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Red Mobile Philippines SIM CP Deals Information

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Cool commercials by Red Mobile Philippines fill the TV show intervals here at home tonight. Red Mobile SIM at Php 39.00 and Red Mobile SIM packages which are truly the lowest in the land. I assume, this is yet another company trying to break through in the mobile phone service system in the Philippines. So what about Red Mobile, do they really have any say on the battle for the biggest discounts and the cheapest service with the most clear connections and voice availability?

From what I personally know, Sun has been going around battling it out with the biggest in the business which is Globe and Smart Technologies. Sun has the cheapest so far when we talk of the unlimited time allotment and they also have one of the cheapest among in their SIM pack but Red Mobile came up with something more convincing it seems as they make their SIM pack available for just Php 39.00 buck for their subscribers. This is 1 peso cheaper than what I came to know among all available SIM packs which up to this day the cheapest so far is Php 40.00 bucks.

Let’s just see and watch this battle go on air from today and in the coming days more in the opening of the year 2009. Let the battle for the cheapest providers of mobile phone services begin because after all, the consumers do deserve the cost which other pioneer mobile services companies have earned billions of pesos in from their early release of their service to the patronizing public. There’s more to this I know and this cannot be stopped with the entry of the newest mobile services company in the arena of cheap services. Let the battle begin from this day on!

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    Red Mobile Philippines SIM CP Deals Information | Philippines Internet Review…

    Red Mobile Philippines is the newest mobile services in the Philippines. Find out more information about Red Mobile Philippines SIM card and CP packages….

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