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Kabonfootprint – Another SEO Contest

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The Busby SEO Challenge is just midway finish and then comes another SEO contest, the Kabonfootprint. The Kabonfootprint is an SEO contest by U.K. Webmasterworld, second to the first SEO contest, the seocontest2008.

Here at the kabonfootprint, it is said that the organizers tried something different from the first one that had so many flaws with respect to the rules. This time, the sponsors made sure by making some special modification to the original rules in the first contest that the flaws and mistakes will be avoided by the participating parties and entries.

First, a new domain, dedicated solely for the kabonfootprint is required. This new domain has to have virtually ZERO link and something like a catched page will be closely and regularly monitored to make sure that everything else is transparent and that no one will escape the rules of no cloaking allowed.

Many entrants to the kabonfootprint are hoping that the organizers, mainly the U.K. Webmasterworld will take this new SEO contest to another level where everybody will change their first impression of the first contest and erase the mistakes. The organizers have their chance this time and so the entrants are hoping that there will be strict compliance to the rules so it is definitely required to have a new domain with no links for a clearer view of who’s doing this and who’s doing that. You will also be required to sign up as a member at the U.K. Webmasterworld forum to be sure you get the updates and the access to their board.

Good luck to all the participants in the kabonfootprint SEO contest as well as all the participants to the Busby SEO Challenge SEO Contest which nears its end!

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