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Dragon Nest: Guide in Finding 40 rare powders and Pasus crystal (beloom, invictus, boro’s, herba, anima, potencia, sophia)

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Dragon Nest MMORPG

Dungeons to drop the Pasus Crystal? Level up? Well, first off, here’s one of the fast becoming popular online games MMORPG play for gamers is the Dragon Nest. My nephew, one of the avid players spend hours trying to figure out where to find exact places and locations of the Pasus crystals. Others get busy finding the top 40 rare powders. This will give you power above all other players and will help you speed up your phase in the game so if you want it, you have to get it.

The only question is where to find these power up special stuff? I have a few clues you can juggle along with while you play and if you are familiar with the places on the game as well as the stages that you have come across with, this could be a challenging one for your online adventure. Searching online for guides, I found one here. It has a complete set up of pictures and photos describing the exact locations.

On the other hand, there are other ways and means and while to some it is a feat to find precious crystals and powders that you can use in playing speed up game of the Dragon Nest, there are specific websites that feature comprehensive guide on it.

This forum got illustrations that you can also use. Below are specific lists of crystals to find that you can opt in to use in the game to enjoy full action packed adventure.

Where To Find Level 40 rare crystals in Dragon Nest

Beloom, Invictus and Boro’s Crystal – While other crystals may only be found in specific designated places in the game levels, these 3 crystals are exchangeable via goddess medals at the colosseum shop
Herba – Is specifically located in the Dark Overlord Tower and Forsaken Islet Core.
Anima – Can be seen on Sunken Cargo Vessel.
Pasus – Is on Explosion Zone in Withered Leaves Forest and Gates to City of Death.
Potencia – Can be found on Ghost Town of Isolated Forest and Road to Death City
Sophia – May be found in Ruins of Lost Time and Nameless Tyrant Tomb.


Drop off these rare crystals (Sunken Cargo Vessel / Sunken Ship) at random in specific dungeons. You also won’t have these available for you to buy from people in the game and also from the Abyss shop. So what you can do is to farm them literally to have them grown by your own system s they drop in their own dungeons. Plus, they are best farmed at Master Difficulty. Be sure to have this set up for maximum spice play.

See places and photos as described in their respective captions where you can find the places feature above where you can find the crystals.

Photos of Places in the Game

Ghost Town of Isolated Forest Place

Nameless Tyrant Tomb

Road to Death City

Ruins of Lost Time Location

Please note that there other online gamers who play saying that you might come across that the Anima Crystals might be found in Pirate Hideout but this is not confirmed. You can try this if you like but here you are on your own to spend extra time to learn whether this hocus pocus is true. They are also not as frequent as Sunken Ship and is even longer and it doesn’t drop that much. Should you need a guide for farming materials, you can try Tomb of Spite as I’ve heard from my nephew that this is pretty good place to have or do it (while some tells that mats already tells you where to get them). There might also be some cases that you will need to get Poison Essence for your windswept gear. Not so sure though if you can do it in Prayers Retreat. On the other hand, Quest gives tons of experience. Mercenary, swordsman or whatever level for the game you are in, swak it out and tell these guides to your gaming friends out there or read the referrals and forums that feature the full guide. Level Up Guys!

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