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TESDA Courses

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Here is the list of TESDA training centers in the Philippines that you might want to look in to if you are to enroll on any of the TESDA courses which you can also find in their official website – These institutions and branches of TESDA will help you contact them straight for questions you have in mind.

For more TESDA accredited schools and training centers in your place, kindly use our search box feature above or browse through our sidebar categories for TESDA.

Office/Name : Baguio City School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator
Address : QES Cmpd., Upper Session Rd, Baguio City, Benguet
Tel. Nos. : (074)304-3991
Fax Nos. : (074) 444-9161
Email :

Region I

Office/Name : Bangui School of Fisheries
Vocational School Administrator
Ilocos Norte
Address : Manayon, Bangui, Ilocos Norte
Tel. Nos. : (077) 773-2198
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Marcos Agro-Industrial School
Ilocos Norte
Address : Lydia Marcos, Ilocos Norte
Tel. Nos. : (077) 784-7956
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Pangasinan College of Fisheries
Vocational School Administrator
Address : San Isidro Norte, Binmaley, Pangasinan 2417
Tel. Nos. : (075) 540-0063
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Pangasinan School of Arts and Trades
Address : Alvear St., West Pob., Lingayen, Pangasinan
Tel. Nos. : (075) 662-2507
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Luciano Millian Memorial School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator
Address : Pob West, Asingan, Pangasinan
Tel. Nos. : (075) 563-2971
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Region II

Office/Name : Kasibu National Agricultural School
Nueva Vizcaya
Address : Poblacion, Kasibu, Nueva Vizacaya, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya 3703
Tel. Nos. : 09163426614
Fax Nos. : None
Email :

Office/Name : Aparri School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator
Address : Rizal St., Maura, Aparri, Cagayan 3515
Tel. Nos. : (078) 888-2015
Fax Nos. : (078) 822-8306
Email :

Office/Name : Isabela School of Arts and Trades
Vocational School Superintendent
Address : Maharlika Highway, Calamagui II, Ilagan, Isabela 3300
Tel. Nos. : (078) 622-2470
Fax Nos. : (078) 622-2579
Email :

Office/Name : Lasam Institute of Technology
Concurrent Head
Address : Nabannagan, Lasam, Cagayan 3524
Tel. Nos. : 09164560647
Fax Nos. : (078) 853-3065
Email : None

Office/Name : Southern Isabela College of Arts & Trades
Address : Prov””l Rd., Calaocan, Santiago City, Isabela 3311
Tel. Nos. : (078) 682-3924 / 682-8654
Fax Nos. : (078) 682-3924
Email :

Office/Name : Maddela Institute of Technology
Vocational School Principal
Address : Poblacion Norte, Maddela, Quirino 3404
Tel. Nos. : 09182820291
Fax Nos. : None
Email :

Region III

Office/Name : San Vicente Pilot for Philippine Craftsmen
Address : Resettlement Ctr., Brgy., Bulaon, San Fernando, Pampanga
Tel. Nos. : (045) 860-3194/ (0919) 565-5157
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Gonzalo Puyat School of Arts and Trades
School Administrator
Address : San Sebastian, San Luis, Pampanga
Tel. Nos. : (0918) 926-3914
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Concepcion Vocational School
School Administrator
Address : St. Jude Vill, Alfonso, Concepcion, Tarlac
Tel. Nos. : (045) 923-0393 / 923-1081
Fax Nos. :
Email :


Office/Name : Marikina Institute of Science and Technology
Address : Shoe Ave., Sta. Elena,, Marikina
Tel. Nos. : 646-1614; 682-0591; 646-1620
Fax Nos. :
Email :


Office/Name : Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator II
Address : San Antonio, Binan, Laguna, Laguna
Tel. Nos. : (049) 511-61-33 / 411-01-73
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Quezon National Agricultural School
OIC-Vocational School Administrator
Address : Malicboy, Pagbilao, Quezon, Quezon
Tel. Nos. : (042) 716-0500
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Vocational School Administrator I
Address : San Narciso, Quezon, Quezon
Tel. Nos. : (042) 716-0083
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Region V

Office/Name : San Francisco Institute of Science and Technology
Vocational School Administrator
Address : San Francisco, Malilipot, Albay
Tel. Nos. : (052) 830-1874
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Cabugao School of Handicraft & Cottage Industries
Vocational School Administrator I
Address : Cabugao, Bato, Catanduanes
Tel. Nos. : 0912-32761
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Masbate School of Fisheries
Address : Cayabon, Masbate
Tel. Nos. : 0912-886-36-30
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Bulusan National Vocational Technical School
Vocational School Administrator
Address : Bamban, San Jose, Bulusan, Sorsogon
Tel. Nos. : (056) 311-1028
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Sorsogon National Agricultural School
Address : Mayon, Castilla, Sorsogon
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Camarines Sur Institute of Fisheries & Marine Science
Vocational School Superintendent
Camarines Sur
Address : Sta. Rosa del Norte, Pasacao, Camarines Sur
Tel. Nos. : (054) 513-9148
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Region VI

Office/Name : Dumalag Vocational Technical School
Dr. Zenaida Fajardo
Vocational School Administrator
Address : Dumalag, Capiz
Tel. Nos. : (0912) 521-4148
Fax Nos. : (036)536-2050
Email :

Office/Name : New Lucena Polytechnic College
Ms. Hiyasmin Lozada
OIC-Vocational School Administrator
Address : Don Epifanio Sonza Sr. Ave, New Lucena, Iloilo 5005
Tel. Nos. : (033) 526-2015
Fax Nos. : (033) 526-2015
Email :

Office/Name : Passi Trade School
Mr. Raul P. Palomo
OIC, Voc. Instruction Supervisor III
Address : Sablogon, Passi, Passi, Iloilo
Tel. Nos. : 311-5450
Fax Nos. : 311-5451
Email :

Office/Name : Leon Ganzon Polytechnic College
Mr. Wilfredo N. Andreo
Voc. School Administrator
Address : Maya, Balasan, Iloilo
Tel. Nos. : (033)397- 0915
Fax Nos. : (033)397-1108
Email :

Region VII

Office/Name : Lazi National Agricutural School
Address : Catamboan, Lazi, Siquijor
Tel. Nos. : (035) 377-2304
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Region VIII

Office/Name : Cabucgayan National School of Arts &Trades
Address : Libertad, Cabucgayan, Biliran
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Calubian National Voc School
Address : Calubian, Leyte
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :
Office/Name : Arteche National Agricultural School
Eastern Samar
Address : Cadi-an, Oras, Eastern Samar
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Balangiga National Agricultural School
Eastern Samar
Address : 6812 Blangiga, Eastern Samar
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Samar National School of Arts and Trades
Eastern Samar
Address : Taft, Eastern Samar
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Balicuatro College of Arts and Trades
Northern Samar
Address : Sabang Zone II, Allen, Northern Samar
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Office/Name : Las Navas Agro-Industrial School
Northern Samar
Address : Las Navas, Northern Samar
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :

Region IX

Office/Name : Dipolog School of Fisheries
Vocational School Administrator
Zamboanga del Norte
Address : Barangay Olingan, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte
Tel. Nos. : (065) 212-5237
Fax Nos. : (065) 212-7248
Email :

Office/Name : Kabasalan National Vocational School
Vocational School Administrator III
Zamboanga Sibugay
Address : FL Peña Stree, Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay
Tel. Nos. : (062) 328-2158
Fax Nos. : (062) 328-2158
Email :

Region X

Office/Name : Oroquieta Agro-Industrial School
Vocational School Administrator
OAIS, Villaflor, Oroquieta City 7202, Misamis Occidental
Address : Purok 3, Villaflor, Oroquieta City, OAIS, Villaflor, Oroquieta City 7202, Misamis Occidental 7202
Tel. Nos. : (088) 531-2111
Fax Nos. : (088) 531-2111
Email : /

Office/Name : Kinoguitan National Agricultural School
Vocational School Administrator
KNAS, Kinoguitan 9010, Misamis Oriental
Address : Kinoguitan, KNAS, Kinoguitan 9010, Misamis Oriental 9010
Tel. Nos. : 09174054317 / 09174054318
Fax Nos. : c/o Philcom Calling Office (088) 858-5112
Email :

Office/Name : Cagayan de Oro (Bugo) School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator
COBSAT, Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City 9000
Address : Reyes Village Subd., Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City, COBSAT, Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City 9000 9000
Tel. Nos. : (08822) 742576 / 740404 / 09189471040
Fax Nos. : (088) 855-8720
Email :

Office/Name : Camiguin School of Arts and Trades
Vocational School Administrator
CSAT, Mambajao 9100, Camiguin
Address : Lumad, Mambajao, CSAT, Mambajao 9100, Camiguin 9100
Tel. Nos. : (088) 387-0303 / 09276907864
Fax Nos. : (088) 387-0303
Email :

Office/Name : Salvador Trade School
Vocational School Administrator
STS, Salvador 9212, Lanao del Norte
Address : Salvador, STS, Salvador 9212, Lanao del Norte 9212
Tel. Nos. : 09185889124 / 09157686763
Fax Nos. : c/o (063) 496-0021
Email :

Office/Name : Lanao del Norte National Agro-Industrial School
Vocational School Administrator
LNNAIS, Tubod 9209, Lanao del Norte
Address : Bualan, Tubod, LNNAIS, Tubod 9209, Lanao del Norte 9209
Tel. Nos. : 09197115451
Fax Nos. : c/o (063) 341-4023
Email :

Region XI

Office/Name : Carmelo delos Cientos National Trade School
Vocational School Administrator III
Davao del Sur
Address : Padada, Davao del Sur
Tel. Nos. : (082)442-1644, 0926-789-7257
Fax Nos. : (082)442-1644
Email :

Office/Name : Wangan National Agricultural School
Davao del Sur
Address : Wangan, Calinan District, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Tel. Nos. : 0916-732-4463
Fax Nos. :
Email :,

Office/Name : Davao National Agirucltural School
Vocational School Administrator III
Compostela Valley
Address : Montevista, Compostela Valley, Compostela Valley
Tel. Nos. : (084)822-0497, 0921-201-3432
Fax Nos. : (084)822-0497
Email :

Office/Name : Lupon School of Fisheries
Vocational School Administrator III
Davao Oriental
Address : Lupon, Davao Oriental, Davao Oriental
Tel. Nos. : (087)808-0125
Fax Nos. : (087)808-0125
Email :,

Region XII

Office/Name : Surallah National Agricultural School
Vocational School Superintendent
South Cotabato
Address : Brgy Dajay, Surallah, South Cotabato
Tel. Nos. : (083)238-3050
Fax Nos. : (083)238-3050
Email :

Office/Name : General Santos National School of Arts and Trade
Vocational School Administrator III
Sarangani Province
Address : Lagao, General Santos City, Sarangani Province
Tel. Nos. : (083)301-9373
Fax Nos. : (083)553-2479
Email :


Office/Name : Northern Mindanao School of Fisheries
Vocational School Administrator II
Agusan del Norte
Address : Matabao, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Norte 8601
Tel. Nos. : (085)343-4201
Fax Nos. : (085)343-4201
Email :

Office/Name : Agusan del Sur School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator II
Agusan del Sur
Address : ASSAT Compound, Patin-ay, Properidad, Agusan del Sur 8500
Tel. Nos. : (085)343-7132
Fax Nos. : (085)373-7132
Email :

Office/Name : Surigao del Norte College of Agriculture and Tech.
Vocational School Superintendent
Surigao del Norte
Address : Magpayang, Mainit,, Surigao del Norte
Tel. Nos. :
Fax Nos. :
Email :


Office/Name : Salvador Trade School
Lanao del sur
Address : Salvador, Lanao del sur
Tel. Nos. : (0918) 896-5007
Fax Nos. :
Email :


Office/Name : Simeon Suan Vocational and Technical College
Vocational School Administrator II
Oriental Mindoro
Address : Pag-asa, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro
Tel. Nos. : (043) 298-7096 to 97
Fax Nos. : (043) 298-7007
Email :

Office/Name : Puerto Princesa School of Arts & Trades
Vocational School Administrator I
Address : Felix Rafols, Sta Monica,, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Tel. Nos. : (048) 433-2224 / 433-4364
Fax Nos. : (048) 433-4364
Email :

Office/Name : Alcantara National Trade School
Vocational School Administrator II
Address : Poblacion, Alcantara,, Romblon
Tel. Nos. : thru TESDA-Romblon PO
Fax Nos. : thru TESDA-Romblon PO
Email :

Office/Name : Torrilos Poblacion School of Arts And Trades
Vocational School Administrator I
Address : Brgy. Poctoy, Torrijos, Marinduque
Tel. Nos. : 0981-996-558
Fax Nos. : 0981-996-558
Email :

Office/Name : Buyabod School of Arts And Trades
Baron L. Lagran
Vocational School Administrator I
Address : Brgy. Buyabod, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
Tel. Nos. : 0981-997-845
Fax Nos. : 0981-997-845
Email :



Office/Name : Regional Training Center
Address : Loakan, Baguio City, Baguio City, Benguet 2600
Tel. Nos. : 0743052405
Fax Nos. : 0743052405
Email :

Region II

Office/Name : Regional Training Center – II
OIC-Center Administrator
Address : Consuelo Village, Pengue, Tuguegarao, Cagayan 3500
Tel. Nos. : 078-844-4224
Fax Nos. : 078-844-4224
Email :

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122 Responses to “TESDA Courses”

  • vanneza wabe says:

    hi good morning,

    i am vanneza wabe like to inquire in your school, but i just ask
    some question,if you have a advance english course in your school.
    thank you…..

  • vanneza wabe says:

    hi good afternoon,

    i am vanneza wabe like to inquire in your school, but i just ask
    some question,if you have a advance english course in your school.
    thank you…..

  • ai says:

    im ai ,
    i wanna ask what courses do u have in ur school

  • honeypie clemente says:

    gud mrning!may i know d list of courses offered by tesda here in cebu?and where is ur training center here?i am new residents here ur response was a big help for me!thnk you!

  • jasminjoy says:

    what tesda course offered now here in davao city?scholarship?thank you

  • leanna catamora says:

    hello po I’m leanna i just want to know if there are any other branches of TESDA near cabuyao, laguna…and if you offer an I.T. course…coz i’m a new resident here hoping for response soon
    thank you…..

  • wilson go chua says:

    hi helo my name is wilson go chua can i question 4 ur scholarship in dis year for computer hardware servicig of ncll cos wil be nxt year i wil finish of this course so pls tell me when you open of this course CHS pls txt for me ok this is my celfone is 09183026369 thanks

  • emmanuel perez says:

    is there are any other branches of TESDA near Ternate Cavite…and if you offer an SMAW course…is this free ??scholarship??

  • Matet says:

    hi po. may tesda/sicat branch po ba sa aringay, la union? thank u po..

  • kenneth alcorcon estal says:

    hi,gd morning!im kenneth,residing in carcar city cebu..i just want to ask f u have a sewing and welding training course?and pls.let me know bout d schedule n fee??im looking for ur reply soon…thanks a million..

  • maya says:

    hello..can i just ask if wen is your enrollment for those who wants to study welding, how much is the enrolment fee and how many months does the training takes..thank you..please send your reply to my email add: please because i really need to know before the enrollment ends. tnx again..hope to receive reply from you.

  • maya says:

    i want in Davao City at Tibungco..thank you..

  • Emmanuel A. Timkang says:

    Hi just ask if when is your enrollment for those who wants to study cellphone repair and do you have that course in region IV-A which is Laguna and when is it, how much is it…………………….


  • cathy ellorda says:

    hello… i just want to inquire about your food and beverages/food processing /culinary course in TESDA, how much will it cost and how many months nor hrs is needed to complete each of these course. Also, please advise if you have any branches near blumentritt or abad santos offering these courses as well as the schedules of registration and the requirements needed.. thank you and hoping for your soonest reply.. you can send your reply to my email

  • anna marie bonifacio says:

    my tesda poh b d2 mlpt za calamba

  • anna marie bonifacio says:

    magkano poh b ang fee ng TESDA courses. tenkz

  • Faye Joy Adesas says:

    DO U have a Course for Barista in TESDA…???

  • ash ko lng po meron po bang branch ng TESDA d2 sa QEUZON CITY.. at meron bang IT course..?? reply ASAP..

  • beverly jaja peh says:

    hi! i wanted to enrol in tesda, may i know the courses offered here and how much it cost each course? thanks alot..

  • Patti Mae Daquio says:

    hi sir and ma’am,

    may i ask if you have an offer for call center i want to be a trainer in tesda here in General Santos City. Valid pa po ba ang inyong local employment for call center nabasa k po kasi inyong website.

    salamat po..

  • jhanel labramonte says:

    hello!! i would like to enroll in tesda? can i ask how? is there anything that i need to submit?


    good day sir,

    Inquire lang po kung may course na basic photography bandang province of rizal or along ortigas or cubao area.

    thanks and GOD bless to all TESDA’s

  • john says:

    hi, ilang buwan ba ang kursong welder

  • sherwin says:

    i just want to inquire if there is a near TESDA TRAINING CENTER situated within PEMBO MAKATI CITY that offers automotive technology.

  • jasmin, says:

    i just want to ask what short courses offered for the maximum time of 3 months

  • Paolo Dalhog says:

    Hi Please send me links of short term offered courses at davao city or cagayan de oro city.

    and also their addresses too.

    thank you and have a good day.

  • Maria says:

    Date: September 25, 2010

    Marikina Institute of Science and Technology
    Shoe Ave., Sta. Elena, Marikina, Philippines

    Dear Madam,

    I am a Nurse presently working here in Jeddah, KSA. Since my contract will end
    next year and my son is getting to school too, I made up my mind to study this
    Photography short course in your school if it is offered or if not can you please
    do me a favor of recommending me a TESDA branch who offered this crash
    course in 3 months if possible.

    I would highly appreciate if you could recommend me.

    Thank you very much,


  • pretty_mel says:

    ahm im a student of bato institute of science and technology here in bato leyte.,nag offer po sila nang health care services in 1 year course…ask lang po accredited po ba sila sa tesda???i need to know please…..thanks and GOD speed


    hi im stephanny i would like to ask if there is culinary course offered in tesda? how much to pay? and how many months? hope u reply me ASL thanks or just send me message in my mobile number 09325905136

  • Annie says:

    hi po..high school graduate po pero nag stop ako during my 1st year of college. Ask ko lng kung allowed ba akong mag train for a short course sa tesda.. im 17 yrs. old from QC..Hope for your reply immediately..tnx..

    • Philippines Review says:

      Annie, you are very much allowed and qualified to take any TESDA course kasi yan ang requirement nila, that students be at least high school graduate.

  • crisanta pengson says:

    place of tesda training center here in marikina and courses offer pls!

  • jessie c. malapad says:

    good afternon po ask kulang po kung my free training dito sa antipolo city na electrecal for abrod kung walang free magkano? po ang isang bowan sa training? pls replay this Quition t,y po!

  • Melanie Rullan says:

    hi.. po gud day ask ko lang po kung may training center kayo d2 Q.c. gusto ko po sana enroll DRIVING course po im 33 yrs. old po god bless po

  • Melanie Rullan says:

    hi.. po gud day ask ko lang po kung may training center kayo d2 Q.c. gusto ko po sana enroll DRIVING course po im 33 yrs. old po god bless po .

  • macon says:

    hello.Is there driving lesson in SICAT aringay.i’ll be in aringay next week. But i want to learn driving lesson in how many it possible?hoping for your soonest response.can u give me also a contact number to discuss with. More power

  • Edwin Garcia says:

    good day!

    ask ko po kung open po for training sa Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial School of Arts & Trades gusto ko po sana magtake ng training for PC Troubleshooting Hardware.

    thanks have a nice day!

  • armando hasim says:

    gud day,i need to enrolled short term driving course.I`m applying for abroad,pls. help where to enrolled herein Davao city.
    thank you.

  • christina says:

    hi just wana ask if there is a dressmaking course offered by tesda in cam sur that included designing, pattern making and drafting.. thanks

  • roche quino says:

    good day po!!! i want to ask po if san may malapit na tesda dito sa lugar namin? san jose del monte bulacan po ako. thanks a lot po and more power!!!

  • daisy lagariza says:

    ,,hai,,;;;wat possible date could TESDA CNSAT,,start classes of commercial cooking,,,

  • kate says:

    gud evening po!!, can i ask lang po f may tesda na po sa tinambac camarines sur?
    or kung mag kakaron po? den anu po ung mga offer na cources?

  • kate says:

    can i ask po f magkakaron na po ng tesda sa tinambac, camarines sur?
    thank you po..

  • august vera cruz says:

    ask ko lang po kung magkakaroon ng butcher training school d2 sa calamba laguna or kahit saan man sa laguna,.

  • meigan says:

    I wanna know if how many hours in a week ang pasok if one was enrolled in tesda? and what are the particular days n my pasok… to be specific, in Cauyan Isabela po… and lastly po, how many months yung training and how much will it cost? thanks! God speed!

  • SONIA DELFIN says:

    meron po bang tesda school malapit sa marilao,bulacan?

  • marina flores says:

    hi ask k lng po f my branch po ng tesda d2 po sa min s binan laguna for welder po ung course ko thankyou po..

  • jerlou casol says:

    gud eve,, i just want to ask kong ano po young mga offer courses ng school ninyo,, tnx po..

  • juztine p. del valle says:

    good morning mam / sir, i just want to ask kong may course po kayo na automotive dito po sa TESDA taguig?

  • juztine p. del valle says:

    good morning mam / sir, i just want to ask kong may course po kayo na automotive o electrical engineer dito po sa TESDA taguig?

  • Stephanie mae magkilat says:

    helo.. gud pm from jasaan mis. or. i jaz want to ask lang po anong courses offered po at tesda tagoloan mis. or. at saka wen po start ang class? thx in advance godbless

  • darlene matienzo says:

    hi! good day i just want to ask kung anong courses offered po at tesda quezon national agricultural school? at kung ilang months po ang inaabot ng courses tska po kung kelan po pwd mag-inquire?tnxxx…

  • joann guadiz says:

    gus eve po’ gusto kulang sana po malaman if kailan po ang inrollment po sa tesda quezon hill baguio city po at anung courses po ang available?

  • sherwin says:

    good afternoon.. may i have some list of courses and school that tesda accredited…

  • joseph picar says:

    hi ang pangalan ko po ay joseph gusto klng po mag inquire sa skul ninyo gusto kpo kmuha ha culinary ska computer skilsl po!!!!tanung klng po kng anu mga requirements pra po sa enrolment ngayun april po this summer….,pra po ma enrol npo aq kaagad maraming salamat po….

  • angela says:

    hi po… d2 po sa davao po yung available nyong TESDA COURSE………… and then kailan ang enrollments…….

  • ronalee fernandez says:

    hello po…..
    i just want to know if there’s other branch of TESDA near pulo or cabuyao laguna.. and is there any courses available for IT? reply asap tnx… :))

  • dona says:

    hi I’m Dona of Davao…..Anu-anong School na accredited ng TESDA dito sa Davao City na nag ooffer ng Tailoring/dressmaking na Course.I want to enroll this coming June 2011.

  • dona says:

    Please help me to find….Thanks!

  • joy says:

    hi poh… i just want to ask what courses offered here in surallah national agricultural school this school year? tnx a lot poh

  • Shirleen says:

    ask q lang po anung course ang offer sa binan laguna.,

  • Erwin says:

    good day po..tanung ko lang po..kung anu pong course nyo ang pwede pagaralan para makaapply ng trabaho as machinist/tech.? Tanung ko na rin po kung anu available na schedule at kung magkano rin po ang bayad? marami pong salamat..

  • ariel says:

    good day po sa inyong lahat…sir/ma’am tanong ko lng po kung meron kayong course na instrumentation sa davao city?nandito po ako ngaun sa Jubail,KSA,by march 2012 i will be finishing my contract here.balak ko po kasing mag aral ng instrumentation.kung sakasakali pong merong offer na ganitong course sa inyo kelan po mag uumpisa sa 2012 at mgkano po ang bayad?marami pong salamat…

  • Condrado Daniel says:

    good Pm.

    May i know what school under Tesda here in South Cotabato or Sarangani offer AT/TM for RAC?

    thank you

  • joy says:

    ask ko lang po, magkano ang tuition fee ng automotive technology po jan..? Thanks..

  • merlyn natividad-francia says:

    maaari po ba akong mag aral ng ibang kurso diyan kahit undergrad ako ng high school?

  • Hello po tanong po sana ako kung anong accredited school ng AUTHOmoTIVE OR ELECTRICAL short course dito sa General Santos mag kano po yong bayad…
    maraming po..sana makapag reply po kayo kaagad…GODBLESS YOU PO SA INYO LAHAT TAGA TESDA>>

  • Ronald J.Jarabejo says:

    dear mam/sir,
    gusto ko pong makapagaral ng kursong pang electrical,saan po ba ako pwedeng maka kuha nito?ako po ay taga Antiipolo City.tnx

  • lany petsay says:

    dear mam/sir,

    ask q lng po if may training offer ang tesda for heavy equipments like for mining ung mga drill ganun po. thanks.

  • Quennie rosales says:

    magtatanung lang po kung my malapit na tesda school dto sa angeles city,interesado po kasi ako sa care giver na course,interesadong pag aralan yan…at kung kailan po ako poyde mag pa enroll…


  • Karel Fuentespina says:

    Hi GOOD DAY!

    Ask lang po if may dress making na course din po bah yung TESDA dito sa DIPOLOG CITY na pwede po ako mag aral?

    Need your reply po.THANKS?

  • precy says:


    I just want 2 ask f wat pnakamalapit n training center nyo an meron?
    We have TESDA here in our province pro balitang pinasara na..
    I am really interested on ur Culinary cooking..
    Please inform me!

    Salamat po at Godbless!

  • Cherry Ann Nicart says:

    hello! nakatapos po aq ng 4 courses sa TESDA-Arteche National Agricultural School me’ NCII po aq, pero hindi ko po magamit un hindi po aq makahanap ng work. Maari niyo po ba akong tulungan makahanap ng work? THANK YOU PO and GOD BLESS!

  • Cherry Ann Nicart says:

    I need ur reply po, Thanks!

  • Jaime Catudio says:

    Have a nice day to all, is there a Computer Technician vocational caurse, where the training suited this.

    How much the training fee this caurse?
    How many day’s to complate the training?
    There is a schedule during Saturday or Sunday only?

    Hope for your immediate reply,. Thanks!

  • mildred enso says:

    may offer po ba kayo ng course sa drilling for mining at saan po ba tayo pweding magtraining?mayroon ba nyan dito sa visayas o kung wala saan po ba dito sa philippines?

  • belle says:

    i just wanna know if there is a call center training here in puerto princesa city palawan?

  • paul dela cruz says:


    Tanong ko lang po kung ilang weeks training ng welder at magkano ang fee?
    Am I considered skilled welder if I completed this training?

  • norwell punzalan says:

    hi good morning..just wanna like to inquire what are the open training course on your office at from paniqui, tarlac..kindly send me some info on your opening training can send it thru my email or on my mobile..09394760146..thanks and looking forward for your response…

  • Flomar Mahinay Dahunan says:

    goog morning po.nwala po yung assisment papers ko,tapos ko na pong ibigay sa oroquieta tesda center.ano po bang pwede kung gawin?please po help me naman.

  • Flomar Mahinay Dahunan says:

    goog morning po.nwala po yung assisment papers ko,tapos ko na pong ibigay sa oroquieta tesda center.ano po bang pwede kung gawin?please po help me naman,

  • aiza bermudo says:

    gud ‘am!
    ask q lang po kung merong tesda school mlapit s mandaue, cebu city?

  • john melchor says:

    good day po, gusto ko po mag aral ng Mechanic (Heavy Equipment) para po sa farm. saan po maaaring pumunta?. at ano ang aking gagawin??. salamat po.

  • Roselyn says:

    hello,,, meron pa po bang training for food and beverage, front office management and other hospitality management courses??? hoping for kind response

  • jonas valenzuala says:

    san po ang mga branches nio d2 sa laguna..??

  • Andrea Fe says:

    is there a photography course? im from region 3 thank you :))

  • nancy mendoza says:

    my name is nancy i just want to inquire about you food and breverage/food processing.culinary course in tesda,how much will it coast and how many hours needed to complete each course and pls let me know if you have branches in quezon province offering this course as well as the registration and the requirment needed.. thanks, hoping you soonest reply. before i get late for the inrollment.. you can send me your reply to my e mail ad:
    thanks and more power …..

  • aura says:

    meron po ba tesda dito sa mandalaluyong? boni, mandaluyong po ako. and how much will it cost po per course?

  • jonathan garcia says:

    good afternoon! tanong ko lang po kung meron po ba kyong branch na malapit dito sa cabuyao, laguna? salamat po!

  • jeffrey macapagl says:

    ano po bah ang mga kaylangan ninyong requirements para maka enrol and how much will it cost per course…?

  • arlinda says:

    goodmwning po tanong ko lang po ano po ba yong requirements kung magkacollege at saka ano poh ba yong bagay para sa mga babae na course jan sa toledo city mag aantay poh aq sa reply nyo salamat

  • aga guinita says:

    hi mgandang umaga po tanong klng po kng may TESDA po ba dto sa antipolo ?

  • aga guinita says:

    gndng umga po tanong klng po kng may tesda po ba sa antipolo?

  • cherry says:

    may i know how much is the fee for hotel and restaurant services. NC II

  • jomar says:

    gsto ko matuto sa computer

  • olivelumbis says:

    gud day mam/sir,san po authorized tesda center here in camarines sur bicol. and anu po mga courses don? sana po meron kayo dito bicol sa cooking baking n pastry.

  • Carmen says:

    i would like to request info on how to apply for a curriculum approval for short term courses like nursing assistant 1, etc?
    also where can I get a list of the most-sought-after short term vocational/technical courses> I would appreciate it greatly if you can forward me thru this email to the right
    Most sincerely,

  • Nikky John Salcedo says:

    Hi Good day!

    I am planning to enroll in TESDA training school in Bago City Negros Occidental.
    May i please know how much will it cost, courses offers, how many hours a day/how many months will it take to finish one course? When would be the enrollment?Any contact numbers?

    thank you and God Bless

  • Honey Monte De Ramos says:

    Gud day!
    magtatanong lng po sana aq kng may english course ba kau?

  • Bel says:

    Hi. Good morning po. Anu po yung latest courses offered nyu particularly about PC networking? Thanks.

  • Donna Volante says:

    may I ask po kung anon courses ang offered sa Tesda sa Baguio City?

  • Jonathan says:

    tanong lang po kung kailan ang enrolment ng TESDA dito sa tibungco, davao city?

  • elisa estoya says:

    pwede po bang malaman kung panu makapag magkanu po ang tuition fee po…sana po matulonga nyo po ako/////at kung kailan pwedeng mag enroll…

  • Nemalyn J. Tambis says:

    pwedi po ba ninyo ako matulungan kung saan po ang training center nang auto CAD sa surigao Del Sur -District 2?

  • jun f. ablan says:

    tanong lang po. saan ba ako puwedeng mag traning nang plumbing for master or mag school

  • melvin says:

    tanong lng po,anong school po sa sorsogon city ang my course na book keeper?at kilan pwede mag simula? ty po god bless

  • rosano awit says:

    ask ko lang po san po dito sa albay school na nag ttrain ng welder?

  • jerome ruz. ignacio says:

    magkanu po ang tuition fee? ng kahit anu man po sa course na offer nyo? at may 3months po ba kayong course?

  • jerah meel velado says:

    ask lng po sana ako if pwede mag skul sa tesda khit walng transcript of records from d previous school?

  • geraldine balbona says:

    meron po bang electical courses offered dito sa binan branch? kung wla po san branch po meron? thx

  • francis says:

    kelan po ang next enrollment sa tesda d2 sa tarlac?

  • Glenda says:

    helo po ask ko lng po sana kung wat month ang 2nd batch ng enrolment?pwede po b na mg enrol by month of june?thanks

  • noel says:

    Meron po ba kayung MACHINIST na course? near pampanga po or here in pampnga po

  • Catherine says:

    I want to avail a free tm+ traaining im from san fernando pampanga.

  • dhalia entienza says:

    hello po ask q lang po kung anu mga pdeng online courses na pde pong home study..?

  • robin says:

    hey guys just asking if kelan po ang start ng enrollment sa marikina branch? and what offered course pala ang available. thnx..

  • imee salto says:

    hi just want to ask if u have courses like butcher to offer in bulacan if u can give me info about whos to be contacted or the address please n thank you

  • Complain!!!! says:

    Just to informed you that last September 10, 2013 Tuesday night your employee for Bartending class, namely “Rex Vidallion” residing at “Sepung Bulaon Porac Pampanga” was very drunk and Physically abuse my brother Jensen Gomez and attempted to car nap our mini type jeepney oner that can lead to the case of Child Abuse,attempted Car napping, driving while his drunk etc. .For further evidences that we filed in our Municipality and Barangay I can provide and reassure you that he really do that.Since we settled this is issue, don’t you might think that he’s not a good example for those students in Tesda??And if action is not being taken I will have to report this to your head nor to media personnel.And I can personally come in you office by the way just let me know when. Hope this will serve as a lesson in the behavior of your employee!thank you

  • Hello po.. Tanong ko lang kung may training ng Butcher dito sa gensan? Dami pong mag tratraining galing po dito sa slaughter . Thanks po sana may ssagot

  • jonathan rodrigo says:

    ..magandang araw po,gusto ko po sanang mag-aral ng TESDA diyan sa Calubian Leyte.gusto ko lang
    po sanang itanong kung on going pa po ba yung enrollment or anung date po ba mgsisimula yung next enrollment?automotive po sana yung kukunin kung course,thanks.

  • rosell ganalon says:

    hello maam/sir, ask lng po ako f may saturday school ba sa tesda tibungco davao city? at kailan po ang enrollment sa tesda tibungco? salamat.

  • anna says:

    Helo po. Kailan po mag start ang pasok sa tesda sa cagayan de oro po?pakisagot lang po pls.

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