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Google’s SearchWiki and Yahoo’s Wikipedia SearchMonkey App

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Whose been reading lately about the great Yahoo Search Blog? I do. Well at least I started even if it was just today and I learned something new and good about the search engine mecca back in the 90’s outright. Yahoo is truly serious in their giving it a go with a race against Google with their new management in the person of a new chief executive – Carol Bartz.

While Google have their SearchWiki, Yahoo on the other hand have their own customization system of search using their very pet, the Wikipedia SearchMonkey. Wouldn’t that be a first great innovation to show that Yahoo’s new chief executive is indeed serious about racing along with Google?

Yes, Yahoo is serious about the many big changes that are on schedule on their backyard this new year 2009 and one of them was to go along with what the public search is all about using their respective internet search browsers under customized search apps. While Google has the Google Search, Yahoo has Yahoo Search. Both today are using their own customization with a search tool of their own as I’ve mentioned above.

On the other hand, let me come back to why I said that Yahoo is serious with their many big changes. I have scooped somewhere just the other day that Yahoo’s new chief executive is really up to freeze their employee salaries and probably channel the funds from there to new technologies that would life up the spirits of the search engine that got there even before Google did.

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