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Conficker Virus Worm Information Update

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There are no details yet as to how much damage the conficker virus worm may incur to our computers in today’s security issue. There is already an offer by Microsoft according to some reports that may lead to the arrest of the makers and culprits of the conficker worm virus.

As of now,  reports say that this April Fool’s worm virus is already activated but so far, in a report at the Times Online says that there is no computer chaos yet detected anywhere in the world. It is earlier estimated that this mega virus may download unlimited information from out computers so the public is advised to tke extra care.

Reports also say that the conficker virus may only be prevented from entering our computers if we have the right security protection. One way, according to internet security experts is to download the Microsoft patch and install them and another is to be sure that your computer is updated with the latest anti virus definitions.

Warnings by online experts reached the public computer users  not to use flash drives in public computer rentals as well as to make sure that it is scanned before any move to open any files in your flash upon integrating it in your flash port in your personal computer.

Another warning to make sure that you have the legitimate and legal windows version because if you don’t there is no way that you can update with the latest Microsoft patches available to protect your computers.

Meanwhile fo those who were making their research, there is a misspelling for some researchers who sometimes use the words conflicker virus or conflicker worm instead of conficker virus. Please be sure that  when you make a research that you have the right world to avoid misinformation.

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