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Need to talk to a Globe customer service via chat or hotline? Well, if you can’t  get an access to either, you have another option to hold on to in your hands. That is to send an electronic mail otherwise known as email. to do this, you need to know Globe Telecom’s online email address and so here it is –

Any concerns from latest globe promos, iphone, blackberry, globe tattoo, unlimited calls and texts, mobile internet, plans from prepaid to postpaid, you can surely reach out and send in your concerns. Use the provided email address above to seek for more information or subscribe to Globe’s website.

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650 Responses to “ – Official online email hotline of Globe Telecoms”

  • emerito legaspi says:

    please fix your connection…on and off naman po nkakawlang gana…tnx

  • belay says:

    Two days ago, I had the best luck as a GLOBE user, to finally sit down and go through each of my Globe concerns one by one with the most attentive, thorough & patient Platinum assistant. She went over the time of her duty that day, yet cheerfully attended to my questions systematically, and one by one. Since she had already gone way over her time at work, she offered to call me back the next day as there were some questions she could not answer anymore. And true to her word, she did call the next day at close to the appointed time. That was past 10 am. By 12noon, we had not finished so I requested that we both took an hour’s break and dutifully, she called me back in an hour. This blew my mind! It is truly very difficult to find persons who keep their word especially since this is just a phone call. Maybe the fact that it is a Platinum assistant, it makes a difference too. And to think she was not even my Accountant Manager! So,when ALI and I finished our session, it was way over satisfactory level. She had answered all my concerns about the numerous phone nos. She efficiently gave me details to be able to trace each concern in case they are not attended to so I can follow up.

    In the records of Globe, I have been a subscriber since 1998. I know that ever since Globe started, I had switched from the first server(PLDT). Fo some reason, that original phone no. had to be changed(which I had to reluctantly do then). This was one of the concerns that ALI attended to and I hope that Globe will be able to find the record of the first tel no. that I had, which will show that I have been a Globe Subscriber since 20 yrs ago (if thats when Globe started). It would be nice to enjoy the 2 STar Platinum status if indeed i qualify.

    For the reason that I have been attended to by such a thorough and cheerful person as ALI, I would like to congratulate GLOBE for having her in your team…I have been blessed by her and so is your company. Cheers!

  • suzette encinas says:

    ..pano pu mgpalit ng password ng wifi..
    pati kpitbhay nmen kc nkconnect samin e..

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