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Revolving Google Ads In YouTube

Google Advertisements

We all know that Google AdSense can now be played and put in YouTube, a video streaming and upload service owned (or at least, majority owned) by Google. The interesting part here is that I never knew anything about these ads until I stumbled upon one of those right in the search that I made for money remittance in the Philippines. The ads were well targeted and I must admit quite enticing to be found just below the video inside the same screen where people can watch any video. These Ads by the way are called AdSenseVideo Units.

I just wonder how the CTR or click through rate plays around with these YouTube Ads? I also wonder how much the rates for these ads are compared to the other type of ads that Google serves in the AdSense program. This is something new and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity if I get the chance to take it sometime next year as the year is fast approaching its end this 2008. I will also be looking forward to publish my Google Adsense ads in my site feeds so that I get more chances of getting clicks on them and sort of to experiment if they can indeed generate a little extra revenue for me.

Google Advertisements

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