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This SEO resources page that we have contains some of the best leads to some of the best SEO resources that I know from the everyday life as a link builder and an SEO from the Philippines. I have prepared a few good ones related to the life need of webmasters out there who are constantly looking for great SEO related services, SEO and web solutions and link building tips for the new age of SEO and optimized offpage link building.

I will also be looking forward to update this page as I find more great resources in the web for use and advantage of the internet user and for those who are looking for the perfect resource to help them in their quest for making life in the internet easier.

Please read our SEO Resources disclaimer before proceeding to any of the different tools, services, resources and products we feature here for clarification purposes.

SEO Resources Disclaimer:

  • The tools featured here does not necessarily mean that we are promoting then or the products featured therin including the different services offered.
  • We are not responsible for any damage that these services, products and resources might bring about, especially in their wrongful use.
  • Although most of these products, services, tools and resources, we find would help webmasters in the field of SEO and search engine marketing, we do not encourage them to use it/buy it in any other way around that might cause certain unexpected damages in any way technical, personal or professional.

“Please enjoy using these resources, services and tools.”

  • Free PHPLD templates – Good for those who are in to link directory managing and have lots of sites.
  • Free WordPress Themes – Movie themes are also here for your grab.
  • Free AdSense-Ready WP Themes -Themes that are adsense-ready and optimized for optimum high clickthrough rate of your blog site. You can find these resources in our home page sidebar.
  • All in 1 Social Bookmarking Service – you only have to sign up for one account to do the job of bookmarking your liked pages and from here you will only have to open each bookmarking and sign in and the submission will make everything else automatic for you. Makes the job of bookmarking your liked pages easier and more convenient. This service also saves you a lot of time in doing the bookmarking.
  • The Trackback/Ping Explorer – This service is great for sending your trackbacks with a ping.
  • Clickfraud Detection Service – We believe that many web masters out there would sooner or later need such service especially if they are in the affiliate marketing arena or for those who take part in Google AdSense Publishing Platform.
  • Blog Juice Calculator – This service is pretty easy to use in calculating the overall link juice strength of any blog you have based on certain categories.
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – Perhaps one of the most prestigious resource for webmasters. This tool helps you with keyword data analysis and also good in knowing semantic related phrases metrics.
  • The Competition Dominator – This is all about your competition and knowing how to deal with it the right way.
  • 301 Redirect Check Tool – This amazing tool check 301.
  • SEOMOZ Page Strength Checker -This tool from SEOMoz checks the overall page strength of a site and sees its pages’ ability to rank higher in the search engines.
  • Duplicate Content and Plagiarism Check Tool – This checks your pages and the whole site for copied content appearing in the search results so that you can take immediate actions to combat plagiarism.
  • Search Tool – This is a search tool with options that you can take advantage of.
  • Broken Link Checker – This tool will help you see your broken links and remedy such problems to speed up the spider crawlability of your website and not stop them from seeing dead ends in your website.

Please stand by and visit this page frequently as we update our list of amazing tools and helpers for your daily webmaster use.

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