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Eat All You Can Restaurants in Manila

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It is once again the holiday seasons and Filipinos as well as tourists have always looked out for some of the best manila restaurants and hotels out there where they can mingle and eat. One of the popular destinations would be to come over to great restaurants in Manila that offer eat all you can galore. There are actually so many eat all you can restaurants in Manila as well as nearby provinces where it is always good to eat. Even all of the 3 star and 5 star hotels offer eat all you can dinner, lunch and breakfast but usually, people here like eating eat all you can during lunch time and dinner where heavy meal is most likely to be on the way.

Holidays and weekends are the most popular occasions where families and friends meet to gather in the dining table for an eat all you can meal. I remember we had once eaten at Kamayan Restaurant in Greenhills where they have a unique way to offer in the form of a choice if you like to eat in their restaurant. That choice will all depend in the color of the plate that you are taking to the dinner table where you can see different classifications of meals from Mediterranean to Filipino to Chinese, Japanese and even Arabic spicy foods and a whole lot of sweets in different forms, and presentations in small proportions.

In Kamayan Restaurant however, their eat all you can will give you a choice as I’ve said where it will depend in the color of the plate. If you take the yellow plate, you get to choose specific any of the specific Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean or Filipino food of your choice. You just get to choose only one type anyway. On the other hand, if you choose to eat using the blue plate, you can take in from any or all of the gallery of foods in different presentations and offers. There is no limit to whichever food you would like to eat when you get to choose the blue plate. The price however will differ from each other if you take the yellow or the blue plate. Blue plate of course will always offer you more food but where you will have to pay more.

Eat all you can restaurants in the Philippines, particularly in Manila, are really so plenty, if you haven’t been to the hotel restaurants out there in the Roxas Boulevard area where they bay is near, there are so many restaurants there that you can actually eat in when you want to go for the eat all you can choice. If you have at least 700 pesos, you can eat all you can in hotels of 5 star inclusive of tax. This is equivalent to about $12.00 to $15.00 at most. If you are looking for eat all you can restaurants in Manila, Philippines, go to hotels and you will serely have the best time of your life choosing which food you like.

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  • restaurant dinner deals says:

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    I found this on Tuesday while I was searching for restaurant dinner deals….

  • Murielle says:

    We’re on a tight budget but looking for good food for eat all you can resto good place ambiance, for our baby’s baptism this May. Pls. Help…. Thanks :)
    P.S. location must be in Q. C., Philippines.- Thanks!

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