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PRC warned professionals about identity theft

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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released an advisory for all licensed professional to take extra precautions in posting in their social media accounts their PRC IDs or any documents showing personal data to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

The latest victim of identity theft is public school teacher Mark Joseph Lontok who posted his PRC ID on his Facebook account.

Lontok now owes 4 banks of more than P800,000.00 for salary loan.

For a year or so, Lontok never tried borrowing money in any establishment or agency, that’s to his surprised, he received notices from the collector agents of the banks.

He tried questioning how he was able to borrow when he never submitted any document or even applied for salary loan.

But upon discovery, he indeed applied salary loans to these banks but upon thorough investigation, they discovered fraud and like many of the perpetrators victims, Lontok don’t know how he can repay the bank and asking how he can be helped by authorities to catch the thieves.

PRC and many government and private institutions ask the public to be very cautious in posting any identification and information about your personal and family’s data so not to be another victim of identity theft.

Remember that, any bank or loan agency is not after whose picture is in the ID presented, they are after the correct information given of the individual.  These establishments always see to it to check these information, specially for government employees, easily.  And identity theft is now very advanced with all the new technology being introduced every month.

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