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IE 8 Hacked After Official Launch

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Scoop had it around the internet today that after the official release of the new Internet Explorer update browser, it was later on hacked. If this is true or not only one question remains in the mind of those who are using IE. Although it does necessarily point out that IE is not secure enough, still, security reasons are the basic yet most important part of using anything from tools to programs to scripts in the internet.

Since we also know that Google Chrome once had been bugged and now IE 8 hacked (if this is true) we as the users don’t know what to do or how to react to such news. Is the security issue of today’s internet really getting loose? Or is is just because there really are too many bad people out there trying to ruin things that have been going on for decades just to fullfill their egoistic self interest? What ever the reasons are, we hope we all have a great time browsing the internet all the time.

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