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2nd Open Annual Web Awards

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Mashable is the sponsor, proud to present the second annual open web awards which  is now open for nomination. Different nominees are looking to get votes from around the world. This annual open web awards is a multilingual voting spree that is done via online voting competition. The voting for the nomination of the winner will cover the achievement for the best innovation in the internet and web technology.

The voting process and nomination will be available in different sponsorship of voting boxes and different appearances for the voters where today, I just voted for one of my favorite social bookmarking platform, the Diigo Social Bookmarking service. In this voting process, Mahable hopes to give recognition and honor to top and best web achievements which is actually open for choices within 26 different categories. Poll Daddy sponsors the polling and voting boxes that you can see in some of the most popular voting candidates for the said prestigious web awards which is only the second of its series of coming web awards in the future.

According to Mashable where you can find the announcement about the said Annual Web Awards, they are on the verge of partnering with over 100 blog partners in the internet for providing the said poll under the voting box by Poll Daddy. If you happen to see the voting boxes, please feel free to vote and support this move by Mashable.

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