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Flesh Asia Daily 3.0

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No, this is not your regular news paper as the daily says the title of this website, Flesh Asia Daily is a website that caters to sexy (if not porn) photos of celebrities in different proportions. A year or so ago, it is said that is the one who uploaded first the set of Hayden Kho video scandals that rocked the whole Philippines nation including the Filipinos all over the world.

Different celebrities were reported to have been included in the video collection that, according to authorities of the (optical media board) OMB and NBI forces combined were first uploaded in the very same computers that were used to handle and manage website. After the seige of the people and their computer paraphernalia were seized from their home, no follow up news have been reported in the media.

Questions still remain where the Hayden Kho sex scandal videos were kept or at least if they were found to be in possession of the people caught in the raid. Another question is why is it that up to this day, the website of is still running? Another question is who could be writing still for this website if the 2 people said to have been handling the business were already seized? What now?


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