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ISPs in the Philippines

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I went to the local forum today here in the Philippines and I am surprised that after a year or so of no clamor regarding ISP problems what I found out was that the internet guys using them were just sick and tired of complaining this and that and here and there. Most of them decided to switch ISPs here and there too only to find out that the service is good for a few months or so and then later on would encounter the same problem they have before.

Are ISPs really that desperate to get clients that what they do seems to be an obvious move to lure the user that their connection is good when the truth is it will only be good for the first, say 2-3 months and after that, the bandwidth will be decreased to a value where there are times it is literally impossible to load up some pages. I’ve heard this before and the call center guys at PLDT service call it selective loading.

I’ve had the same problems too with my ISP but what I did to avoid getting irritated is to adjust the time that I will go online. During lunch time up to about 3 PM, the connection is really bad especially in lunch time. From 10 PM up to the morning is the best time to use the internet and do your work. No hassle during this time of the day. ISPs, they’re all the same here in the Philippines – BAD CONNECTION!

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