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Captivating Capiz Ends Today

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The “captivating Capiz” contest ends today and it seems that the top four spots seem unmovable at any cost. I am not sure if my last ditch effort will still have an effect for the entry the I have on the 4th spot today because there are only 5 hours left as I write this post. The rest, I bet were no longer doing anything to push their entries on top over the others as we haven’t been moved, all of us on the top 4 spots. unluckily, my entry from this same blog didn’t move on the 4th spot which will not get anything from the contest as only the top 3 spots will get an award.

Anyway, this is a good contest and I learned a lot here and I actually have at least 2 of my 3 entries that is ranking on the top 10 spot so I am really not wasting time here instead, I learned how to manage my time using all resources and effort I know of. Others were not so lucky to attain glory on the top 10 spots and since there were only about 24 valid entries for the captivating Capiz contest, it is not much of a very competitive contest and the reason why entries were untouchable on the top spot is because the participants were all very busy with link building and promoting their own batch of entries. Good luck to all and there is nothing more to do for now but wait for the last ditch effort to take effect. It might be a little late for now but I am still hoping for those to come soon.

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