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Paradise Philippines SEO Contest

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Paradise Philippines – The Bayanihan SEO Contest

With the way that the Paradise Philippines most prestigious SEO contest ever launched here in the Philippines dubbed as the “Php 600,000 Bayanihan SEO Contest” is going, no one can be sure that they will bring home the bacon. Since the original way to win this contest is through “bayanihan” or team effort, nobody here until the end has the ace of getting on top of the results pages in the 3 major search engines. This contest is said to employ team-based point system that hopes to revolutionize the way all future SEO contests will be run.

Tracking ID for the Results

Embedding a tracking ID is the solution to the contest results on archiving and working out the points system on each team on each person’s entry that has the best ranking. See the Bayanihan point system.More…

Contest Date, Tentative or Permanent?

The first date agreed upon by the sponsors and the people behind the Paradise Philippines keyword ranking contest is on July 1, 2007 but was later on moved to October 1, 2007. The end of the Paradise Philippines contest was supposed to be on January 25,2008 later on moved to March 28,2008 at 8:00PM but was again later on moved to May 2, 2008. All hopes are on trust that this will be the final date but no one is still sure about that. I guess we all just have to play wait and see regarding this matter. At least everybody is glad that the contest keyword remained to be “paradise Philippines”.

Sponsorship of Paradise Philippines SEO Contest

Sponsorship is still open for those who want to take part of giving away prizes to the future winners (team) of this contest and you can find it here. The total prize is tentative to this date at Php 600,000 but according to Marc, this is just conservative estimate as the sponsorship of the paradise Philippines SEO contest is still up and running and in fact got extended up to May of 2008.

The Contest Code Generator

There is a contest code generator for the paradise Philippines SEO contest and this is the most important of all factors and if you happen to forget about installing the code, you can be sure to loose the contest. By the way, you can get the contest code generator here and some of the initial contest prizes may also be seen in the same link along with the link in joining the paradise Philippines contest which says “join the contest! takes 5 minutes”. I tried registering and was surprised that it didn’t even take me 3 minutes. This is great!


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