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Employment rate rise slightly by .8% in January

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Even we hear and see in the news that there are too many, and still increasing unemployment in the country, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) still estimated  that 94.2% of Filipinos are employed .

Comparing with the statistics in January 2015, PSA said that employment in January 2016, a very slight .8% rise in employment is still a good news.

The same margin of difference in the unemployment statistics was also felt during the month of January. In January 2015, there was a 6.6% unemployment rate compared to January 2016 that saw a .8% drop in statistics.

But with the rising newly graduated that will be needing jobs come March and April, this good news will be short.  And the PSA is hoping that employment statistics will improve regardless of how many graduates of 2016 will be.

The statistics were based in three major sectors of industry in the Philippines agriculture, industrial and services. There was a rise in the service sectors with the growing population and demand in the motor vehicles and motorcycle that accounted for the largest percentage among the three sectors.

2015 was not a good year with regards to the climate change and natural disaster the country experienced but, in the agriculture sector, employment rose up with 27% that were employed compared. Demands for agriculture products in local and international markets rises and as per economists see it, it will continue to increase but will encounter too many natural change in climate that the government is trying to resolve to meet the people’s needs.

It wasn’t a good year in the industry sector but even there was a slight drop in percentage, this sector still showed as the largest group of workers that are employed.  The construction industry showed the highest employment rate with 45.4% and it shows that real estate business in the country is booming.

Of the total full-time and part time workers or employees, a huge 67.3% are employed full time that are working 40 hours a week.  For January, 2016, it was estimated that only 19.7% were unemployed.

Personnel working less than 40 hours a week also rises with 51.4% and most of these workers are in the services sectors.

In these statistics, it also showed the rise of unemployed males with 63.4% of them still seeking for a permanent jobs. Of this unemployed males,  19.7% are college graduates, 14.5% undergraduates and 32.9% are high school graduates.

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