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Today is odd a day for me as a blogger. Someone asked me about PHZONE7 or PH ZONE 7. What does it mean? What does it indicate with respect to tracking a mail delivery?

Philippine Post Office Website Logo

Photo Above is the Philippine Post Office Website Logo

(all credits to philpost office logo above to

Phil Post website does not even tell what this code or phrase or tracking number or zip code or something. A Korean has asked my blog about it as he told in my comments section that it appeared as a result while he is on the process of tracking his mail from Korea to the Philippines. Anybody who finds this post, please enlighten us all. Thanks.

Another explanation to this by EMS is stated below:

If you see “PHZONE7” notice after you trace your package or letter it means your item is in your local post office or province address already

If in case you will receive a notice stating “PHZONE” (only and without “7”) it means that your item will be delivered to you as soon as possible

If “HANDED TO CUSTOMS”, a notice will be sent to you if you are in NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION.

For those of you who want to claim your EMS, the official office address of EMS is CMEC COMPOUND DOMESTIC ROAD PASAY CITY

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60 Responses to “PH ZONE7”

  • Elenita Sebastian says:

    i was told to get my package at ph zone7. Where is that and how shall I get the package?

  • rolan says:

    Me too, i was told to get my package in PH zone 7..
    I am waiting for it for 7 days and
    I really dont have any idea, where the heck is that?

    Will someone tell me the exact location of PH zone 7?

    Thank you!

  • rhea yu says:

    me too,i sent a package last feb.15,2011 but until now my package was in ph zone7 ,where is it be? they said not unsuccessful delivery?how can i get my package?where some one tell us where is ph zone7 located?….thanks…need it asap!

  • Lisa says:

    I sent a package on March 10 and it was said to be an attempted delivery and a notice card was left at the address. thee recipient did not recieve the notice card and the website said that its at PhZone7

    where the hell is that??
    if anyone knows pls reply ASAP thnx

  • Ron says:

    Hey guys! Ph zone 7 means region 7 not sure though. Try to call the local post office. It should be there.

  • mikel says:

    I’ve also tried to search on the net, we’ve got the same situation here at work. But according to our agent, PH zone7 is actually our local post office, so we can say PH zone7 is just plain the Philippines itself.

  • mikel says:

    also check this site to further understand how to determine the zoning area……

  • Cristina perillo says:

    I posted an express post viaToronto to Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya on May 16 and arrived Phils. May 21 then it attempted delivery, phzone7 noticed left for pickup. what the heck is this unclear information. POstoffice should should notify or deliver it to the person and not to delay the post.address and telephone number of the recipient is on the envelope and they text or call.

  • John Doe says:

    I sent and EMS Package to Manila and it delayed for more than one week for the reason that the recipient is requested to pay the same amount as declared in the declaration sheet. I sent gifts to my aunties and of course it should be wiser for me to send it in one package but they claim that the declaration is not not true because the quantity of goods is too much. They insisted it is for business purpose. How can someone send four packs of noodles one bottle of sauce and 10 bags via EMS if it is for business purpose? They really don’t think logically and they always ask for money. Philpost is really one of the dirtiest government office in our country.

    How bad for us who gives effort for our family behind to make them smile even for a small gift and only end up giving them pressure of paying a certain amount which is not supposed to. Could someone in the government with good influence can take a look at this situation?

    Another issue that I have is that I am sending important documents so I think there will be no problem for it since they may have no claims for it and can deliver it on time. And here they go again…its almost a week and everything is set to go in few days after the those documents arrive to my recipient…if in that case, it may create some trouble if it will not arrive on time cause the plane was already booked. My bad my bad philpost what are you dong?

  • Banoy says:

    Phzone7 is region 7

  • Pamela says:

    Hi guys.. Same issue here.. SO what happened now to your items? Were they delivered already? Coz its been ten days now and they didnt receive yet.. :(

  • chuy says:

    its bullsh**,,,!!! i send item to my daughter supposed to be 8 days only..but it takes 25 days…i pay very expensive for that item,until now not yet recieve…i pay the right amount pls..PILIPINAS ano ginagawa nyo expect ng familya nmin yan..

  • bongpogi says:


  • neptune says:

    just ask where can i get my parcel .my tracking #EM018202533KR/..

  • Carol says:

    what the heck is phzone 7??? it wouldnt be in the region 7 coz i sent my documents to visayas area particularly in negros oriental!!!! grrrrr!!!! pag itoy papalpak ewan ko lang,i pay a lot for that item tapos ganyan lang???

  • qazwsx says:


  • yen006 says:

    What is phzone7 means? i have package from korea but its same problem with you guys…grrrr
    this is the status:

    04:54 03-Dec-2011 Unsuccessful delivery PHZONE7
    Reason :
    Result : Addressee advised to pick up the item

    when i went to our local post office wla pa raw dun yung package ko.ano ba ito.kainis!

  • arthur says:

    unfortunately your 2 numbers are not accessible how can we lay claim of our package?
    28545257, 28543580 can someone pls email me with the information i badly needed?

  • Janeth says:

    We had the same problem…tracking said it was attempted to be delivered at Zone 7…we called out local post office in the philippines where the parcel was addressed and thank goodness, the package has been sitting there for days waiting to be picked up. Thanks for posting ZONE 7 is the local post office!!!! GUys go get your package at your local post office!

  • Happy says:

    I have also the same problem. I think we shouldn’t be the one to get our items because we already gave our addresses to you so you should be the ones who are responsible to them. And we don’t know where that PHZone is!

  • Alex says:

    same problem. We put the recipient’s number in the envelop, they should text or call them. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines. Da*n!

  • cathlaine says:

    Same problem . My package sent from South Korea last June 26, 2012 and the reason is Reason :

    Result : Addressee advised to pick up the item in PHregion7 . Where is that ?

  • Ozting says:

    same here …these fuckin filipino kawatans are always in operation. even if it is clearly noted on the envelope that ther’s no money in the package, they will still KAWAT IT!!!!! mga kawatan talaga. i paid a lot for a standard sized letter envelope containing a very important & urgent document but whe you track it,,,,, it’s with this FUCKIN’ PHZONE7, where the fuck is this. this is probably the pocket of the thieves in the phil post….mga KAWATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ozting says:

    am just too stressed up to put in the right words…the package was sent via australia post on express mail. next day it’s already in manila but when we tracked it, on 5th July, it;s in PHZONE7. looks like this is where all the docs & packages are being siphone by the post office thieves. how can we rectify this. the new admin is doing all its best to put everything in good shape, but looks like has been a diseases in the blood of some filipinos. not all though, but these suckers should be totally eliminated.

  • Ozting says:

    package was sent 2nd july and we received an attempted delivery on 5th July upon tracking, to PHZONE7. where the hell is this when the envelope was clearly addressed to the beneficiary with all the post code in there. can someone please help us on this since the package is a very critical, important & urgent document.

  • SuperDelay says:

    Bakit napakatagal naman ng package ano bayan x-ray muna bago ipadala kahit urgent na delay pa rin. sa ibang bansa napakabilis ng delivery nila bakit pag dating sa pilipinas ang tagal yan nga it’s more fun in the philippines kaya tayo nababansagan na kawatan.

  • jenly says:

    Phzone it means you will deliver as soon as posible…
    Bkit may mga gNon pa?
    Anong problema don sa ems na pndala ng asawa q…?
    Hindi q lubos maisip qng bakit?
    Sna po mgreply n mn kau sa mga comments namin
    Pra s gnon alam nmn qng nu ggwin…

  • Mau28 says:

    Nyeta..asan n ung pinadala ko..hangang ngaun hnd p nariricieve ng pinadalhan ko..anu bng klaseng pagpapapatakbo ang meron s pilipinas..wala n ba tlgang pagbabago?wag nmn sana mging abuso ang iba..please lng..!!!

  • Intong says:

    I have the same problem with you kababayans. Seguro ang gagawin natin, bigyan natin ng excellent example itong mga taong ito, para next time, no body will dear to do it again.

  • jenielyn says:

    im waiting for my package also im in MAnila they are telling it in phzone7….wer is dis phzone7….

  • PHZONE7 says:

    The location PHZONE7 is your local post office. You must go to your local post office to retrieve the package.

    The status is ATTEMPTED DELIVERY because your local post office cannot deliver the package to your address since they either have no EMS courier or the address is incorrect, but the latter is most frequent.

    • Heraldine Paurillo-Davis says:

      I have been in my area’s local post office for 2 days now but still my EMS is not available. It was sent last October 18,2012. My mail’s status since October 25 was attempted delivery…supposedly it would be received for 5 normal working days but unfortunately its more than 2 weeks now. Does PH-PHZONE7 means hands of KAWATAN employes of Philippine postal office?

  • PHZONE7 says:

    Please, ‘wag po pla muna kayo mag-sabi ng kung anu-ano about sa services dito sa ‘Pinas. Please do some research first. Pinapa-una niyo po kasi muna yung galit niyo and pagiging PESSIMIST. Marami pong anumalya na nangyayari sa Pilipinas, pero parehas lang din siya sa ibang bansa, mas marami nga lang ang media attention sa ‘tin. May mga bagay naman na walang anumalya pero ginagawan ng kwento tulad nalang ng EMS. Kung nag-research po muna kayo, malalaman niyo ang tamang proseso at kung anu-ano ang mga scenario.

    Di naman po sa namumulitika ako, pero medyo nakakadepress na wala na talaga ang patriotism, reason, at logic sa maraming tao at madaling nagpapadala sa media.

  • Ann says:

    Share ko lang experience ko using EMS ng philpost

    Last year nagsend ako ng dvds sa US, sa totoo lang wala akong tiwala sa mga sangay ng gobyerno dito kaya hindi talaga ito ang first choice ko kaso lang yun lbc di nagdedeliver ng dvds so wala na akong ibang choice at nakakatuwa naman na isang linggo lang naanggap na yun dvds tulad ng sinabi sa akin sa post office. Tapos kahapon lang narrceive ko yun package from my friend sa canada at nagulat ako sa sinabi niya na dapat daw sept 18 pa yun makakadating kasi yun daw yun sabi sa kanya.

    Ang bottomline, hindi porke naranasan niyo ay di maganda ay di na natin bibigyan ng consideration yun mga ibang taong gobyerno na nagtatrabaho naman talaga. Kahapon pagpunta ko sa post office lunch break pa nila pero ineentertain pa din nila yun mga taong andun. Di ko yun inexpect kaya nakakatuwa naman. Yun lang

  • Wendy says:

    I already understand PHZONE7 means region.
    But i want to kno exactly WHERE IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please somebody tells me where is it! Help!
    someone who know please reply or send a email.

    • olie says:

      PHzone7- means local post – or nearest post office- when you put postal code on the address of the reciever – definitely some courier delivered it to your barangay or municipality post office – and the post office will contact the receiver that your package is there- It happens to me more than 5 times- Phzone7 doesnt mean region7— Im from cavite REGION4 but tracking system always says that PHZONE7 as location of my package/parcel- when I read that status – im so excited to go to local post office (same day or the next day) to get my package – as usual money matters— I pay P45 but its small amount in exchange of my items. As of now Phzone7 is the local post office near you—

  • Andy Gee says:

    If you see “PHZONE7? notice after you trace your package or letter it means your item is in your local post office.
    You need to go to your post office with some ID to collect your package.

  • GERALDINE says:


    • Zara says:

      Attempted delivery may also mean your package was scheduled to leave Manila Central Post Office en route to your province, where ever your region is it is indicated as PHZONE7 but not necessarily mean Region 7. Maybe just a bar code of CMEC.

  • GERALDINE says:


  • zizzi says:

    pumunta ako sa post office pero wala naman dun yung pinadala… kalokohan…nakakabwisit…

  • darrel says:

    I got the same thing. I have checked the local post office. NOT THERE.
    Philippines just suck.

  • avril says:

    paki tulong naman poh, need ko lng poh talaga makuha ang package from canada nkalagay kasi phzone7 sabi poh nla sa may cebu poh dw yun.. eh yung receiver address eh nasa agusan del sur poh.. any contact number sa post office sa cebu pho?

  • maryjane says:

    were in the same problem,tomorrow i will go to,to the local post ofiz,then i will try to give my tracking the people there…we’ll see wat will happen..

  • Meriam says:

    Please kindly locate this tracking no. EE 162 835 379 CA, when I tried to tracked this no. this is the update:
    said that: NOTICE CARD LEFT INDICATING WHERE ITEM CAN BE PICKED UP, but no card left, we dont know where to go. please help me about this. thank you so much…

  • joel says:

    hi p0, kindly locate this package tracking no. EJ 215 896 363 JP. galing p0 sa japan sa kapatid ko, kylangan k0 p0 ang package n un..

  • Marissa says:

    Please kindly relocate the tracking # EE 162 842 732 CA it said that: attempted delivery notice card left indicating. Where item can be picked up please help me to find this is very important document my family is waiting this urgent!!!! Thank you.

  • Janellah adan says:

    Please help how to easily trace document sent from Australia going to philippines.. I paid too much for that document so as to deliver on time ( 4 days only) but nothing good happen.. It’s the same thing for the ordinary mail.. Why? Kasi sabi nila wala daw mag receive sa post office 8:17 in the morning.. And then now HINDI NA MATRACE KUNG ASAN YUNG DOCUMENT.. A very important document.. Wala daw sa local post office at wala na din daw sa province post office.. San po namin ito hahanapin pa.. Base sa tracking nothing to follow na after that attempted delivery… Please help us MA-TRACE ang document namin…

  • adli zamnoun says:

    hi…. i send package to miss consolcion h. angelada trak # (EE04450022JO) phone #(00639102546339) from jordan on 15/9/2013 . when i call the jordan post office they tell me the package in( ph zone7) office plz if u can call miss angelada to pick the package .. its very important
    thank u…

  • julie says:

    15/01/2014 09:40 leveringswijze – bericht gelaten PHZONE7 Philippines

    january 30 2014,please help to deliver this ( CE339342123BE ) very important…. from general santos city…..thank you…

  • Shiryl joy says:

    Please help nman po :(
    Where i can find my package cause it is important phzone7 na daw :(

  • teddy says:

    san ba tlaga yang phzone7 kasi ganyan din lumalabas pag tinatruck ko ung pinadala ko

  • teddy says:

    what is zone 7 and where is that place because i send some package but untill now ala pa rin.

  • Regine Mahusay says:

    I haven’t receive my items though it was already here since October 23. Please do something to deliver at my address right away. Blk3 Lot 19 Sarmiento Townville Poblacion 1 City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

  • Kenneth says:

    Good am po mam/sir
    i send a mail in the philippines in pangasinan but it went to phzone7 pls help me
    To sent it to its real destination in dagupan city pangasinan my name is kenneth diaz
    Thank you for your consideration

  • Kristina says:

    Hi, good morning!
    ask ko LNG po ung ems na wait ko from Japan, ito po ung tracking# EF679697715JP.. na trace ko po at nakalagay “retention phzone” pls I need that documents para ma forward sa Japan embassy.. Thank you

  • dwarf says:

    PHZONE7 is your local post office, meaning your package is for pick up status

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