415
  • Adoption Php 165
  • Bid Requirement Php 115
  • Business Requirement Php 165
  • Cancellation of ACR Php 415
  • Change of Name Php 165
  • Customs Pass ID Php 115
  • DOT Requirement Php 115
  • Enlistment Phil. Airforce Php 115
  • Enlistment Phil. Army Php 115
  • Enlistment Phil. Navy Php 115
  • Enlistment PNP Php 115
  • ID Purposes Php 115
  • Immigration Requirement Php 115
  • Local Employment Php 115
  • Marriage Requirement Php 115
  • Naturalization Php 415
  • NFA Php 165
  • Other Requirement Php 115
  • PNP Requirement Php 115
  • POEA Requirement Php 165
  • Promotion Php 115
  • Repatriation Php 415
  • SEC Requirement Php 165
  • SSS Requirement Php 115
  • Student Visa Php 115
  • TBC Php 165
  • TBC for RTO Php 165
  • Travel Abroad Php 115
  • Travel to countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Taiwan, Middle East, Qatar, China, etc cost Php 115
  • Visa to countries also cost Php 115

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10 Responses to “NBI Clearance Requirements, Purpose and Use, Renewal Fees, Cost, FAQs and Procedures for Application”

  • michell says:

    i have my nbi clearance i need to renew it,but what papers do i need to provide because i just change my status,being single to married? thnx

  • jhie says:

    can i use the personal copy of my nbi for travel abroad as a requirement for my local employment?

  • James A says:

    I had someone in the Philippines process my NBI before. I paid 20,000 (the other for my friend) but they stole our money instead. Her Name is Xyrys Ma. B. Gas.

    Fuck that bitch.

    Anyway, can you also post how long would it take for an OFW’s NBI to be processed if he asked his relative to do the application for him?

  • chazzy says:

    craigjammer•a few seconds ago ?

    NBI process SUCKS!!!….ang kabobohan pa nito, kakakuha ko lng ng local nbi clearance at may hit daw ako. it is ok naman kc sabi nila bagong systema. tapus sabi nila ung lumang data ay nawala or nacrash o anu pang dahilan kaya di pwede ung renewal. ang tanong, bakit ako nagkahit kung nadelete n ung dating files? kabobohan…eto pah,,e di cge hintay ako ng 20days bago makuha ung clearance kc my hit nga, after 1 month, bumalik aq para magrenew for abroad, anak ng pusa, my hit n naman!! e kelanagan ko n ung clearance this march 5, sabi sa march 15 n naman.. nagalit ako.. tinanong ko ung head nila kung bakit my hit ulit ako kung my biometrix na? tinanong ko s head kung anung ginagawa nila kung my hit ung tao at naayos na? tanong q dw sa main..gago sya..sabi ko na lng n dapat dinidelete nila ung restriction pagnapatunayan n yung taong ito ay ang talagang totoong tao..what’s the use of biometrix…laking galit q at napamura..bastos p ung mga bobong clerks ng nbi..computerized n tayo, bakit my hit-hit pa? Illogical sweat! panu k magkakahit kung my ten finger biometrix nah???? what’s the use of it??sa sobrang galit q, muntikan ko nang masuntok ung clerk sa galeria..Ang tanong pa,, bakit nilagay ng nbi ung mga abubots nila sa private sectors kung saan nagbubukas ng 10:30am??ang bobo pa don, kelangan kng pumila ng maaga tapus aasikasuhin ka lng after 9:30am..nakakabwisit pumila kaya..if you wanted to have good number slip,, you need to waste your time going there as early as 3am. ok lang sana to kung bibigyan k n kagad ng number eh..kaso puro utot kulangot lng..dapat ung systema, 5 or 6 cashier ung papasok as early as 5am for payment collections and tehn they will give you the number and you an go back after the establishment is opened like ng ROBINSON.. e di hnd nasayang ung oras mo…simpleng systema pinupunan kase ng kabobohan..I hope everyon can relate with this because it’s truly happening

  • mellow says:

    sir/mam i like to no i get a renewal my NBI C learance yesterday in Robinson Otis March 15,2013 i renewal four Travel Abroad but way i can get my renewal allmost 2weeks they give a date april 10,2013 , I HOPE U CAN GIVE A HELP

  • criza says:

    hi po kumuha po ako nbi clearance today sa rob ermita pero sa aug 1 pa daw ma release,i really need it asap for my visa their other ways para mapabilis un?need ko na talaga ..pwede po0 ba kumuha ako ulit bukas sa ibang nbi branch naman, baka dun mabilis lang?.i doubt kasi na may kaparehu ako name kasi my name is somewhat uncommon.thanks po..

  • Mon says:

    Meron pa bang ibang way para makakuha ng NBI clearance for immigrant purpose n di na dadaan sa embassy?nasa alberta kasi ung magaaply eh malayo ung embassy sa british columbia pa po?thanks sa makakareply

  • vergel rabino says:

    What will I do? how to get nbi purpose for change of first name?

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